Power Exchange: D/s

FemDom may or may not have anything to do with fetish, BDSM or sexual activities. By its very definition, it may refer to a Female who identifies Herself as a Dominant personality. I’ve learned that the art of control can be applied by Me to any situation as long as the state of My mind remains focused and void of emotion. Domination for Me is not about a sexual thrill (it can be), but it is more of a Psychological rush. More specifically I enjoy the Psychological Domination aspects more then the kinks, clichés, typical stereotypes & scenarios of BDSM. After seeing hundreds of self-serving wankers on cam, it all starts looking really boring to Me. So now I like to amuse Myself by seeing how despicable and pathetic will you get for Me. Above all, nothing feels better then Financial Domination, when the paypig offers & begs for Me to drain his account – the thrill is intoxicating, it gets Me hot, makes Me high… For Me D/s isn’t about sex, this is about power… And this online charade – it’s all about business: selling & exploiting illusions. Working the fetish scene. Hustlin’ fantasy roleplay.

WHY FINDOM? It is Power Exchange. Simple as that. Money equals Power, and when a submissive gives it to a Dominant they are simply handing over some of their power. I take from you because Financial Domination is one of the truest, purest & deepest forms of submission. Power, Control and Money go hand in hand. And in this online façade – it’s all play for PAY. I am a FinDomme, which in term implies that I am a PRO Dominant, i.e., FinDom being a natural extension for any Professional Dominatrix who is already being paid for Fetish “services”. And I am a Lifestyle Domme, also. Make no mistake about it – I am Alpha Female all the time, and in this day and age Money is most important & the only thing that people can agree on – it is power and it is freedom, and by handing it over to Me you acknowledge My Superiority.

It is the weak, feable minded men who sexualize everything. Sure, I understand their psychology, biology, & particular fetish, but I also recognize that they need guidance. I know they can’t help themselves, they are weak, controlled by their sexual urges, that is why they need Discipline. And this is where I step in. I look at My Superiority primarily as a mental thing. One can not function 100% clearly when something is constantly tugging at him & reminding him of it’s presence. Yeah, that’s right boys – that silly meat stick that hangs between your legs really puts you at a huge disadvantage mentally. Now all you do is centered around your preoccupation with “playing” with “it”. It’s not your fault though, sure, I know. Thankfully FemDom CAN change you, and I can offer you salvation!

Embrace your submissive nature or give in to your sexual fantasies. Either way, you’re deliberately choosing to undertake the path to your transformation, be it through suspense, tease or humiliation – power exchange can exorcise the demons most struggle with everyday. It’s no secret that a man is controlled by his dick, so by controlling his dick – FemDomme controls the man. It’s quite simple – She who controls the penis has the power! Therefore chastity is a necessary component of training. For Me there are more pleasurable ways to fuck a slave. Personally I prefer mind-fucking them. With Me everything is a privilege, never a right. I take especially great pleasure in breaking powerful men, who think that they are big & bad; taming the wild outlaw beasts and showing them their new found place & ultimate happiness at My foot. I am aware enough to know that I am NOT for every men, BUT I strongly believe men need to be guided & controlled by Superior Women, and once they submit – they can be wonderful pets.

Power Exchange in the context of D/s is determined by many factors that play into it, but ultimately it is up to the Female Dominant to decide the rules which will apply. Becoming a worthy slave doesn’t happen instantly (you must have the need to serve Me, and/or be of use to Me), but it does start with your money at My feet. In other words, online training & personal contact with Me is available only to those who tribute. KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY! By now you boys ought to know that IF you want My attention you will PAY to play. It’s up to you to gain My favour, and stay in My good graces.