Venus in Furs

“You do not know Me yet. I admit that I am Cruel… but am I not entitled to be so? It is man who desires, woman who is desired; this is woman’s entire but decisive advantage. By making man so vulnerable to his passion, nature has placed him at woman’s mercy, and the woman who has not the sense to treat him like a humble subject, a slave, a plaything, and finally to betray him with a laughter – well, she is a woman of little wisdom.”

Venus in Furs ~ Leopold von Sacher-Masoch


This once banned classic and infamous erotic novel, has been one of My favorite works of literature ever since I first read it back when I was a teenage Bitch. In this novella, Sacher-Masoch expresses his fantasies and fetishes, especially his fascination and sexual obsession with dominant women wearing fur. Mmm, fur… Yes, I wear fur, real fur! When I was a little girl I had a rabbit fur jackets – this is what keeps one warm in the frigid, cold winters in Carpathian Mountains. The ultra soft fur was delightful and I really loved that little jacket… Since then I’ve owned many furs, from many other animals and enjoyed wearing them just as much as I did that first one. I’ll admit, My love for wearing fur is self-indulgent & extravagant, but also it feels so right. Too bad for you, but I will not go naked – I rather wear fur!

As for the story of Venus in Furs – some of the ideas are outdated and some do not reflect what I believe, though some certainly do. If you allow for the fact that it was written so long ago and in a different culture, it still seems like a plausible account of how a Mistress/slave relationship might have evolved at the time, since it even contains a negotiation and a contract, and is similar to what you may find in real life female dominant relationships today… Severin is a wannabe sexual masochist, longing to be dominated by a beautiful and cruel sex-goddess. He meets his dream girl Wanda – who he slowly seduces into satisfying his masochistic sexual desires. Wanda is hesitant at first, then really begins to enjoy the role of cruel dominatrix, to the point that she makes him her total slave.

The obsessive fantasy to be enslaved and brutalized by the woman he loves becomes a cruel reality for poor old Severin. As beautiful Wanda slowly becomes thrilled and captivated by the notion of fulfilling her role in his fantasy, a role that previously made her shrug and laugh, she eventually transforms herself into the controlling dominatrix of Severin’s dreams – by becoming more ideal at the sadomasochistic lifestyle than he had ever dreamed was possible. As Severin becomes the ever so content and happy slave, this tug-of-war between self-esteem and power begins to twist and turn with the psychological games played out between the two. Eventually her sadism far surpass his masochism, causing him to re-think his lust-affair with masochism. In the end he decides that maybe things would have worked out better if he had whipped her into submission, instead of the other way around. Ha! Silly Severin – just like a typical male. Keep dreaming.

Written more than a hundred years ago, this psychodrama of love, bound by the perverted desires of one men, and the demon lying dormant within the woman, is a wonderful example of – be careful what you ask for – because you might just get it! Ha! Yeah, as if – dream on losers! The only way you’ll ever get close to being a slave to this Goddess is by tributing, worshiping and obeying. I know the value of what I do – here I am offering you so much more then just another way to get off, here is your chance to finally truly serve and worship like the humble, obedient slave that you’ve fantasized and yearned for years to become. Here’s your chance to prove yourself! And that is PRICELESS! ☛ KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!

“…Whoever allows himself to be whipped deserves to be whipped…”