The Time to serve is NOW

Divine Foot Goddess

Worship at My feet!

Strive to please your Goddess! I luv prepaid, scheduled in advance sessionsgifts ☛ every wannabe slave ought to have the good sense to follow suit. It pleases Me to know that you respect My time & appreciate My limited schedule. There is soo many of you out there, clones, carbon copies, wannabes – but only ONE of Me. you come to Me because you need Me, you’re obsessed with Me, with each time you visit My website you become more & more addicted. you want to be My slave, My servant – well, here’s a hint – I value ONLY those subs who are truly selfless, and who are ready & able to give, and expect nothing in return. Remember, SERVITUDE means regular weekly sessions, weekly tributes, total obedience, & constant display of your usefulness to Me. Thank Me for being so generous and allowing you to worship Me by providing you with quality content, as I perfect My brand of Hypnotic Domination & expand My Internet Presence over you.

Too shy to call Me? Feeling intimidated & inadequate? No problem, send tribute & worship from afar. Collect ALL of My video clips, and obsess over them – just as I know you will anyway.

I know I am Fabulous and you can not take your eyes off Me, I see you lurking around, stalking My webpages, My free chatroom, My video clip previews, listening to My free voice samples, obsessing over My youTube channel, clicking on My NF listings, hanging on My every word I post on tweeter… Well – it’s time for you to step up. you watch, you listen, you stroke but you haven’t paid for the privilege. The time to serve is NOW. Here is your chance to redeem yourself – impress Me, stand out from the herd – make yourself noticed and at the same time make yourself useful. Don’t dream about being a slave – become one. The larger your tribute, the more pleased I’ll be with you and your progress as My servant. Otherwise you do not exist in My world – you will be ignored. It’s really simple – without tributes from you to Me, W/we simply do not have a relationship. I DO NOT give attention to cheap, broke, half-ass submissive wannabes who like to b.s. – I will NOT play nickel & dime games with you, if that is all you can be & afford – I suggest you go and find someone else to play with.

Glorious Foot Worship

Kneel, Worship & Pay!

Make no mistake about it – I am here to control your mind, your dick and your wallet! Get weak, get used & maybe get off. The Narcissistic Financial Sadist SheDevil will manipulate you, will tease you & will exploit you. Without a doubt, I will add spice to your otherwise boring life. And ULTIMATELY you will love it! Above all I will ALWAYS demand more. Tribute more, click here – do it now. I make this so easy for you. Remember – the gift of Money ALWAYS makes Me happy, you can never go wrong there. you are here to GIVE, surrender, work hard & TRY to entertain Me. And I am here to take, to test your limits & to demand more from you. Nickels and dimes DO NOT please Me, and NO it is not enough, it is NEVER enough – ask yourself: can you survive on nickles and dimes? can you live a life of leisure on nickles and dimes? Do a few small tributes and cheap shoes show Me how you work hard to please Me? NO, don’t be silly! If that is all you got – then that is just not enough, and too bad. Try some other “domme” who demands less of you. I make it VERY CLEAR who I am ☛ I am the Alpha FinDomme Queen – Superior & Entitled. And what I offer is Domination & Fetish Exploitation for the few & far between, the 1% – you MUST be educated, accomplished, generous, humble & above all have a NEED to serve & worship a True Dominant Goddess; you must toe the mark & walk the line, IF NOT – then move on. As I’ve mentioned before – 99% of slaves do not interest Me. And I am 100% out for Myself, however, if you know the proper way to approach Me & can benefit Me, in the long run you might benefit as well. NEXT!