The Goddess is Expanding Her Realm!

I am Expanding My Empire in the Realm of Internet Presence & I am looking for a few true submissives to add to My exclusive harem. I am ONLY interested in the TOP 1% of male subs who are educated, accomplished, generous, humble & above all those who have a NEED to serve & worship a True Dominant Goddess. Naturally My personality is of an Alpha Female – despotic, controlling & demanding. I identify Myself as a Goddess, simply because I do not recognize any other higher entity then Me in My World. That “higher power” that I tap into comes from within Me. All empirical arguments & delusions of grandeur aside, I possess that certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes others weak with curiosity, mesmerized, and unable to resist the desire to know Me. I know I am Superior – I am cultured & cruel, a Bitch with brains & beauty, and yes C’est un Snob & Narcissist. I am naturally in love with Myself and I expect you to be too!

As I evolve, I perfect My Own brand of Domination. Naturally, I command respect and attention from men simply because of who I am, how I conduct Myself and what I stand for. I know I am dark, mysterious & hypnotic, effortlessly mesmerizing you, intimidating you & constantly peeking your curiosity. I initially started out as a classically trained RT Dominatrix, but now I am interested in very little physical domination. Though I still enjoy giving your backside a good old fashion whipping now and then. However I am not really interested in any of the traditional BDSM “play scenes” or settings. I am NOT into ridiculous over-the-top shit, honestly the novelty of that has long worn off & now it only bores Me – NOW I want to get into your head – I am entertained by your fetish confessions, and I enjoy Mind-Fucking you into submission. IF your weakness/fetish happens to fit into who I am, My moods and the fetish fashions that I enjoy at the moment, I will happily use them to My benefit. Lucky for you some of the fetishes that arouse & excite you are an interest of Mine and therefore I have learned to profit from your weaknesses. When I ask you what is your fetish and/or what are you into, I do it so to assess you and what your definition of being a slave is. I am sincere and accommodating to a point, but do not ever mistake that for gullibility & naïveté. I assure you I am NEITHER. I am not here to take orders from anyone, I am here to command your attention, test your limits and demand more from you. In the end what I do depends entirely on My moods, My interests & My pleasures. In short My Interests Include: Moi Et Moi Même, and ways in which I can enrich My life!

I prefer true submissives: generous, compliant, and consistent that long to be at the foot of a Superior Elite Goddess such as Myself. they should either put a lot of time into pleasing Me, or spend a significant amount of money on Me, preferably both. I am the ultimate combination of Eroticism, Fetishism, and Perversion in the flesh, and I Dominate “men” simply because I get a kick out of making you weak bitches crawl on your knees, beg Me, worship Me, tribute Me and degrade yourselves for My amusement. I will take you away from your mundane reality, out of the vanilla world, and give you a taste of the dark & devious, a world you only fantasize about – a world where you embrace your submissive nature and surrender, serve and worship Me as your Higher Power and your Only True Goddess.

I understand that the key to this Fetish is finding someone who feels worthy of your worship and admiration. That is exactly what it ought to be about. Unfortunately, that seems hard to do, especially in this day and age of online domination – saturated with insta dommes, concept dommes, pseudo mistresses, and impostor goddesses. Finding your Dream Woman to Worship, in My Superior opinion should entail more then trolling from site to site looking over the free photos and collecting wanking material. Also I am aware that a horny man is generally a stupid man, and that in itself does NOT mean he’s deeply submissive or eager to serve, also having a fetish does NOT equal submission. Therefore you MUST have that deep desire to surrender & worship a Superior Female, you must understand that you as an inferior male are here to serve, worship & obey – only then you will give into your natural submission and surrender to the ULTIMATE GODdess. Make yourself stand out and be as useful to Me as possible – step up, work hard, spoil Me, and keep Me entertained & interested. Sacrifice and show your love and adoration for Me! This is what I expect & it is required IF you wish to be a part of My exclusive harem.

In traditional terms I am a lifestyle Domme and a FinDomme Mistress. However, I prefer to be known as a lifestyle Goddess. I derive great pleasure from men worshiping the ground I walk on. While I do enjoy many kinds of servitude, My main preference is Financial servitude. Yes, I am greedy & demanding. My favorite type of slave is one who offers Me the kind of worship they would offer a True Deity, and who sees their time worshiping Me as a religious experience. Domination is simply the natural way of life for Me, and I take great pleasure in exploiting men, and using them for My personal benefit & profit. Over time I become your addiction, and your religion – My phone lines are your confessional. you worship at the alter of your new-found Goddess & tribute money for the collection plate, so that I can live a more carefree & luxurious life, and also in hopes that I might answer a few of your exclusive prayers. While you continue working hard to keep your Goddess high up on Her pedestal, finding new ways to appease, amuse and please Her. your reward is direct contact and attention for as long as you work hard, serve proper & tribute Me. I take from you because Financial Domination is one of the truest, purest & deepest forms of submission. Power, Control and Money go hand in hand. This is My BDSM/Financial Domination hybrid for the new millennium. And online distance training of any kind is available ONLY to those who tribute. No exceptions.

I know what I want, and I only recognize the existence of men who are willing and able to follow My Way and My Rules. If you are anything less than what I expect & require – I will test you and when you fail, I will dismiss you. However, if you think you got what it takes, IF you feel that you are in that TOP 1% you may try your luck and contact Me. Submit, serve & obey. The best approach for a new potential slave is to send a tribute or giftcard along with an email introducing yourself & describing how badly you want to serve and what you have to offer, and why I should consider you. IF I find you adequate enough I will guide & control the rest from there. Actions speak louder then words, and I prefer quality submissives over half-ass throw away dime a dozen bitch boys & slave wannabes. Realize that in serving & pleasing your Mistress, as a true submissive & ideal slave ought to – you find happiness – even if you don’t get to live your every fantasy. you ought to feel compelled to give to Me, to sacrifice for Me, and constantly show devotion. Ideally, over time you will only be able to find pleasure & self-worth through being My slave and making Me happy. And since I am a Demanding & Greedy Goddess I am always ready for more sacrifice – be it mental, emotional or financial. If this does not sound like you – then you are NOT a true submissive, and certainly you are NOT a slave for Me.

It comes down to the ones who can stand out from the herd, get My attention, and please Me. Remember: I am your Superior & Entitled Goddess – there is only Me, and what matters are: My needs & My wants, and whatever they may be – it is up to you to fulfill them, or you do not exist! Simple. KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY! Most subs and slaves DON’T interest Me, because I believe they are not real slaves and not really submissive. Therefore I will not invest any time into you until you prove yourself worthy of My time, and the ONLY way you can do this is by tribute. I hear “slaves” say “Goddess i am here to serve, “i will do anything for You” “i want to be owned”  every day I am online. The first instruction I give is GO to, & set up an account. Purchase My Cam ID, read the Rules enclosed and follow them. This is the 1st step you take on your way to becoming a slave of Mine. IF you can not or will not do this very simple task – know that I will NOT take you seriously. Period.

Being a slave is not about pleasing yourself or some pathetic sexual fantasy. submission DOES NOT mean jerking your weenie to free photos or videos, fantasizing that you are a useful, loyal servant, and calling it worship. IT is, however, serving your Mistress and doing everything to please Her NOT yourself – I know where I stand, and My pedestal is high up above you – so don’t EVER ask Me what will I do for you – ask Me what you can do for Me – My answer will always be: KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY! Remember – asking to serve without sending tribute shows lack of initiative, laziness and neediness on your part. And the larger the tribute the more pleased I will be with you. Here is your chance to finally serve & worship, like the humble obedient slave you’ve yearned for years to become, here’s your chance to prove yourself. Impress Me!