Narcissistic Financial Sadist

Lose your soul & your wallet to this Noir Femme Fatale Vamp! I will drain you dry! ☛ your money looks soo good in My hand… It’s so sweet draining a new wallet, & to hear you beg Me to drain you some more… your addiction growing, your obsession deepening… Who’s next? Step up all you self-proclaimed wallet worms, pay sluts & pay pigs – lets see IF you got what it takes. Don’t be afraid, this will only sting a bit. Ha! you will work hard, & pay hard. BUT after all, your pain IS My pleasure.

Money may not be the most important thing in the world. Some say Love is. Fortunately, I love money. And that makes Me the Perfect Heartless Financial Sadist. your money IS rightfully Mine & IF you boys want My attention you know what you have to do: tribute. your purpose in life is to serve Me, and you’ll feel better about yourself by serving a Superior Dominant Alpha Female. Now you can pray to Me in hopes that I may answer a few of your exclusive prayers as your Goddess, and drop money unto My collection plate. Experience the Rapture every time you come in contact with Me. I am your NEW Religion.

My Daily Devotions: have you paid today? ☛ Suffer & sacrifice for your Goddess!

REMEMBER: Cheap things aren’t worth having. Shop My Elite clip store ☛ Prices are going UP & won’t come down. The time to serve is NOW!