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Worship begins at the FOOT!


Welcome to your new place of worship: UNDER My feet. After all, worship begins at the foot, so that is exactly where you belong. I understand that you want to serve & worship – you’re not the 1st, and not the last. All men need something greater than themselves to look up to and worship. They wish to be able to touch the Divine here on earth. This is where I come in – I am your Dark Goddess, the Divine Incarnation of Heartlessness and Perverse Wisdom. Hypnotic, Intoxicating, Mesmerizing. Above all a Narcissistic ALPHA Bitch who enjoys using weak males.

What is Goddess Worship?

If you have an interest in, or a fantasy of serving a Dominant Female, have a FemDom Fetish, and if you ever dreamed of being controlled by a Superior Femme-Fatale and/or Demonic Succubus you are in the right place. There is only one path for you… SUBMISSION. Sincerity must be proven, not assumed. UNTIL you prove yourself to Me, you are ONLY a prospect NOT My servant nor My slave. The time is NOW! I love being Worshipped and having Power. I love SMOKING, foot-play, and wallet draining. I’m into strap-on training, weakness of men, pay pigs, SPH, CBT, CEI, JOI, CFNM, etc. I am your DARK FETISH FANTASY. your focus will be on SERVING ME. Get your wallet out, on your knees and be ready to WORSHIP Me. you will TRIBUTE often, follow instructions without question, buy My video/audio clips, buy My webcam ID’s (if you wish to see Me), also you will SHOP My wishlist, AND you will work on impressing, entertaining & amusing Me.



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SERVITUDE means regular weekly sessions, weekly tributes, total obedience, and constant display of your usefulness to Me. you will work hard & pay hard!

Deities demand sacrifice, lay your gold at My feet.

My Daily Devotions: have you paid today?


Too shy to interact with Me? Feeling intimidated & inadequate? Not sure what to say to Me? Wanting to Approach Me, but you don’t know how? Looking for a quick fix? NO problem, worship from afar:  VISIT My ULTIMATE clips4sale STORE! My Film clips offer you a glimpse into My Cam Sessions, Video Requests & Personal Preferences. 

When you enter My world: I control you. I grab you by your worthless cock, your balls & your wallet, and I drain you dry! That’s right, I am the Femme Fatale Vamp and Demonic Succubus who will drain your soul & wallet. you will sacrifice for Me your pride, your cash and your cum. you will embrace your submissiveness and you will thank Me for showing you how to redeem yourself, and for offering you the opportunity to earn a place in My life under My feet – exactly where you belong.

It is very rare for Me to be impressed by an online “slave” – most are lazy, worthless little wankers, repugnant chronic masturbators, driven by their selfish sexual urges, desires and fetish preoccupations. My interaction with them is strictly PLAY for PAY. you see – I know the value of what I do, and I know that the world is full of losers who are desperate to feed their addiction to serve, and who are willing to submit to a Seductive Dominant Woman who is skilled in controlling the minds and bodies of submissive men. Here I am offering you so much more then just another way to get off – here is your chance to finally serve & worship like the humble, obedient slave that you’ve fantasized and yearned for years to become. Say goodbye to all that you’ve known before, get your wallet out, get down on your knees and bet ready to worship Me! Here’s your chance to prove yourself! There is only one path for you – SERVITUDE & SUBMISSION.

READY for a LONG term commitment??? Apply and see IF you got what it takes!

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ATTENTION: While I do enjoy many kinds of servitude, My main preference is Financial servitude. Yes, I am the Glorious Goddess of Greediness and I am demanding. My favorite type of slave is one who offers Me the kind of worship they would offer a True Deity, and who sees their time worshiping Me as a religious experience, absorbing My Demonic Gospel. Over time I become your ONE & ONLY GOD – My phone lines are your confessional. you worship at the alter of your new-found Goddess & tribute money for the collection plate so that I can enjoy a lifestyle of leisure, and also in hopes that I might answer a few of your exclusive prayers. All the while you continue working hard to keep your Goddess high up on Her pedestal, finding new ways to appease, amuse and please Her. your reward will be direct contact and attention for as long as you serve proper. KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!



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