Sounds like another satisfied/addicted costumer! Ha. Hypnotized. Mesmerized. Entranced. Mindfucked. Under My Spell. And how delicious, mmm… Who’s next? CLICK The Hypnotic Trilogy: Mind | Body | Soul and experience My Supreme Power, as I devour your already weak and easily susceptible mind. Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing to be afraid of… or is there?

Fan Mail: Hypno slave

…submissive man who is aching to surrender…

I have put a lot of thought, and time into designing My Hypnotic Trilogy, and I have structured each recording in a very real hypnosic progression, so that it would take you deep into trance and open your mind, affecting you in a positive way towards Me and My spellbinding voice… allowing you to relax and enjoy the trance state. Think of Me as your training program, running in the back of your mind, overriding your flaccid advances. I have spent some time, over the past few months, studying various techniques, and combined them into one that fits My mermerizing style… Once I finish with your mind, your body will beg for My voice to caress over you, in anticipation for Me to soothe and take your soul.