I am always delighted to hear from My fans and submissives that they enjoy My hypnotic voice recordings… I have put a lot of thought and energy into producing these recordings, so I am not surprised that you are benefitting from them – that was My intention, one way or another. Ha! Since I really enjoy making audio recordings, and infusing them with My hypnotic power… I plan on producing more mesmerizing files in the future. Below you’ll find just another testament to My greatness. My voice will relax you and put you at ease, taking you into a deep relaxed sleep… Entranced. Hypnotized. Mesmerized. Under My Spell.

Relax and Let Go: Hypno Goddess

Perhaps I should produce a series of audio files for those of you who are frequent flyers, entitles Flying High with Goddess Midnight: Under Her Black Wings – Hahaha! Perhaps I will. Or NOT. For now, visit My NiteFlirt page for the BEST of My HYPNOTIC files, and  My Clips4Sale store for ALL of My HYPNOTIC files.

P.S. IF you’d like to relieve the stress associated with flying, (or whatever else that ails) you are welcomed to send in your requests for personalized recordings. My voice will relax you and will melt away any of those little shards of distress that you might have, and in no time you’ll grow to enjoy the experience Under My Black Wings.