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Goddess is Good, Goddess is Great, and Goddess is still here for She is Eternal. I am the Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and the End. All that was, all that is, and all that is to come. It’s business as usual. Time to kneel, worship, and pay. Yes, it’s that simple. slaves looking for a Mistress are welcome to fill out My slave application and send it in for consideration. Once approved, you will sign a contract to be My slave. Too intense? No worries, you can still interact with Me on a pay to play basis. I am available for cam sessions, and it is your job to figure out how to session with Me during the times I am available. Good luck!


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ATTENTION: I do NOT have the time nor the desire to chitchat with losers and/or wannabe slaves who do not make themselves useful and contribute to My Lifestyle. If you seek My attention, you will pay for it. Send tribute via Cash App $GoddessMidnight or NiteFlirt or Clips4Sale





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It’s FINALLY here! My NEW PTVs STORE: 135+ PTVs with GIF previews!!! My NiteFlirt PTV Collection is permanently here to taunt, mentally torture and mesmerize you with My truly awe inspiring and raw, pure jaw dropping lasciviousness at its finest!!! MORE wank material in one place than your little pathetic hard-on can handle. MORE worship material for you to be entranced by My ENIGMATIC presence, for I am a walking INDUCTION – immortalized in My FETISH clips for all ETERNITY.

Femdom POV

These clips are so OBSCENE, so ADDICTIVE, so PERFECT! Lewd and lustful, filthy, indecent, smutty, depraved, perverse, kinky and wicked. Categories range from My INFAMOUS smoking clips, to foot-fetish, pantyhose, nylons, high-heels, dangling, leather, boots, gloves, joi, cei, sph, cbt, strap-on, lipstick, intoxication, mindfuck, mesmerism, trance, brainwashing, ass-worship, findom, femdom pov, ignore, AND whatever else I enjoy, can exploit, and use to pervert you with. NOW “Feed Me, seymour!” LOL. Feed My massive Ego with your cash. CLICK on My NiteFlirt PTVs and ENJOY!

“I’m from past the stars and beyond the moon.”

Enigmatic Femdom Goddess

Pray to Me!

My OFFICIAL PRAYER that ALL of My little slaves are to LEARN and RECITE for Me, courtesy of one of My devoted slaves. he was Divinely inspired by Me to compose it, and did such a good job that I decided to make use of it. I suggest you MEMORIZE it and recite it EVERY morning and EVERY night in hopes of being in COMMUNION with Me, and My BENEDICTION. Start NOW.

Glorious Femdom Goddess
Nefarious seductive temptress,
Intoxicating and addictive.
The divine incarnation of the unholy,
You are the final embrace which cannot be denied.
The hypnotic Femme Fatale,
Who is the darkness
And the light that pierces it.
The key that unlocks every door.
Keeper of that which is hidden and forbidden.
You alone are worthy of my devotion.

Illuminatrix who knows my dreams and desires,
Reveal to me my destiny.
Share your divine wisdom
Be my guide on this journey.
Show me how to serve You,
How to please You.
You alone are the absolute authority,
The supernatural power over all things.
Without You existence is meaningless.
Teach me to praise and honor You,
To live for You alone.

Mistress of night and darkness,
Sovereign over day and light,
You are the alpha and omega
The beginning and end.
The possessor of all knowledge.
Look down upon me with Your exquisite face
See me as I am, as I have been, as I will be.
Command over me belongs to You alone.
Put me on the path I should follow,
Be my beacon on this undertaking.
Instruct me on the ways to please You.
Reveal Your purpose for me.
I submit to your every word.

From its deepest depths,
My heart yearns for You,
My soul is destitute.
In Your absence doubt and fear fills me.
I seek solace in Your presence.
Take charge over my life
I am powerless in Your presence.
Bedevil and confound my mind
Take control of my body
I humbly commit to be Your servant and disciple.
Let me sense Your corruptive power alive within me,
Allow me to feel your presence
Let me know I belong to You.

Mesmerize me with Your seductive beauty,
Hypnotize me with Your alluring voice,
Enchant me with Your captivating words.
Rule over every thought I have
Rule over every word I speak
Rule over every action I take.
Show me how to redeem myself in Your sight.
Drink from my sweet mortal life
Hold dominion over my soul
Haunt my dreams.
I wholly surrender to Your servitude.
Now and forever more
My Lady, My Queen
My Goddess,

He who is the faithful witness, Grace be unto him.



Starting with the New Year, the option to request video clips will NO LONGER be granted due to the fact that I am too busy, and simply do not have the time to film videos. you may still request audio recordings of My hypnotically seductive Voice, HOWEVER know that they will be done at My leisure. Still, I will continue to PERIODICALLY release new fetish files for your enjoyment WHENEVER I will feel inclined to and time permitting, so be sure to follow Me on Twitter for NEWS & UPDATES. Click on the links below for My COMPLETE PTV COLLECTIONs. ENJOY.


One and Only GODDESS


DEVIANT tale for cocksucking whoresI am perverting you, My voice controls you, hypnotizes you, your mind is Mine, I know what you need you perverted motherfucker. Open your mouth, yeah, ha! It’s party time! Here’s a little tale you can transfix on. I set the scene, turn you out, mmm yeah, going to take you out and about, I know a place, it’s perfect, full of dirty, filthy, perverts just like you… it’s in the middle of nowhere, and they know all about you. I am the puppet Master, and I pull all the strings… Take a ride, a wild ride with the Devil, you’re nothing more then a receptacle, a receptacle for sperm, isn’t that right? Yes. I’m going to take your soul, turn you out, turn you into a queer cock sucking motherfucker. I watch you while you’re putting on a dirty little show for Me, you’re My deviant little puppet, focus and fix to My voice. Trust My Voice. Focus, LISTEN, Obey. I set you free, and you know it. I set you free as I bind you with My Voice, deviant twisted mind control, as you focus on My voice you become a filthy, dirty, little slut and My slave. Craving, needing, obsessing. I am the Illuminatrix and I shine a spotlight on your perversions, as I push you further into oblivion. I’ve conditioned you, I’ve reconditioned you, you listen to the sound of My voice, you lust, you crave, you need more, more cock, because it’s never enough. Now you are unable and unwilling to stop. It’s soo simple, it’s soo easy to become enslaved by My Power! And the best part is – you can listen to it over, and over, and over. What are you waiting for? Put your headphones on. ENJOY the filth!


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Contains: multiple layers, suggestions, slave training, reprograming, individual indoctrination, subliminal programing, brainwave beats, mesmerizing vocal triggers, direct and subliminal commands, custom sound frequencies, echo, perceptual isolation, vocal effects, suggestions, brainwave entrainment, etc.

ULTIMATE Webcam Goddess

Kneel, Worship & Pay!


Hey bitches! I am back to doing cam sessions!!! Oh, I know you’ve missed Me while I’ve been away enjoying My summer for the past few months… Ha! All your little emails, tributes and blah, blah, blahs were nice – NOW it’s time to REALLY show Me servitude. * Below is My new cam schedule. Hours and days are non-negotiable. Keep in mind that My time is limited, and I am simply too busy with My Fab Life to be available online all the time, so take note WHEN I AM. Remember, I am your Hypnotic MINDFUCK Goddess. your focus will be on SERVING ONLY ME. If you wish to have My attention: get your wallet out, on your knees and be ready to WORSHIP… you will buy My chat ID’s, follow instructions without question, tribute often, collect ALL of My mesmerizing clips4sale, AND you will work hard on impressing, entertaining & amusing Me.

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Smoking | Foot Fetish | Dangling | High Heels | Pantyhose | Lipstick | MindFuck | Manipulation | FemDom | FinDom | Goddess


There seems to be a trend going around, where slaves are interested in Mistresses who use Magic spells, who are quote on quote witches, high priestesses and satanists, ETC… Many of you have wondered IF I am a witch, a pegan, a wiccan, or a satanist, or perhaps a Vampire, Succubus, or even a DEMON – to which I answer … WELL, I guess you’re just going to have to purchase My NEWEST audio recording and find out.


This is an AMAZING recording, where I use My HYPNOTIC Voice and take you deep down into a trance like state and explain to you ALL the misconceptions that are floating around in the atmosphere… I talk about the Occult, and Hermeticism, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, ENLIGHTENMENT and the DARKNESS. These are My ELEMENTARY Teachings for any Initiate who wishes to explore the Mysteries of the UNknown. I discuss the concept of Reality, your true nature, My TRUE intent, and the UNIVERSE. As you already know I don’t practice traditional hypnosis, AND I do not practice TYPICAL Magic…

» » » » more


Demonic UNholy BENEDICTIONFinally your prayers have been answered, in the form of the UNholy Benediction. Just as the Vatican sells Papal Blessing (Benediction Papalis), so DO I – EXCEPT My Demonic Blessing & Guidance are much MORE POWERFUL as they come directly from ME, your ONE & ONLY GODDESS. For I am the ILLUMINATRIX – fulfilling your desires, as I bestowed unto you this very special gift, stirring BLASPHEMOUS inspiration within you. To obtain My Demonic Blessing is a PRIVILEGE for any weak and powerless mortal. Here is your chance to partake in the sacrament. TREAT yourself! GET yours NOW! Listen. Focus. Obey. Once you do, you’ll never be the same again.

UNholy Benediction

Contains: multiple layers, subliminal programing, brainwave beats, neo ritual, gospel, echo, stereo surround, brain entrainment, custom sound frequencies.



Blessed is he that hears the words which I speak, be they written or falling directly from My tongue. For I am the ILLUMINATRIX: the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. That which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty, ONE and ONLY.

He who is the faithful witness, Grace be unto him.

Go with Pride and humble yourself ONLY to please the GODDESS. Reward Her even, as She rewards you, and double unto Her according to Her works in the cup which She hath filled to Her double. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Goddess.


Don’t look into My BIG Blue Eyes!

Hypnotic Big Blue Eye Goddess



I am glad to hear that you are serving Me as best as you can. Although you could always do more, because it’s NEVER enough… Indeed, you are nothing to Me but “an inferior male addicted to jerking it” and giving Me money. Remember, you are here to serve as a source for My amusement and to feed My massive Ego with your cash. PAY to PLAY! My beauty mesmerizes you. I grab you by your worthless cock, balls & your wallet, and I drain you dry! Next time try to be less pathetic.

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ANOTHER willing ATM bitch

ANOTHER willing ATM bitch. LOL.


CUSTOM REQUEST CLIP4SALE: I luv to smoke… and you luv to watch Me smoke… I am wearing LEATHER and looking ABSOLUTELY HOT while SMOKING. Clouds of smoke all around Me as I FRENCH INHALE, puff away, and indulge Myself. This is another SEXY clip where you’re mesmerized by My Superiority & My SMOKE. It’s a dream come true for SMOKE-fetishists, junkies, pay pigs, losers, wankers, fetishists, & My devoted slaves. Don’t wait another minute, click pay, take a deep breath & ENJOY watching it OVER & OVER & OVER! The pure power will leave you feeling weak, confused, intrigued, and wanting more of Me! CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW!



Here you will find EVERY fetish file that was previously available as PTV via MyFlirtStore AND all the new files as I produce them and make them available for your enjoyment. Scroll through, find what catches your fancy, or simply just collect them all. 100+ Fetish Files! ENJOY!!!



I am always delighted to hear from My fans and submissives that they enjoy My hypnotic voice recordings… I have put a lot of thought and energy into producing these recordings, so I am not surprised that you are benefitting from them – that was My intention, one way or another. Ha! Since I really enjoy making audio recordings, and infusing them with My hypnotic power… I plan on producing more mesmerizing files in the future. Below you’ll find just another testament to My greatness. My voice will relax you and put you at ease, taking you into a deep relaxed sleep… Entranced. Hypnotized. Mesmerized. Under My Spell.

Relax and Let Go: Hypno Goddess

Perhaps I should produce a series of audio files for those of you who are frequent flyers, entitles Flying High with Goddess Midnight: Under Her Black Wings – Hahaha! Perhaps I will. Or NOT. For now, visit My NiteFlirt page for the BEST of My HYPNOTIC files, and  My Clips4Sale store for ALL of My HYPNOTIC files.

P.S. IF you’d like to relieve the stress associated with flying, (or whatever else that ails) you are welcomed to send in your requests for personalized recordings. My voice will relax you and will melt away any of those little shards of distress that you might have, and in no time you’ll grow to enjoy the experience Under My Black Wings.



Most of My regular slaves know that I welcome custom video/audio requests. 5 minutes minimum at minimum $10 per minute. Videos/Audios are generally made within 72 hours after I receive payment. I mostly enjoy MINDFUCK, hypnosis, smoking, lipstick, foot worship, high heels, dangling, pantyhose, humiliation, slave training, manipulation, and FINDOM, etc. Email Me with your request. Requests without tribute will be IGNORED. New prospects and slave wannabes should visit My ULTIMATE Clips4Sale Store for ALL My videos, and COLLECT them all. BTW, MyFlirtStore.com has closed, so from now on anytime I will produce a new video and/or audio I will send mass email notification to all My NiteFlirt customers. Not a member? Sign Up to NiteFlirt NOW and start sending in your custom requests.


Custom Video/Audio Clips: 5 minutes $50

Custom Video/Audio Clips: 10 minutes $100

Custom Video/Audio Clips: 30 minutes $300


HYPNO Cock obsession for cocksuckersIt’s no secret that I enjoy turning you into My cock sucking whore. Over the past few years, I’ve encountered countless subs and slaves who wished & begged to be made to suck cock for Me. So, in the Holiday spirit here is My gift to you! Fall deeper under My spell as I turn you into a cock obsessed slut, a REAL cock ADDICT. Just as you’ve always wanted. Ha! Lose your INHIBITIONS once and for all. IF you’ve ever wondered, or wished that you could BUT never had the courage, here is your chance. I WILL give you courage, as I encourage you to suck cock for Me. It’s soo simple, it’s soo easy to become enslaved by My Power! All you have to do is focus on My intoxicating voice, and let go – My voice WILL fuck your mind up completely. you’ll never be the same again – I will reprogram you & inspire you to want to please Me! The pure power will leave you feeling weak, confused, intrigued, and wanting more of Me! It’s a dream come true for COCK-SUCKERS, cock-lovers, trance-junkies, losers, wankers, cum sluts, fetishists, pay pigs & My devoted slaves. you’ll hear My voice ringing in your ears all through the day & all through the night. What are you waiting for? Put your headphones on & ENJOY! BUY NOW!

Contains: multiple layers, subliminal programing, post hypnotic suggestions, triggers, brainwave beats, etc., 48:00 minutes



What exactly is ASMR? Simply put, another thing for Me to exploit – you experience it, you crave it AND I can create it… Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, has been described as a pleasurable and calming tingling sensation in the back of ones head which spreads down your spine to the rest of your body; and is often called a “brain orgasm”. This type of experience can be TRIGGERED by a variety of things, just like everything else, depending on the individual person. For now I am ONLY interested in the finger nail tapping phenomena which can produce such neurological response. Perhaps at a later time I will focus on others specifically, since I have been using them covertly, off and on, to manipulate you in ALL My hypnotic videos. Ha!

Lengthy descriptions aside, most commonly, ASMR can be brought on by listening to a certain frequency of tapping (or whatever else), and act like a relentless and at times monotonous beat, which in turn resonates in your brain, relaxing you and ULTIMATELY hypnotizing you into a trance state without you even realizing it. How is this possible? Well, we all have our own range of likes and dislikes, and there are certain individuals that seem to have developed a different pattern of pleasure stimulation than what is accepted as typical, hence so many different fetishists arise among us. This is yet another example of how human brains are fantastically complex, as well as weird, can short circuit, and are susceptible to manipulation.

Since I have been getting many requests for nail tapping lately, (funny how trends affect fetishes), and since I enjoy teasing you with My beautiful talons, as I mind-fuck you, I decided to honor your requests with another mesmerizing video. Enjoy!

ASMR Nail Tapping Brain Orgasm video clip

I am your Goddess, you are My slave. This is specifically for My TAPPING & FINGER NAILs fetishists! Watch Me tapping and scratching. The scratching is random and there is different styles of tapping on many different surfaces. IF nail tapping is a go-to trigger for you, then you will find this very relaxing, entrancing and exciting to watch and listen to. I know many have been obsessing over My elegant, slim, perfect pale hands and perfect LONG NAILS that are so mesmerizing to watch. you crave to hear the sound of My nails tapping & scratching on wooden table, plastic, metal, glass, etc. There is also some scratching on books, some light short tapping, and lots of slow hard tapping with My LONG freshly done FRENCH MANICURED NAILS. Tapping and scratching together will give you the ULTIMATE tingles, you know what that feels like, and you will find yourself sweetly seduced by My magical TALONS, your brain experiencing sensation overload. The pure power will leave you feeling weak, confused, intrigued, and wanting more of Me! The video ends with a BANG! I recommend that you put your headphones on.

Diabolical Evil Goddess


Go ahead, OPEN IT! Hahaha, what? Are you afraid of your desires?

“There is no good… There is no evil. There is ONLY flesh.”

Call Button

It’s time for you to explore in the further regions of experience… pain and pleasure, the two mixing together, indivisible. you will sacrifice your pride, as I drain your soul and your wallet. I know you’re so eager to play, yet, so reluctant to admit it… your mind is weak, and your flesh is aching to be used – just the way I like you. SO, what’s your pleasure slave? What will I do to you? Whatever it is, I will enjoy making you enjoy it. After all, I have eternity to know your flesh. Don’t resist, there is no escaping Me… “I have centuries to discover the things that make you whimper.” Why resist? you love this as much as I do. After all, you came to Me. That is why you are here. Shall w/We begin? The time is NOW. Call or request a cam session. 

“The mind is a labyrinth, … a puzzle. And while the paths of the brain are plainly visible, its ways deceptively apparent, its destinations are unknown. Its secrets still secret. And, if we are honest, it is the lure of the labyrinth that draws us to our chosen field to unlock those secrets. Others have been here before us and have left us signs, but we, as explorers of the mind, must devote our lives and energies to going further to tread the unknown corridors in order to find ultimately, the final solution. We have to see, we have to know…” ~ Hellraiser

Divine Vampire Goddess

Femme Fatale Vamp

Lose your soul & your wallet to this Dark & Seductive Femme-Fatale Vamp!

There is only one path for you… SUBMISSION.

Strict, Serious, Cruel & Seductive MindFuck for the Weak submissive.

Call GODDESS MIDNIGHT for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

Webcam Worship | Femdom Goddess | Dominant Mistress | Smoking | Foot Fetish | MindFuck | Humiliation | Confession | Financial Domination | Ignore Line


It’s FINALLY here!


Final Countdown: HYPNO JOI


For ALL of you who have been waiting patiently and/or begging Me to allow you release from My Hypnotic Chastity! This is a FOLLOW UP hypnotic file to the BODY installment of My Hypnotic Trilogy, where you will be able to FINALLY experience a mind blowing RELEASE, and the relaxation and peace of mind/body that comes with it. I will recondition your body to respond to My EROTIC voice and TEASE & SEDUCE you. (Via SEXY sounds and erotic undertones!!!) you will slip deeper and deeper under My spell, as I reinforce links and set you up for a mind-fucking orgasm, describing in DETAIL what your future ORGASM with Me will feel like, while you’re EDGING. Once you’re totally AROUSED I will count you down form 10 to 1… AND When I am counting you down to orgasm – you will release ONLY when you HEAR the FINAL COUNTDOWN, and I give you permission. Upon hearing the final countdown you WILL AUTOMATICALLY awake feeling WEAK, DRAINED and at peace, AND you will remember the details of this trance, and you will remember EVERY sensation that your body has experienced. IN TOTAL: Pt1 & Pt2 = *36 minutes long

Listen to My voice GUIDE you, seduce you & hypnotize you! It’s soo simple, it’s soo easy to become enslaved by My Power! And the best part is – you can listen to it over, and over, and over. What are you waiting for? Put your headphones on! ENJOY!

Final COUNTDOWN: Part 1

Final COUNTDOWN: Part 2



Testament to My greatness!


Before diving into My world of hypnotic control and domination, it would be wise for potential clients to get acquainted with My voice and My style. That is why I decided to create the Hypnotic INDUCTION. This is a basic, but very effective audio file, which will inspire you to take the next step on a journey of submitting to Me – your NEW hypno GODDESS. It will allow your conscious MIND to “sleep”, and your SUBconscious mind to focus and listen to Me as I ease you down, deeper and deeper into hypnotic trance state, and count you deep down into that part of your mind where everything else vanishes, except My voice, leaving your mind open to explore all kinds of possibilities and experiences in a place where your mind and My voice are ONE. (May be listened to as a precursor to any of My future recordings, or on its own to unwind, focus and deeply relax, as you drift into slumber and let go of any conscious control of your mind).


In NO time you’ll be begging Me to allow you to view My cam, and you’ll be licking the screen as you worship My Glorious Goddess Feet! Remember to have My CAM ID BEFORE you contact Me AND be ready to KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!


Sounds like another satisfied/addicted costumer! Ha. Hypnotized. Mesmerized. Entranced. Mindfucked. Under My Spell. And how delicious, mmm… Who’s next? CLICK The Hypnotic Trilogy: Mind | Body | Soul and experience My Supreme Power, as I devour your already weak and easily susceptible mind. Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing to be afraid of… or is there?

Fan Mail: Hypno slave

…submissive man who is aching to surrender…

I have put a lot of thought, and time into designing My Hypnotic Trilogy, and I have structured each recording in a very real hypnosic progression, so that it would take you deep into trance and open your mind, affecting you in a positive way towards Me and My spellbinding voice… allowing you to relax and enjoy the trance state. Think of Me as your training program, running in the back of your mind, overriding your flaccid advances. I have spent some time, over the past few months, studying various techniques, and combined them into one that fits My mermerizing style… Once I finish with your mind, your body will beg for My voice to caress over you, in anticipation for Me to soothe and take your soul.


The Hypnotic Trilogy: MIND, BODY, SOUL

Since it’s release, The Hypnotic Trilogy audio recordings are My top seller. This ONLY confirms My suspicions that the world is full of submissive men who are aching to surrender… and are willing to offer their mind, body and soul to experiment with, IF it will allow them to experience the Supreme Mystery and Ecstasy that can ONLY be found in Goddess Worship.

These recordings will indoctrinate you to My Superior Will. Think of it as a corrective therapy via erotic enchantment, where I enter your brain – make the necessary changes and ultimately modify your behavior using intense hypnotic mind controlling entrancement. Also, these recordings are designed specifically for those who wish to DEEPEN their surrender to Moi. Focus, relax, and allow My spellbinding words to flow deeply into the core of your mind, your body and your soul. you claim to want to be My slave, you chose Me to take control over you… Great! Now you will do this right, listen to these files, responding to My authority, understanding your place, and learn how to please Me. My bewitching tone will seduce you to complete and total surrender. SUBMISSION is the only path for you. Come to Me… Follow. Accept. Submit. Obey. you’ll try and resist, finding yourself coming back increasingly aroused, again, and again, and again… only to find yourself happily following My commands.


slave training: MIND

slave training: BODY

slave training: SOUL

SLAVE TRAINING KIT: The Hypnotic Trilogy: Mind | Body | Soul includes: neo ritual, individual indoctrination, mesmerizing vocal triggers, direct and subliminal commands, post-hypnotic suggestions, repetitive mind-fucking orders, long inductions, arousal and denial, cerebral surrender, deepening, layering, stereo surround, custom sound frequencies, echo, perceptual isolation, vocal effects, hypnotic suggestions, mantras, indoctrinations, gospels, erotic trances, control, tranceformation, slave training, reprograming, brainwave » » » » more


Indeed, I am the center of My universe, and any man who wishes to orbit around Me MUST adhere to this idea, and his words & actions must reflect this fact… Any contact with Me MUST be immaculate, IF one wishes to get noticed. In the case of email writing, I really wish more individuals would learn the art of eloquent writing as one of My prospects has, and therefore is worth noting. Perhaps it is innate in him? Alas, the majority is drowning in » » » » more


Hypnotic Goddess: Look Into My Eyes

“Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

I am the High Priestess of My Demonic Gospel, and THE Goddess. While I was away on My Sabbatical for most of last year, (and some of this year) I’ve done a lot of thinking about many different things, and sharpening My skills AND My claws. Among other things, I decided to start implementing a different approach and usurp My control over your weak mind by focusing mainly on psychological dominance, skillful thought management and start utilizing on a regular basis trance inductions and hypnotic audio recordings in My exclusive slave training. NOW I am ready to take you deeper through My hypnotic INDOCTRINATION – get ready to look into the darkness and see the light…. Indeed, I am your Illuminatrix.

I hear this so very often – you want to submit, but . . .  you’re feeling insecure, you’re inadequate, you’re afraid, you find Me just too intimidating. You want to surrender to Me, but you just don’t know how, and you are afraid. Afraid of My control, of My power, and of your own twisted desires. you are unsure of what to do and/or you do not know how to submit. So I decided to make it really easy for you. Hence, The Hypnotic (slave Training) Trilogy. » » » » more


“Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.” – The Matrix

The Power of Mesmerism

Just as in the Matrix, so is in hypnosis – and you have to experience it for yourself to know what it’s like. Although many are not aware of it even when it is happening… I don’t practice traditional hypnosis, and certainly am not interested in hypnotherapy as in therapy of a subject – I simply don’t care for it. I am interested in mind-control, and injecting My Will via the power of suggestions into your already weak brain. Think of Me as your training program, running in the back of your mind, overriding your flaccid advances. My interests lay in channelling of a mysterious “occult” force, transcendental illusions and hypnotic spells – using My natural magnetism and raw charisma to mind-fuck you into submission. For the inquiring minds who wish to know – I follow the school of thought termed “Mesmerism”, and not so much the traditional hypnosis, the Eriksonian hypnotherapy, or Neuro-linguistic Programming, etc., although I will use whatever I find useful to further My agenda.

“Magnetism can be compared to a sixth sense. The senses are neither defined nor described. They are rather felt. One cannot explain to a blind man what colours are. One would need for him to be able to “feel” them, that is, to see them. The same holds true for magnetism. It must be mainly transmitted through inward feeling. It is only feeling that can make the theory of it understandable.” – Franz Mesmer

Hypnotism: Goddess takes control

My intention is to induce within you a magnetic trance state of automatic reactions where I’ll have access to your true inner self, your inner reality, and where I can control the slave within you. And that is exactly what you crave… Consequently, there seems to be an increase in the hype of hypnosis, the pendulum swings – the Zeitgeist is upon us, once again… While many practice and enjoy it’s effects, others maintain that there is no clear evidence for whether ‘hypnosis’ actually exists as a definable phenomenon outside of ordinary suggestion, preconceived high motivation and subject expectancy of what the “hypnotic trance” or an “altered state of consciousness” will entail; as well as (in the case of hypno-fetishist) the desire to give up control. In My opinion – whatever it is IT does not matter, and is best characterized by the motto “Causa latet, vis est notissima” (“The cause is hidden, but its effect is well known“). It’s been shown, time and time again, that we can be easily deceived by our own mind, and overrule logic when confronted with an effective illusion.

Weak male brain: MINDFUCKI will exploit the fact that there is NOT a single teaching worth its salt found anywhere at any point in human history that has not been corrupted and distorted by the passage of time, and overshadowed by biased and bogus research. Yet, the desire to transcend the perceived reality around us drives the human mind to explore alternate realities, even if it’s all masked by sensational trivia and sophistry. In such climate, for Me the possibilities are endless, because in the landscape of your mind – I can build anything I desire. Perceived reality is manipulated and illusion is perpetrated as truth. In the realm of the mind, the subjective thought-forms generated by it change the objective outcome according to the specific internal sequence that is switched on. And while you’re in a trance state, I will determine what will be switched off and on, filling the void within you… Illuminating you to My Truth and My Intent. While I allow you to transcend the illusion of your limitations that have been perviously indoctrinated by your surroundings into your impotent mind.

“What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” – The Matrix


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Call GODDESS MIDNIGHT for phone sex on Niteflirt.com
Call GODDESS MIDNIGHT for phone sex on Niteflirt.com
Call GODDESS MIDNIGHT for phone sex on Niteflirt.com


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