Hypnotic FinDom Goddess

Once again, you come to Me willingly, and you beg Me to control you… you come to Me because you need Me, you’re simply obsessed with Me… with each and every word & glance, your addiction to Me grows deeper and deeper, as you become more obsessed… Naturally I am hypnotic, with My Powerful big, powder blue eyes & striking features… Mysterious, Enigmatic, Mystical. But take note: what I do is not typical hypnosis, and I do not make claims that I will “hypnotize” you – I’ll leave that to the certified professionals. However, I am intoxicating, My voice is lucid, sultry & demanding, and My Superior Presence is mesmerizing – therefore you will yield to Me. And that is exactly what you want – you want Me to mind-fuck you into submission, to drain your soul and your wallet; there is no denying that your money looks good in My hands. By now you’re so addicted to Me, that you don’t even realize what’s going on – you’re just compelled to tribute Me, it feels good to make yourself useful, you enjoy & get off on being financially dominated, you beg Me to take more of your money. Feed your addiction – Don’t think, just click!

Hypnotic ~ Intoxicating ~ Mesmerizing

I will drain your soul & your wallet.

I am ALWAYS feeling very GREEDY. Whatever you tribute – I want MORE! I’m Insatiable, rarely impressed & almost impossible to satisfy that’s why it’s never enough, and I dare you to try! HOWEVER the larger your tribute, the more pleased I’ll be with you & your progress. So DO NOT approach Me empty handed. I am Demanding, Superior & Entitled. your money IS rightfully Mine & IF you boys really want to serve & make yourself useful, you know what you have to do: TRIBUTE. your purpose in life is to serve Me, and you’ll feel better about yourself by serving a Superior Dominant Alpha Female.

The REALITY of serving Exclusive Dominant Goddess and putting Her needs before yours IS better than whatever lonely little fantasy you have going on in your head – I am your NEWest Addiction, you will beg to session with Me, and obsess & drool over seeing Me in video or on cam. I know I deserve the best, and you are going to work hard to provide it for Me. My world revolves around Me, and so will yours… My objective here is to control your mind, your worthless dick & wallet. I value ONLY those subs who are truly selfless, and who are ready & able to give, and expect nothing in return. It’s time for you to surrender – you need and want to surrender, and your willing submissiveness is your only redeeming quality.

So you think you’re into Financial Domination? Interested in Financial Servitude? you dream about being a paypig? a drone? a wallet? Great! Start by reading My articles on this fascinating fetish & dive right in:

Philosophy of Greed: It’s Never Enough!

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Proceed with Caution: FinDomme Mistress Ahead!

Blackmail Fetish or BS?

Understand that IF you wish to be considered a “slave” of Mine you must comprehend that SERVITUDE means regular weekly contact, weekly tributes, total obedience, and constant display of your usefulness to Me. you NEED & WANT Me to control & guide you, you have come here because you know that your place in this world is beneath Me. And so you will work hard & pay hard! (Anything less is a quick fix, NOT true submission, and therefore you’ll be processed just as quickly.)

Too scared or too shy to interact with Me? Feeling intimidated & inadequate? No problem, send tribute & worship from afar. Collect ALL of My video clips, and obsess over them – just as I know you will anyway.

NOTE: NiteFlirt phone/cam sessions & WANTlist gifts DO NOT count as tributes. Money in exchange for phone/cam sessions and purchases of video clips is NOT Financial Domination nor Financial Servitude. Understand that by tributing you show your appreciation & gratitude for the privilege of being allowed to be a part of My Lifestyle & therefore you give without expecting anything in return.