Hypnotic | Intoxicating | Mesmerizing

Enigmatic FemDom Goddess

Superior Alpha Goddess

Goddess Midnight is the ULTIMATE Virtual FemDom Goddess. She is the Divine Incarnation of Heartlessness and Perverse Wisdom. Domina, Conversationalist, & Confidant. Mistress, Dominatrix, Fetish Consultant & your NEWest Addiction. Above all a Narcissistic ALPHA Bitch who enjoys using weak males – you are here to serve as a source for My amusement and to feed My massive Ego with your cash. PAY to PLAY! Click HERE and submit to Me! 


In a world where princesses are dime a dozen, authentic Goddesses are few and far between. Consider yourself very lucky to have found Me – now act like it! Dommes are not made, they are born. I am a lifestyle Domme and a FinDom Mistress; your Superior Dominant Goddess and a Financial Sadist – you are just an inferior male by default, a chromosome mutation, a genetic defect, a missing link, a pathetic stroke addicted wanker who’s driven by his selfish sexual urges, desires and fetish preoccupations, to be used and abused for My Own amusement and profit. Accept your destiny and embrace your submissive nature – you have been searching for someone like Me your whole life. I know My Dominance turns you on, and you find satisfaction in serving Me. My DARK Exotic Beauty, Noir Sexuality, Pure Egoism and Eastern European Charm are the weapons that I use against your weakness! Serving Me will give your empty little life meaning  and purpose. you will worship, serve and obey Me – you have come here because you know your place in this world is beneath Me.

Indulge your SUBmissive nature

It’s time for you to surrender – you need and want to surrender, and your willing submissiveness is your ONLY redeeming quality. I realize that My commanding nature and mental acuteness puts Me in a position of Superiority. I will become your newest, greatest and most powerful Addiction, your Ultimate Fetish, & NEW Religion! Make no mistake about it – I am here to control your mind, your dick and your wallet! Get weak, get used, and get off. Sure, I enjoy playing around with all kinds of Fetishes – as long as the end result is Money in My account! I know that I embody the perfect combination of Dangerous Beauty, Superior Intelligence & Divine Dominance – I wouldn’t be where I am if it was otherwise. I do NOT need you to validate Me. However, you do NEED Me to control and guide you – and your reward will be My acknowledgment of your existence! And that in itself is PRICELESS!

It’s only natural that you would live out some part of your life as My virtual slave. you say that you wish to be My slave, you wish to be Owned by Me, you say that you’re serious, you say you’ll do anything. Prove it! Fill out the slave Application and see if you got what it takes to be My slave.


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