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Goddess Midnight FinDom Mistress

Why FINDOM? Because it’s a Power exchange.

I am a lifestyle Domme and a FinDom Mistress, and it’s no secret that I LOVE receiving tributes from you. Understand that NOTHING makes Me happier than waking up to an inbox full of unexpected tribute. And the more you give, the more you please Me. In turn, the more you spend on Me, the more useful you become. And IF you truly crave My attention, you will do as I say. Otherwise you don’t exist. Sacrifice and show your love and adoration for Me by obeying My very simple command:


Just as you have your little perversions and fetishes, so do I. That’s right, I am here to indulge My own Fetish: financial exploitation. you see, I know the value of what I do, as I represent the Divine Incarnation of Heartlessness and Perverse Wisdom. I am offering you so much more then just another way to get off, here is your chance to finally serve as you worship like the humble, obedient slave that you’ve yearned for years to become BUT never had the balls to actually do it. Here’s your chance to prove yourself! And that in itself is PRICELESS! So, be eager, ready, willing and able to generously SERVE and please Me!

* I get TURNED OFF when you are cheap. *

WHY FINDOM? It is a POWER exchange. Simple as that. Money equals Power, and when a submissive gives it to a Dominant they are simply handing over their power. I take from you because Financial Domination is about draining men of power, and therefore it is one of the truest, purest & deepest forms of SUBMISSION. Power, Control and Money go hand in hand. Make no mistake about it – in this day and age Money IS the most important thing in the world – it is power and it is freedom, and by handing it over to Me you acknowledge My Superiority.

NOTE: NiteFlirt phone/cam sessions & WANTlist gifts DO NOT count as tributes. Paying money in exchange for phone/cam sessions and/or purchases of video clips is NOT Financial Domination nor Financial Servitude. When tributing you show your appreciation and devotion for the privilege of being allowed to be a part of My Lifestyle, and therefore you must give without expecting anything in return. 

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Preferred Show of Devotion  

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I accept Cash ($GoddessMidnight) or Amazon tributes also!

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Send Gift Cards & ALL other Gift certificates to GoddessMidnight@gmail.com OR directly to My Cash App $GoddessMidnight

It’s only natural that you would live out some part of your life as My virtual slave. you say that you wish to be My slave, you wish to be Owned by Me, you say that you’re serious, you say you’ll do anything. Prove it! Fill out the slave Application and see if you got what it takes to be My slave. Are you ready to step up and truly make yourself a useful slave? Choose a bill and fill it in the slave Application. OR maybe you’re ready for a LONG term commitment? APPLY TODAY!

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ATTENTION: you are here to serve as a source for My amusement and to feed My massive Ego with your cash. PAY to PLAY! I grab you by your worthless cock, balls & your wallet, and I drain you dry! It should be self evident that IF you do not have the necessary means nor serious intentions to tribute for My attention, then go elsewhere and find yourself a Mistress who will demand less from you. I do NOT have the time nor the desire to chitchat with losers and/or wannabe slaves who do not contribute to My Lifestyle. Simply put, and to quote the Goodfellas: “Fuck you, pay Me!” DON’T TALK ABOUT IT, BE ABOUT IT. And, if you’re not making yourself useful to Me, then you are useless.

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