Whatever The Goddess Wants…

There’s nothing better then waking up to money in My account or My mailbox. It was a super busy day today! Lots of new boys trying to impress Me & tributing using My preferred payment processors. Keep it up! I am ALWAYS feeling very GREEDY and whatever I want – I get. And what I want is your cold, hard cash. Nickels & dimes won’t do, save them for someone who needs ’em.

I WANT you to work hard & pay hard ☛ Cash or credit – it don’t matter! I want it ALL! It’s NEVER enough. Remember: without tributes from you to Me, W/we simply do not have a relationship, & you do not exist. Spend more, feed your addiction & make Me happy! your money IS rightfully Mine & IF you boys want My attention you know what you have to do to get it ☛ Pay to wank, and stop kidding yourself. Show your appreciation & like a good little piggy spoil your Goddess with cash tributes, credit cards and gifts! Start here ☛ KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!

Once in a great while I will give scraps of attention to non-tributing slaves, BUT you better have immaculate manners, find other ways to serve/benefit Me & know proper protocol when you approach Me. As for the rest of the wannabes and chronic wankers: tributing is the ONLY way to gain My attention.

Lots of NEW things are in the works for this month, a few NEW custom clips are coming up. Will probably edit & post them tomorrow, so stay tuned & in the meantime shop My clips4sale & complete your collection – it pleases you to please Me.