Before diving into My world of hypnotic control and domination, it would be wise for potential clients to get acquainted with My voice and My style. That is why I decided to create the Hypnotic INDUCTION. This is a basic, but very effective audio file, which will inspire you to take the next step on a journey of submitting to Me – your NEW hypno GODDESS. It will allow your conscious MIND to “sleep”, and your SUBconscious mind to focus and listen to Me as I ease you down, deeper and deeper into hypnotic trance state, and count you deep down into that part of your mind where everything else vanishes, except My voice, leaving your mind open to explore all kinds of possibilities and experiences in a place where your mind and My voice are ONE. (May be listened to as a precursor to any of My future recordings, or on its own to unwind, focus and deeply relax, as you drift into slumber and let go of any conscious control of your mind).


In NO time you’ll be begging Me to allow you to view My cam, and you’ll be licking the screen as you worship My Glorious Goddess Feet! Remember to have My CAM ID BEFORE you contact Me AND be ready to KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!