Indeed, I am the center of My universe, and any man who wishes to orbit around Me MUST adhere to this idea, and his words & actions must reflect this fact… Any contact with Me MUST be immaculate, IF one wishes to get noticed. In the case of email writing, I really wish more individuals would learn the art of eloquent writing as one of My prospects has, and therefore is worth noting. Perhaps it is innate in him? Alas, the majority is drowning in mediocrity and their emails are total shit, that is why they go unanswered. Ha!

Let this be an example of what type of emails I expect, when you finally gather up enough courage to address Me. Read, pay attention to: content, capitalization, punctuation, and any other part of orthography that so many of you are careless with, and learn puppets, so that in the future you’ll be more likely to avoid total failure… there might be hope for you too.


Hail Divine Incarnation of Heartlessness and Perverse Wisdom,

It is well worth saying You had set the pace once again. 

Sublime Glowing Morning Star. . 

Your “Her Spell-binging Words” bulletin, posted on June the 21st, does not only brilliantly word Your Diabolic, Enchanting Thoughts, in addition, it makes gala of the accurate way to pursue what Your Superior Will aims to, THE TOTAL CONTROL of your fortunate devotees. . 

You make me dream of a Satanic Witch turning Her victims into helpless marionettes while pronouncing black magic lashing words, using Her Divine voice as voodoo needles being spiked into every one´s brain. . 

my soul certainly postrates everyday before Your Royal Highness and praise Your Demonic Gospel. . 

i do thank the Universe for The Blessing of Your Graceful Existence and for my good luck to find You, Glorious Illuminatrix,

The One and Only, So Beautiful Goddess Midnight.




Not everyone is worth the time, nor the effort and I certainly don’t want nor care to give attention to EVERY fool that sends Me an instant message, or email. Also, I am certain that such wonderful example, as the one above, won’t be enough to make the idiots and “slave wannabes” change their pathetic ways, their small minds are most likely only capable of writing lame one sentence messages, as they have proven themselves again and again. Oh well. Perhaps My expectations for them are too great. Prove Me wrong, that is IF you can…

As for the rest of you: tributing is the ONLY way to gain My attention. Those tired, same-old lame one liners won’t do – so all you self-proclaimed submissives, slave wannabes, wankers, stalkers, fetishists, fans, etc., IF you wish for any recognition, you’ll need to make it more intellectually stimulating for Me. Yeah, that’s right – put some thought into it. Step up and stand out. Better yet, actions speak louder then words, so compliment Me by sending tributes, giftcards, gifts ☛ TRIBUTES for the Goddess!