I am your ILLUMINATRIX: SUBMITLook into the darkness and see the Light, I am your Illuminatrix. The deeper you go, the weaker you become… embrace it. you are becoming what you wanted to be – you came to Me willingly because you have a need within you… it is the manifestation of your desires. Mindfucked.

It’s been said that: the mind is the last frontier… Indeed. Funny how there is a trend to sessions each day, and today was all about mind-fucking you into submission. Boy after boy asking Me to take him into a trance… and since I do so enjoy playing with your minds, rewiring them to My liking, and reconditioning you to respond to My spellbinding voice… you don’t have to » » » » more


VegasGet ready to work harder and longer for Me – all you little fetish freaks, hand-humpers and slave wannabes. Here is your chance to step up! I am planning on going going to Vegas in July, and I am going to stay in a penthouse suite on the strip either at My favorite Paris (I just adore their Red Room Luxury) or at Bellagio – their little Villas are amazing and only $6,000 per night. Ha! you have 90 41 days 0 to get yourself together, so get to it and start sending tributes NOW. What’s the reason for this you might ask? Well, I am attending the The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM), which is an annual conference that focuses on science, skepticism and critical thinking. So, this means that any of you forward thinking submissive male creatures might actually get the pleasure to actually meet Me in person, and might get the chance to be My bitch out in PUBLIC for those days. That’s right, this will be your opportunity to be in My presence… LIVE in person, wouldn’t that be nice? Unless of course, you’re too afraid to live out your dreams of being a submissive/slave out in » » » » more


These days with the advent of anti-smoking campaigns the act of smoking is turning transgressive and taboo. But I am more then happy to indulge in that taboo, and exploit your weakness by doing what I already do multiple times per day. Oh I know, smoking is such a nasty habit, but so is wanking. And W/we both know why you’re here. So enjoy… you never know when I might quit.

Extreme Smoking Goddess



Yes, I luv to smoke… and you luv to watch Me smoke… And what’s better then a cigarette at a time? TWO at a time! Clouds of smoke all around Me as I puff away, indulge Myself, as you watch Me exhaling and inhaling clouds of Divine smoke, closeups of My Superior face, lipstick stained filter and tongue licking My GLOSSY LUSCIOUS LIPS right in front of your face. This is an INTENSE clip where you’re mesmerized by My Superiority & My GLOSSY smoking hot lips. It’s a dream come true for SMOKE-fetishists, junkies, pay pigs, losers, wankers, fetishists, & My devoted slaves. Don’t wait another minute, click pay, take a deep breath & ENJOY watching it OVER & OVER & OVER! The pure power will leave you feeling weak, confused, intrigued, and wanting more of Me! Don’t think, just CLICK HERE and ADD this gem to your clip collection NOW!


Evil Leather Goddess: Bitch Is Back



Today I’m feeling particularly generous and also extremely deviant, so I decided to indulge you. However, remember that everything I make available to you is as a reward for your submission and servitude to Me, your Goddess. I know how much you enjoy listening to Me talk; My lucid, sultry and demanding voice piercing your weak little brain… taking root, mmm, Divine. And since I am scarcely available for chat, or phone sessions – I decided to make more MP3 recordings for when you’re aching to hear Me speak to you and share My perverse wisdom about all those little things you can’t get enough of. In other words – these are stories for your jerk-off fun, that’s right I’m giving all you perverted hand-humpers permission. Ha! But there is a catch, I get off on knowing that I am perverting you, and I WILL by introducing some fucked-up themes you might have never considered before; or maybe you have, in that case these are going to be right up your alley.

Listen to My voice enlighten, lure, and corrupt you! It WILL fuck your mind up right and proper. you’ll never be the same again – I will reprogram you & inspire you to either be the best or the worst that you could ever be (depending on who’s point of view). I like to call these: Kinky Tales for Dirty Perverts. They are in a way My Confessions and your absolutions. Enjoy the Filth! There will be more for you to cum, whenever I’ll feel inspired.

Goddess And a Priest

Smoke And Choke

Disgusting Fat Pigs

WARNING: Tacky content. *All audio files are for entertainment purposes, ONLY!

Themes include, but are NOT limited to Femdom Lifestyle, Hypno Mind-Fucking, Esoteric Topics, Erotic Stories, Adult Subjects, Fetish Fantasies

For those who devotetly wait for scraps of attention, they can indulge themselves by purchasing My Video & MP3 files and worship from afar. And as always, you may send in your requests for consideration. IF I like the idea I may reward you, BUT remember to  show gratitude along with your petition… otherwise, chances are I won’t even notice.


weak male hypnosisIt’s not your place to tell Me what to think, how to think, how to look, how to act, how to be, or any other requirements that you might think will make Me “dominant”. From where I am standing, being in control IS doing what I like, when I like, and how I like, while profiting from it… exploiting the fetish weakness of others for My personal benefit. Yes, it is that simple. The most fundamental principle in FEMDOM lies in the fact that the Female Dominant determines the actual conditions within the context of the encounter, whatever that might be. Period. Nevertheless, understanding the BDSM/Fetish culture and sexual practices forever remains intertwined with prejudices, clichés, stereotypes & personal biases. Everyone has their own, and naturally I am only interested in Mine and » » » » more


•*¨*•♫♪ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 ♪♫•*¨*•

Out with the old, and in with the new. Bring in the New Year! A new perspective, on the same ol’ approach. 2012 is going to be a year of Illumination… If you’re lucky you’ll be one of the privileged ones who’ll get to know who your true God/ess is. In the mean time enjoy the possibilities of Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. Alien Cathouse: girls from another world. A truly fabulous idea for all you geeks, freaks, sci-fi nerds, fetishists, slaves & wannabes to indulge in!

The time is now

Don’t think, just CLICK! Phone | Cam | Videos | MP3s

Throughout history, humans have ascribed various powers and knowledge to “supernatural” beings. The so-called gods and goddesses of antiquity walked among mortals & interacted with them undetected.

Ever wonder why over time the ancient gods became more and more elusive? No longer moving amongs you, no longer being as easily accessable, only to become completely exclusive… leaving you to hope for salvation and to petition them with your prayers?

Well, seems like most simply got bored with mere men’s banality, and decided to move on to higher planes… leaving only traces of themselves behind… facts mixed with fiction, embellished by fantasy, and fueled by wishful thinking.

There are still some who claim they have a way to connect with the God/ess, they are usually pure of heart, mind and spirit – are you?

Unlike the ancient gods, you almost always have instant access to Me. Think of Me as your personal jesus – you can call Me on your telephone, and just maybe I will grant you redemption, either way you’ll be graced with My voice, if not with some insight… For those who devotetly wait for scraps of attention, they can indulge themselves by purchasing My Video & MP3 files and worship from afar. And as always, you may send in your requests for consideration. IF I like the idea I may reward you, BUT remember to include a tribute along with your petition… otherwise, chances are I won’t even notice… Antiquity is upon us. The time is NOW.


December GoddessWaking up to tributes rolling in always puts Me in a good mood, as I engage in My favorite fetish: money, on this gift-giving holiday, as well as every day. But I do not like to share, I want it ALL for Me! The preferred way for you to gift Me is to send ALL tributes to GoddessMidnight at gmail dot com via Amazon gift cards, although I also enjoy NiteFlirt tributes. This is a reminder for all you boys, a.k.a. slaves, subs, fetishists, wannabes, wankers and/or losers, who still want to use paypal, OR other ways. NO. This IS what I prefer, because it means I get to keep more of your My money. After all you want to please Me, therefore follow My orders, as many others already do. Once you join the ranks you’ll be blessed with My happiness, and that’s a gift in itself that just keeps on giving. Simple.

Prove yourself useful, engage Me, stimulate My intellect, and as long it holds My attention you just might get a chance for confession and absolution.

I will be available for sessions after the Holidays, usually from 12pm EST – 6pm EST, and also at other times per scheduled in advance sessions. IF you’re interested in having personal contact with Me, your best bet is to follow instructions under Sessions. Good luck & Happy Holidays to all!


Hello December – My favorite month! It’s My Birthday month, and it’s the season to indulge in commodity fetishism. Make yourself useful and sacrifice via tribute to Me! Servitude and FEMDOM worship START here: GoddessMidnight/Tribute ALL else is an afterthought.

When I refer to Myself as a Greedy Bitch that I am – I certainly mean that I am money greedy, BUT not money hungry. Yes, there is a difference. What it comes down to is that I don’t » » » » more


Happy 11-11-11!!!  Today being the greatest binary day of all, I am pleased to announce My 24/7 ChatLine: always ON and at a reasonable price. This is a rare occurrence, indeed, and it will last for as long as I feel like. Enjoy! CALL NOW and discuss FEMDOM Lifestyle, Esoteric Topics, Erotic Stories, Adult Subjects, Fetish Fantasies in addition to anything else I find interesting & amusing.

I am the ALPHA FEMDOM GODDESS and you are a pathetic weak bitch. you know you want to call Me. you have so many questions. you know you feel the need to call Me. you have so many perversions. you know you have to call Me – otherwise your obsessions and infatuation will only deepen. At this point you have nothing to lose, but control & your ignorance. The time is NOW! WELCOME to your INDUCTION into My FEMDOM Lifestyle! 

Goddess Midnight - Esoteric FemDom Goddess

CLICK to HEAR My message to you!
Don’t think, just CLICK!
Daily Devotions: have you paid today?
Suffer & sacrifice for your Goddess!



FEMDOM Lifestyle | Esoteric Topics | Erotic Stories | Adult Subjects | Fetish Fantasies

Call Button


Goddess Midnight - Esoteric FemDom Goddess - Fetish

Sincerity must be proven, not assumed. UNTIL you prove yourself you are ONLY a prospect NOT My servant nor My slave.


As the seasons change honor thy Goddess Whose capricious ways never change. I am your Goddess, you are My slave. you have your fetishes and I have Mine, a.k.a. cold hard cash in My hand. So you really want to serve Me? Stand out from the herd: and to stand out, you’ll work hard and tribute hard. you’re looking for a purpose? Here is your purpose » » » » more


Lifestyle Domme & FinDom Goddess

❤ ❤ ❤  CLICK to HEAR My message to you!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Smoking Goddess


☎ 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 0379-5419 ☎ 

CONFESS your PERVERSIONS & INDULGE them, right here & right NOW!


*NO cam ids = NO cam sessions*

Back to business as usual. My NiteFlirt Phone Lines are ON! Here is your chance again to instantly connect with Me! Here is your chance for confession & absolution. I am a FEMDOM Goddess Who enjoys establishing My authority and flexing My power through correcting your misguided behaviors and inflicting punishment & humiliation, as dictated by My sense of My Own moral Superiority. There is only one path for you… SUBMISSION. I tend to be » » » » more


Rarely do I find reading emails from “prospects” worth noting, but this one has done well. And since I am in a generous kind of mood (after all, I’ve been enjoying My “Sabbatical” that’s been going on for the past few months now). I decided to use this as an example of what type of emails I expect when you finally gather up enough courage to address Me. Above ALL, I have enjoyed reading his ideal vision of a world ruled by someone like Me – what a magnificent fantasy, I agree. Indeed, I am the center of My universe, and any man who wishes to orbit around Me MUST adhere to this idea, and his words & actions must reflect this fact.

Read, pay attention to capitalization, punctuation, or any other part of orthography that so many of you are careless with, and learn puppets, so that in the future you’ll be more likely to avoid total failure… there might be hope for you too.

Sublime Goddess Midnight, i am so flattered… 

i deeply venerate the coldness in the words describing Your brilliant thoughts and points of view on website and bulletins, beside the delicious way You smoke and face a camera.

i think YOU impersonate all a man can dream about a Woman: beauty, wisdom, greed, sadism, pride, selfishness, vanity, evilness, hedonism, arrogance, cruelty (Are YOU devious and capricious?)

There´s nothing as Glorious in this life as a Lady stating She deserves EVERYTHING She desires, beside making good use of men weaknesses.

In my ideal world there is someone just like YOU ruling from the Vatican (just to mention an icon). Some “Cruel Girl Demonia”, Who owns the whole world´s wills and souls by blind faith and total veneration. . . Some “Gorgous Lady Death” Who desides over people´s life or death by the sound from Her delicate long nailed fingers. Some “Evil Queen from Hell” Who of course enjoy every available material posession on earth, while every living creature work on Her behalf.

i would love to be considered worthy of promoting with my humble inspiration, somehow/anytime, Your True, Authentic Domination.

Thanks for your time, i wish YOU superlative wealth and absolute power.

i kneel at Your Holy feet.


Not everyone is worth the time, nor the effort and I certainly don’t want or care to give attention to EVERY fool that sends Me an instant message, or email. BUT once in a great while I will give scraps of attention to non-tributing slaves… HOWEVER you better have immaculate manners, know protocol, and be useful to Me in some way. I will NOT recognize some random stranger and allow them to become a part of My private, confidential, and personal world. Only the top 1% who prove themselves get that honor. As for the rest: tributing is the only way to gain My attention. Those tired, same-old lame one liners won’t do – so all you self-proclaimed submissives, slave wannabes, wankers, stalkers, fetishists, fans, etc., IF you wish for any recognition, you’ll need to make it more intellectually stimulating for Me. Yeah, that’s right – put some thought into it. Step up and stand out. Better yet, actions speak louder then words, so compliment Me by sending tributes, giftcards, gifts ☛ TRIBUTES for the Goddess!


FemDom may or may not have anything to do with fetish, BDSM or sexual activities. By its very definition, it may refer to a Female who identifies Herself as a Dominant personality. I’ve learned that the art of control can be applied by Me to any situation as long as the state of My mind remains focused and void of emotion. Domination for Me is not about a sexual thrill (it can be), but it is more of a Psychological rush. More specifically I enjoy the Psychological Domination aspects more then the kinks, clichés, typical stereotypes & scenarios of BDSM. After seeing hundreds of self-serving wankers on cam, it all starts looking really boring to Me. So now » » » » more


Never a dull moment in My fabulous life. Today I have received an interesting email from a segment producer of the nationally syndicated television program “The Bill Cunningham Show”. As I understand he has came across My website and was interested in talking to Me, and invited Me to appear on this new talk show… airfare and hotel fees covered…. The episode that they’re taping in the next few days is supposedly about the different levels of » » » » more


While I’ve been unavailable to most, I have been enjoying the service of the few very select drones who have proven to Me their usefulness and devotion. My Sabbatical has been truly sublime… I’ve practically had no need to demand anything – everything that needs to be taken care of, simply is. This fact serves as evidence to Me, that indeed there are those who understand what servitude means and will act accordingly. Hallelujah! Good job boys, and keep up the good work. Nevertheless, since I am online it wouldn’t be the usual freakshow if, ever so often, I wouldn’t get emails of inquiry, or whatever else they might be, from some » » » » more


To say I am on a “Sabbatical” is an understatement. I’m simply enjoying My Life of Leisure… I’ll be back as soon as I feel like it.


My World, My Rules.

These days I am available ONLY when it is worth My time & when I am in the mood to fuck with your little heads. My regular drones know how to get My attention & follow My directions on how to session & have personal contact with Me. IF you consider yourself a “slave” and you’re aching to be of service there is ONLY one path for you – tribute HARD and show your appreciation, devotion & gratitude for Me – your Superior Alpha Goddess! Take the initiative & USE NiteFlirt. For additional information click on Sessions.

NOTE: NiteFlirt phone/cam sessions & WANTlist gifts DO NOT count as tributes. Money in exchange for phone/cam sessions and purchases of fetish video clips is NOT Domination nor Servitude. Understand that by tributing you show your appreciation & gratitude for the privilege of being allowed to be a part of My Lifestyle & therefore you give without expecting anything in return.

IF you think you might be able & are willing to learn how to serve Me longterm; OR if you’re finally ready to embrace your submissive role & surrender, (in turn giving up your selfish preoccupations with your masturbatory psychodramas & the related fetish fantasy caricatures that you drool over) and you’re ready to dedicate yourself to the Discipline of serving a Lifestyle Goddess – contact Me via email, introduce yourself and explain exactly how you plan on serving Me. I’m totally NOT interested in the emotional vampires who leech and slut around the web, and the hypocritical thinking that accompanies it. Back that shit right out of here, OR humble yourself, admit your shortcomings & serve proper – ultimately it ought to be your priority to think of My wants & My needs and serve accordingly. Here’s your chance to join the top ranks & become a part of My exclusive stable of male admirers and actual servants. IT’S ALL ABOUT ME! » » » » more


Listen up bitches, there will be NO more NEW video previews from Me on youtube. NOW you’ll go here to get your fix ☛ NiteFlirt, OR Clips4Sale.

Yes, indeed. Once again I’ve been censored on youtube: “community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate“… and this little “infraction” makes Me feel Paramount. Obviously My short previews, where you got a chance to catch a glimpse of My Divine Self, fully clothed might I add, must have caused a riot and were deemed “inappropriate” in My Evil attempt to brainwash the masses. Ha!

Now, the thousands that have been privileged to view My videos can testify that as much as they were Superior, Intoxicating & Powerful at this moment on youtube there are thousands of other videos which are disgraceful, explicit, ought to be rated R, and many even X, and therefore violate youtube’s impressionable terms just as well. But I guess I am just so contravercial & offensive in being simply Me, that in My innocent little promo videos I managed to offend the “community guidelines”, and they’ve deleted 7 all of My Fabulous videos, leaving 2 which are no different in content from the ones that have been taken off already. I expect that anyday now those remaining 2 will also be gone.

This is My second account. The first one was deleted WITHOUT a reason last year. And judging by what’s out there in youtube-ville, seems to Me like their guidelines are full of shit and based on bias and unfair practices. Off course it is NOT without the help of some lowlife, who’s insecure in their own skin, that has taken the time out of their insignificant, boring little day to scope out My channel and report it for said violation. Pfft! But that’s okay, I just get validated in knowing that I am INFAMOUS, and My attempt at manipulating the male masses will NOT be deterred.

Anyway, now all you bitches are going to be denied even more than I already deny you, and this time you can go and whine about it to somebody else.

UPDATE 7/11/11: Just as I have predicted My channel has been DELETED by youtube – so NO MORE previews for you.

“Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself.”

“Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.”


you are FREE to be a slave: OBEY & PAY

Celebrate this Fourth of July as My servant, and make yourself truly useful to Me. Show your devotion by contributing to My Rightful Independence from bothersome lowly obligations that are expected from the plebeian and proletarian class, a.k.a. you. Summer is in full swing, and you know what that means – YES! It’s summer property tax time, again! And this year My your property tax is only a measly $3,500 [paid in full] – be one of the lucky little paysluts who’ll get a chance to pay it for Me, so that I can continue to enjoy My Lifestyle of Leisure effortlessly, and celebrate My Supremacy all year round. you think I’m spoiled? NO. I don’t think so. you little bitches know that I DESERVE it all & more. NOW do your part: pay it in full or in partial installments. REMEMBER: the higher your tribute the more pleasure you’ll have in knowing that you’re performing your loyal duty in contributing to My FemDom Lifestyle. Tribute HARD and show your appreciation for Me – your Superior Alpha Goddess!

NiteFlirt TRIBUTE!

Declare your Devotion and Observe Goddess’s Presence In Everyday Life: IDEALLY, I expect you to contribute financially to My Life of Leisure every day. After all, your ARE obsessing over My pages day after day, aren’t you? Well, step up & plunge deeper into My world… where My wants & My needs come BEFORE yours. Take note, ALL of My basic bills OUGHT to be paid, IF I am to enjoy and indulge Myself as I naturally ought to. Finally here is your chance to be useful & fulfill your inevitable duty as a slave. Here is your chance to show your longterm devotion & gratitude. Here’s your chance to join the top ranks & become a part of My exclusive stable of male admirers and actual servants.

Don’t talk anymore about wanting to serve Me, just fucking DO IT! Less talk & more action.

Tributes will say it ALL for you.



What's your Hustle?

“Sweet dreams are made of this, Who am I to disagree…”

I knew that branching out to the Internet would prove to be a profitable endeavour for Me, but I must say that I didn’t consider just how much My Personality & My Sensibilities would clash with what’s out there on the web in regards to the whole femdom/fetish industry. For the most part I am really good about minding My Own. My time is limited and My attention is exclusive to what I find interesting & beneficial to My lifestyle… in short I don’t have time, nor do I care for what in essence is a lot of the same hypocritical lame shit that just keeps reemerging & trending as if it was all that special. I do what I do because I enjoy it, because it comes naturally AND because it enriches Me. That’s right, My goal is to make My money » » » » more


Daily Devotions

This week’s Sunday Sermon: I’ve had a super busy week doing sessions, I must have graced at least 50 of you wannabe slaves with My Divine Presence… And I must say I am not impressed with any of you and your so called desire to serve & worship. you see, I do NOT seek you out – you all come to Me, telling Me you want to worship ME, yet time and time again, sooner or later, you fall flat on your face, are dismissed, and forgotten… only to be replaced by another batch of brain-dead marionettes. Let Me remind you that I will NOT chase after you, keep tabs on you, nor force you to serve & worship proper – that is not true submission. Besides, I have better things to do than control some lazy wannabe’s every move – ultimately it ought to be your priority to think of My wants & My needs and serve accordingly. I do not have to blackmail, threaten or force » » » » more


Once again, you come to Me willingly, and you beg Me to control you… you come to Me because you need Me, you’re simply obsessed with Me… with each and every word & glance, your addiction to Me grows deeper and deeper, as you become more obsessed… Naturally I am hypnotic, with My Powerful big, powder blue eyes & striking features… Mysterious, Enigmatic, Mystical. But take note: what I do is not typical hypnosis, and I do not make claims that I will “hypnotize” you – I’ll leave that to the certified professionals. However, I am intoxicating, My voice is lucid, sultry & demanding, and My Superior Presence is mesmerizing – therefore you will yield to Me. And that is exactly what you want – you want Me to mind-fuck you into submission, to drain your soul and your wallet; there is no denying that your money looks good in My hands. By now you’re so addicted to Me, that you don’t even realize what’s going on – you’re just compelled to tribute Me, it feels good to make yourself useful, you enjoy & get off on being financially dominated, you beg Me to take more of your money. Feed your addiction – Don’t think, just click!

Hypnotic ~ Intoxicating ~ Mesmerizing

I will drain your soul & your wallet.

I am ALWAYS feeling very GREEDY. Whatever you tribute – I want MORE! I’m Insatiable, rarely impressed & almost impossible to satisfy that’s why it’s never enough, and » » » » more


It’s been awhile since I’ve updated My video clips, but what do you expect? – I have a busy life, and so many other things worthy of My exclusive attention. Plus summer’s here and I don’t expect to be around as much, so if you wish to have My attention you will work hard & tribute hard to please Me & to get it. Otherwise, you’ll just have to be content with My fabulous, mesmerizing & intoxicating videos… whenever I’ll feel like putting them out. And today is that day – so, get excited all you bitches, slave wannabes, stalkers & losers – I’ve just added a bunch of NEW smoking HOT video clips to My Video Store!

By now you should know that I luv to smoke, and I have soo many fans who luv to watch Me smoke… And over the years I’ve had many of you beg Me to include French Inhale in My clips… So I decided to indulge you and put My OWN twist on it as well, and here it is! Oh I know, you want to see it BUT 1st you’ll have to purchase it! It’s a dream come true for SMOKE-fetishists, hypno junkies, pay pigs, losers, wankers, fetishists, & My devoted slaves & fans. Don’t wait another minute, click pay, take a deep breath & ENJOY. The pure power will leave you feeling weak, confused, intrigued, and wanting more of Me! While you’re there, buy ALL of My NEW fetish clips and add them to your growing collection – tons of addictive videos of pantyhose clad legs & feet, high heels, dangling and My perfect bare feet with toes painted red up close and in your face – you might as well lick the screen as you worship! What are you waiting for? Go get them ALL now!

NOTE: you may email Me your CUSTOM video requests & I will take them under consideration. Remember to include a tribute with your request! ☛ be prepared to pay for it. FYI: 5 minute minimum at minimum $10 per minute. Silly boys I don’t shoot custom clips for free!  KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!


What better way to start off the month, then with another glimpse into My Fabulous Life and into My thoughts & philosophies. Now you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been a member of the FemDommeSociety.com for some time now, and I am moving up in ranks. For those of you who are ignorant to what is FDS – it is a Society dedicated to Female Supremacy, and I quote: “The Fem Domme Society is founded upon the function of a slave-holding, Matriarchal controlled way of life. Fem Domme Society is governed by the principle that Women are always and in every way Superior to the inferior male creature…” Oh I know, all you little bitches » » » » more


Lose your soul & your wallet to this Noir Femme Fatale Vamp! I will drain you dry! ☛ your money looks soo good in My hand… It’s so sweet draining a new wallet, & to hear you beg Me to drain you some more… your addiction growing, your obsession deepening… Who’s next? Step up all you self-proclaimed wallet worms, pay sluts & pay pigs – lets see IF you got what it takes. Don’t be afraid, this will only sting a bit. Ha! you will work hard, & pay hard. BUT after all, your pain IS My pleasure.

Money may not be the most important thing in the world. Some say Love is. Fortunately, I love money. And that makes Me the Perfect Heartless Financial Sadist. your money IS rightfully Mine & IF you boys want My attention you know what you have to do: tribute. your purpose in life is to serve Me, and you’ll feel better about yourself by serving a Superior Dominant Alpha Female. Now you can pray to Me in hopes that I may answer a few of your exclusive prayers as your Goddess, and drop money unto My collection plate. Experience the Rapture every time you come in contact with Me. I am your NEW Religion.

My Daily Devotions: have you paid today? ☛ Suffer & sacrifice for your Goddess!

REMEMBER: Cheap things aren’t worth having. Shop My Elite clip store ☛ clips4sale.com/33065 Prices are going UP & won’t come down. The time to serve is NOW!


Thank Me for I am so generous – I keep allowing you to know more, and more about Me. Of course it only makes sense, since My favorite subject to discuss is Moi, and whenever I feel like allowing you another glimpse into who I am, I do. Now you’ll be happy to know that I’ve joined Formspring and now you may ask Me anything, however asking don’t guarantee you an answer so make it count! I will only answer questions that I’ll deem worthy of My attention. » » » » more

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