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Lifestyle Domme and FinDom Mistress

Lifestyle Domme & FinDom Mistress

Lifestyle Domme & FemDom Goddess: I tend to be very old school in My approach to Domination, and I am very protocol oriented. Also, I get off on knowing that I am perverting you, and I WILL. Above all, I enjoys establishing My authority and flexing My power through correcting your misguided male behaviors and inflicting punishment & humiliation, as dictated by My sense of My Own moral Superiority. There is only one path for you… SUBMISSION. I am a natural born Domina, and as far as I can remember always have been dominant, dark, and demanding. I am very stubborn and have a Despotic Personality. I come from a long line of independent & dominant Women – so it was only a matter of time that I would find Myself as I am – PRO Domme. Domination is the natural way of life for Me – I take great pleasure in exploiting willing and naive men, and using them for My personal amusement & profit! Ha!

I am a very private person, and I am picky with those whom I allow to interact with & serve Me. I am a lifestyle Domme and a FinDom Mistress, however I do not make My life part of the “alternative lifestyle” circus that is BDSM, nor the online “domme scene”.  What I do depends entirely upon My moods, My interests, My benefits & My pleasures.

Classically Trained RT Dominatrix

Classically trained RT Dominatrix

I am highly educated, well traveled, multi-lingual, and experienced in being a Dominant Female My whole life, professionally for the past 17 years – some of you lucky maggots had the pleasure of serving Me in Real Time when I worked at a private dungeon some years ago. Unlike many online insta-dommes, I started out as classically trained Real Time Dominatrix back in 2004, and over the years I’ve learned that there is a whole online BDSM and Fetish community, which I could tap into and use to My advantage. And I d0. Since 2008 I have been providing virtual sessions through various cam sites and phone lines. Now any loser with money can serve Me online. I have devoted a lot of time to understanding the psychology behind your desires for submission, My own needs, as well as your motives. Do not get confused, and forget who you are dealing here with. I am your Mistress, naturally I am more Dominant therefore I will not be easily topped by your desperate, self serving, weak advances. I have no tolerance for BS, so know your role and be ready to play your part.


Keep dreaming & PAY to play

It is very rare that I may find Myself impressed by an online “slave” – most are lazy, worthless little wankers, repugnant chronic masturbators, driven by their selfish sexual urges, desires and fetish preoccupations. My interaction with them is strictly PLAY for PAY. Naturally, I view men as My servants, workers and toys; they are here to make My life easier, more pleasurable and also profitable. I make Myself available here to be worshiped, obeyed, indulged and amused. If you are not here to worship, obey, indulge or at least amuse Me then don’t waste My time. If I allow you the honor to look at Me on cam, consider that a privilege. No matter how well behaved and submissive you think you are, if you have no money to spend on Me then get lost. Also, no matter how much money you think you have, if you are rude, pushy, stupid, boring, or request something that I am not interested in, then just as well fuck off. Remember, this is My world & My rules.

Heartless, Superior, Femme Fatale

Heartless, Superior, Femme Fatale

My personal interests include mindfucking you, draining you dry and inflating My bank account by exploiting your fetishes and desires. In addition to: philosophy, psychology, travel, music, literature and everything having to do with NOIR fetish, erotica, sexuality, perversion, fetishism, existentialism, nihilism (among other cliché topics such as these), I am also very passionate about esoterica and the occult. I am THE DARK GODDESS, and a Heartless Superior Femme-Fatale, this is NOT My alter ego – this is who I am. A fantasy, a façade, a cliché. The law of supply and demand in action. A work of Art – using the power of illusion, and your susceptibilities to My advantage. In My world I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the SheDevil Herself – the one & only Diabolical GODess and Demonic Succubus. All of your filthy, wet and twisted dreams rolled up into ONE! 


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