Happy (In)Dependence Day!

you are FREE to be a slave: OBEY & PAY

Celebrate this Fourth of July as My servant, and make yourself truly useful to Me. Show your devotion by contributing to My Rightful Independence from bothersome lowly obligations that are expected from the plebeian and proletarian class, a.k.a. you. Summer is in full swing, and you know what that means – YES! It’s summer property tax time, again! And this year My your property tax is only a measly $3,500 [paid in full] – be one of the lucky little paysluts who’ll get a chance to pay it for Me, so that I can continue to enjoy My Lifestyle of Leisure effortlessly, and celebrate My Supremacy all year round. you think I’m spoiled? NO. I don’t think so. you little bitches know that I DESERVE it all & more. NOW do your part: pay it in full or in partial installments. REMEMBER: the higher your tribute the more pleasure you’ll have in knowing that you’re performing your loyal duty in contributing to My FemDom Lifestyle. Tribute HARD and show your appreciation for Me – your Superior Alpha Goddess!

NiteFlirt TRIBUTE!

Declare your Devotion and Observe Goddess’s Presence In Everyday Life: IDEALLY, I expect you to contribute financially to My Life of Leisure every day. After all, your ARE obsessing over My pages day after day, aren’t you? Well, step up & plunge deeper into My world… where My wants & My needs come BEFORE yours. Take note, ALL of My basic bills OUGHT to be paid, IF I am to enjoy and indulge Myself as I naturally ought to. Finally here is your chance to be useful & fulfill your inevitable duty as a slave. Here is your chance to show your longterm devotion & gratitude. Here’s your chance to join the top ranks & become a part of My exclusive stable of male admirers and actual servants.

Don’t talk anymore about wanting to serve Me, just fucking DO IT! Less talk & more action.

Tributes will say it ALL for you.