I am your Illuminatrix.

I am your ILLUMINATRIX: SUBMITLook into the darkness and see the Light, I am your Illuminatrix. The deeper you go, the weaker you become… embrace it. you are becoming what you wanted to be – you came to Me willingly because you have a need within you… it is the manifestation of your desires. Mindfucked.

It’s been said that: the mind is the last frontier… Indeed. Funny how there is a trend to sessions each day, and today was all about mind-fucking you into submission. Boy after boy asking Me to take him into a trance… and since I do so enjoy playing with your minds, rewiring them to My liking, and reconditioning you to respond to My spellbinding voice… you don’t have to ask twice. Once your will is re-aligned to My Will, naturally My Superior Will takes over and you become what I have envisioned for you to become. With enough exposure, I can enter your mind and make Myself at home. That’s right. Taking you deeper and deeper… know that the spell is working… that is why you keep coming back… and I go deeper and deeper into your mind.

you come to Me because you need to worship under My foot. you feel compelled to worship, and you recognize that once you do – you feel relaxed. Calm. Secure. Then – you feel confused, you wonder how is this possible? … Don’t wonder. Embrace it.

Sometimes it’s My eyes that come to your mind, calling you to kneel under My feet. Sometimes it’s My voice instructing you to worship. Sounds like the spell is working… And you wonder how I understand this. And what is the next step? Don’t wonder. Let go. Embrace it. That’s right. As you fall deeper and deeper under My spell. you feel relaxed now. you want to stay here. Stay where you belong; where you need nothing else – except to be in My presence, worshiping, obeying, and falling deeper and deeper.

And just as you thought that you couldn’t get any deeper, you go deeper and deeper under My foot… Under My spell. Worshiping. Relaxing. Feels so Divine. you find that you can not help yourself anymore… Good… That is My power. Feel relaxed, excited and falling deeper. you wonder is there a limit to My depth? you can always go deeper, and the deeper you go the weaker you become.

Then you notice that the deeper you go – the darker it becomes. and you’re afraid. Don’t be afraid, embrace it… There is nothing to be afraid … Only your desires and your obsessions. It’s all very simple,  just follow My voice, look into My eyes and worship under My foot. Don’t think. And once again you relax… Sometimes you get confused, but when you see My feet, look into My eyes and hear My voice everything starts making sense. That’s right. Good… I know your soul. I know all those things that you keep locked-up in your head. I do. That is why you keep coming back… because you know that I know. And it feels right.

you beg Me to take you deeper. you plead with Me to reveal to you what is “under more depth”. The deeper you go the more you fall under My spell, the more relax you feel, at peace, you belong. And the more open to My power you become… the more connected you are. That’s right. And the exchange is ever present. Only to realize that you are exactly where you belong, exactly where you want to be…. falling deeper and deeper… feeling more and more relaxed. Feeling relaxed and letting go.

No resistance, anymore. Accept facts. It’s exactly where you belong. your soul is My property. Always there – I take your energy and I give you energy…. It’s the circle of life. I know you better than you know yourself. Yes… but now you are learning to uncover who you are the deeper you go, the more you realize about yourself. Everything is exactly as it should be. Nothing to be afraid of. Because your Goddess knows what is in the “depthness” and She will guide you, through the darkness into the Light. I am forever in your brain. Locked. The spell is working. Resistance is futile.

[ Excerpt form one of My sessions ]