Diabolical Evil Goddess


Go ahead, OPEN IT! Hahaha, what? Are you afraid of your desires?

“There is no good… There is no evil. There is ONLY flesh.”

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It’s time for you to explore in the further regions of experience… pain and pleasure, the two mixing together, indivisible. you will sacrifice your pride, as I drain your soul and your wallet. I know you’re so eager to play, yet, so reluctant to admit it… your mind is weak, and your flesh is aching to be used – just the way I like you. SO, what’s your pleasure slave? What will I do to you? Whatever it is, I will enjoy making you enjoy it. After all, I have eternity to know your flesh. Don’t resist, there is no escaping Me… “I have centuries to discover the things that make you whimper.” Why resist? you love this as much as I do. After all, you came to Me. That is why you are here. Shall w/We begin? The time is NOW. Call or request a cam session. 

“The mind is a labyrinth, … a puzzle. And while the paths of the brain are plainly visible, its ways deceptively apparent, its destinations are unknown. Its secrets still secret. And, if we are honest, it is the lure of the labyrinth that draws us to our chosen field to unlock those secrets. Others have been here before us and have left us signs, but we, as explorers of the mind, must devote our lives and energies to going further to tread the unknown corridors in order to find ultimately, the final solution. We have to see, we have to know…” ~ Hellraiser