Devotional Worship: FinDom Ritual

Daily Devotions

This week’s Sunday Sermon: I’ve had a super busy week doing sessions, I must have graced at least 50 of you wannabe slaves with My Divine Presence… And I must say I am not impressed with any of you and your so called desire to serve & worship. you see, I do NOT seek you out – you all come to Me, telling Me you want to worship ME, yet time and time again, sooner or later, you fall flat on your face, are dismissed, and forgotten… only to be replaced by another batch of brain-dead marionettes. Let Me remind you that I will NOT chase after you, keep tabs on you, nor force you to serve & worship proper – that is not true submission. Besides, I have better things to do than control some lazy wannabe’s every move – ultimately it ought to be your priority to think of My wants & My needs and serve accordingly. I do not have to blackmail, threaten or force any of My devotees into serving Me, they do it gladly & willingly, and if they don’t, then they cease to exist. While I do enjoy many forms of servitude, it’s no secret that My main preference is Financial servitude. Yes, I am Greedy & Demanding, therefore that useless piece of skin that hangs between your legs which you’re so preoccupied with – is worthless, unless it drips Benjamins.

Pay attention: My favorite type of slave is one who offers Me the kind of worship & devotion they would offer a True Deity, and who sees their time worshiping & serving Me as a religious experience. When you come to linger in My Presence, you will realize that for Me, being a GODdess is as much mental as it is physical. My Dominant Personality & Superior Mind is expressed the same everywhere – in My cyber world, as well as in My day-to-day world. This is not My alter Ego, this is who I am. As I’ve stated previously, I identify Myself as a GODdess simply because I do not recognize any other higher entity then Me in My World. That “higher power” that I tap into comes from within Me. All empirical arguments & delusions of grandeur aside, I possess that certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes others weak with curiosity, mesmerized, and unable to resist the desire to know Me. I know I am Superior. Over time I become your addiction, your obsession and your religion – My words are Divine Revelations, My phone lines are your confessional, you worship at the alter of your new-found Goddess & tribute money for the collection plate, so that I can live a more carefree & luxurious life, and also in hopes that I might answer a few of your exclusive prayers. In turn, you are transformed into something truly useful, and ultimately achieve Serenity – all the while continuing to work hard to keep your Goddess high up on Her pedestal, your job is to honor Her every desire, finding new ways to appease, amuse and please Her, so that you may sit at the feet of GODdess. That’s right – your reward is direct contact and attention for as long as you serve proper.

The following is a ritual designed to help facilitate intimacy between you and I, your Celestial Goddess, by communing directly with My Divine Self and appeasing Me in ways I demand & desire.

PayPig FinDom Ritual

This is the word of GODdess: Work harder drones! And deposit your money straight into My NiteFlirt account. Make a Ritual out of it: Go to a private place, get on your knees, take out your wallet & get ready to worship! Meditate and engage in contemplative prayer for at least 10 minutes looking at your GODess! Just LOOK at how SUPERIOR, IRRESISTIBLE  and CRUEL I am! Now CONFESS your PERVERSIONS & INDULGE them, as you send tributes! In the beginning you may start *small, BUT do it regularly. Make the act of tribute something you do every day. Make it an expected ritual. Do it at the same time, wearing the designated items – if any, in the designated position. The amounts should be minimal at first, growing much more significant later. (*Amounts, items, positions, etc., to be discussed & determined by your GODess.) Allow yourself time to appreciate the pleasures of giving – slowly, quietly and ruthlessly on a regular basis. Imagine how it will make Me feel. Think ahead to when I’ll look back at an unbroken chain of daily tributes – I will value you so much more then the quick fix wanker. Always think of putting Me before anything else. My needs & My wants should always come before your. IF you devote yourself thoroughly, you may just pique My interest in using you more and maybe even keeping you as My loyal pay bitch & longterm servant. you as a sub need to think ahead of every situation and learn to anticipate what the Goddess may need. The goal is to achieve heightened awareness of what is expected of you, not to only hear BUT to understand & actualize the Word of GODdess.

Like all relationships, a successful D/s dynamic can only be built over time & with much effort. The wannabe slaves who wish to contact Me in hopes of longterm servitude & training, and developing a deeper relationship (then the superficial quick fix exchange, which most online “slaves” engage in) MUST possess that secret desire to submit, to be owned, used, or abused and be willing & able to serve, spoil & amuse Me. Remember: asking to serve without sending tribute shows lack of initiative, laziness and neediness on your part. And I will  not smile down upon you, nor grace you with any visions. I will consider you useless until you prove yourself otherwise. The role of a true submissive is to make his Domme’s life easier. Here is your chance to finally serve & worship like the humble obedient slave you’ve yearned for years to become, here’s your chance to prove yourself. Impress Me! I enjoy having devoted, sincere & dedicated worshipers who feel proud and honoured to go to work for Me each day. Know that you will work hard & pay hard for the privilege of being called My slave ☚  IF you are not pleasing Me, then you are annoying Me. It takes diligence, so make yourself stand out from the herd, follow My 12 Steps and be as useful to Me as possible. Surrender, submit & serve Me.

My Time = your Money

Next time when you come to Me and say that you want to be My slave, My servant, etc., here’s a hint – I value ONLY those subs who are truly selfless, and who are ready & able to give, and expect nothing in return. This is about My wants & My DESIRES and having them FULFILLED. IF you are not about My wants & desires, then you are not about ME and therefore you’re not going to be allowed to be a part of My world. IT really is very simple. Remember, SERVITUDE means regular weekly sessions, daily or at least weekly tributes, total obedience, & constant display of your usefulness to Me. I am a Narcissistic & Greedy Goddess, and I know what I want, and what I am worth. I am insatiable and I will always demand more because it’s NEVER enough – do not start slacking off once you start your servitude, that will only hinder your progress – believe Me I notice which one of My drones is tributing, and which one is not. It’s your job to make sure you can afford to satisfy Me, whenever I command you to & whenever you wish to have contact with Me. If you’re a money challenged slave then you should decrease your spendings, sell your stuff, start saving, and/or get another job to ensure you are doing everything you can to serve Me properly and the way I demand & require. I will test you, and when you fail I will lose interests in you and dismiss you without even a warning. In tributing, you will thank Me for being so generous and allowing you the privilege of having a relationship with Me while you’re contributing to My lifestyle. And remember that without tributes from you to Me W/we do not have a relationship, and you do not exist. That’s right – if you are not contributing to My Divine Self and Desires, then you simply do not exist. Period. My world revolves around Me and My wants and so will yours, and if you can not accept or comply with that, then move along… you will suffer for My luxury, pay for My attention and beg Me to find you adequate enough, and to allow you to have contact with Me, as you KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY! All those of you aching to serve Me, contact Me via email and tribute.