December and beyond…

Hello December – My favorite month! It’s My Birthday month, and it’s the season to indulge in commodity fetishism. Make yourself useful and sacrifice via tribute to Me! Servitude and FEMDOM worship START here: GoddessMidnight/Tribute ALL else is an afterthought.

When I refer to Myself as a Greedy Bitch that I am – I certainly mean that I am money greedy, BUT not money hungry. Yes, there is a difference. What it comes down to is that I don’t care how much money you say you have to spend, IF you’re NOT sacrificing & tributing ME, especially IF you do not meet My other requirements. If you are NOT prepared to explore your submissiveness or fetish tendencies with respect and deference to a Domme I won’t be interested in interacting with you. I do NOT tolerate insolence nor condescending attitudes from others, nor your lackadaisical approaches via emails without tribute offerings attached. Chemistry isn’t compulsory nor a given – it’s a special connection, and you either got it or you don’t. If you want My attention – work for it. IF O/our interests do not match up, either because you can not or will not follow My protocols, then in the end have the maturity to handle it like an adult, accept your failures (either due to willful ignorance or just plain stupidity) and move on.

Above all, I am a Narcissistic Snob, and am too Self involved to care about participating in other peoples lifestyle. Whatever I do depends solely on MOI, and how much I will benefit – I don’t need anyones approval or disapproval, that’s irrelevant to Me. IF you’re interested in offering your services – lets see what you got to offer. IF you email Me and do not get a response, reassess your appraoch. IF you just simply can not wait till I am online and taking cam sessions – schedule your sessions in advance. IF you ache to have contact with Me right now – CALL Me, My phone lines are ALWAYS ON. Remember – flattery won’t get you far. you say you LOVE Me? you want to SERVE Me? you’ll do ANYTHING! Prove it boy! Break the bank! ☛ Kneel, Worship & Pay.

NOTE: I hate creepiness and cockiness in men – huge turn offs. Humility & respect go a long way during your first approach. Also, lukewarm efforts on your part BORE Me, either you do or you don’t – don’t half-ass it. There should be NO mistaking Who I am, one can see from the way I walk, talk, express Myself, etc., that I am Alpha Female. Have manners, do your research on how you ought to behave, and remember – it is NOT about you & what you want. No topping from the bottom boys, no bargaining, no demanding – you are in NO position. Also save your dick pics for someone who cares – I have no use for them. IF you want Me to look at what you got, remember to attach enticing tributes along with your inquires. I do NOT sit on My computer all day everyday waiting and fishing for nickels and dimes. you either step up, and stand out or you won’t even register on My radar. Make sure you have something to offer, and know My Rules of conduct – I do not accept just any ol’ chap who slaps on a “slave” label. Sincerity must be proven, NOT assumed. UNTIL you prove yourself, you are ONLY a prospect NOT My servant nor slave. Now get to work. The time is NOW. The time is always now.