Redefined: Online Mistress/slave relationship

Worship at My heel.

The main thing that I’ve learned from being online for the past few years – is that ALL men: submissive and otherwise RAREY do what they say they will, and do not have the foresight to do what is expected of them. Be it in a long-term type of scenario or short-term session. The self proclaimed so-called subs, slave wannabes, or whatever else they like to call themselves ALWAYS turn out, in one way or another, insincere and disappointing. Bottom line: It’s a façade, and it’s all BS! you wonder why I’m Heartless, why I don’t take you seriously and why I don’t give a fuck about you, or what you say? Here’s your answer: Needless to say, most “subs” and “slaves” DON’T interest Me, because I believe they are NOT real slaves and not really submissive. Therefore I will not invest any of My time into you until you prove yourself worthy of My time, and the ONLY way you can do this is by Tribute. That’s right – you PAY for My attention. your initial tribute lets Me know that you’re serious about serving Me. Otherwise, I will not seriously consider you as a candidate for a slave until you have submitted your initial tribute. And thereafter you’re only as interesting to Me as your last tribute. Money talks. Period.

Pay attention loser – this may be the only chance someone like you will get to have contact with someone like Me. I am ONE of a kind, in a class by Myself. So don’t fuck it up! I am so fucking BORED with all the lame-ass, whiney, shit-for-brains, common, cliché-loser subs, slave-wannabes, self-serving fetishists, fake-fucks, etc. The internet is saturated with socially inept losers, clueless imbeciles and worthless lurkers looking for a quick fix and a handout, trying to pass themselves off as someone genuine and worthwhile. The truth is you’re all despicable sluts, filthy, pussy-whipped, stroke-addicted wankers! I know you’re sitting there playing with your pathetic excuse for a dick thinking about how much you wish you had a purpose. Though only about 1% of you can walk the line and toe the mark. Here’s some advice for you: Less talk and more action! Step up and make yourself useful, or simply fuck off. If you can’t fuck off because you’re too obsessed; and won’t make yourself useful because you’re just a self-serving fuck – blow your brains out! you’re a waste of time! Plain and simple. Oh you think that’s a bit harsh? Wake up bitch – you’ve entered My Domain, My World, with My Rules! I am not here to be nice, and tolerate your BS. If you are not pleasing Me then you are annoying Me, and I have no other use for you then to dismiss and dispose of you. I know I am Superior to you. I am Pure, unadulterated BITCH Goddess and I am certainly NOT desperate, I do not need you – I do not worry about keeping you as a “customer” because there are countless little wankers out there who want to worship Me, and WILL PAY. Therefore I can be as mean and choosy as I want. Deal with it!

your place is UNDER My heels!

No matter how much you may desire to serve Me, I have limited time and patience for you losers – you will ONLY be allowed to be in My presence if you amuse Me, and if you can benefit Me. Sending Me a simple message begging to serve Me will NOT do. Put some thought into it, and tell Me what you have to offer Me financially and/or amusement wise. Contrary to popular belief I am NOT here to entertain you, I am not here to come up with exciting new scenarios for you to act out, nor to show off for your pleasure. However – you are here to test your limits, amuse Me and see how useful you can prove yourself to be. Work hard, sacrifice and find out if you got what it takes to be My slave. The men who wish to contact Me MUST possess that secret desire to submit, to be owned, used, abused and be willing to serve Me – confess your secrets, embrace your submissive nature and I’ll take you beyond the limitations of your everyday masculine role. Ultimately you will comprehend the word Servitude and you will know your proper place in life. While I do enjoy many kinds of slaves and fetishes – Money slaves are My favorite! sissies, sluts and cam whores amuse Me, and I get a lot of satisfaction from sessioning with My foot-fetish fans, strap-on enthusiasts, and smoking fetish addicts. Online training of any kind is available ONLY to those who Tribute. I am very selective as to whom I will give attention to, so do not be surprised when I ignore you because you’ve failed to impress Me. Sessions with Me are a privilege, not a right.

Do your research before you attempt to contact Me. I suggest you read everything about Me on My website, learn who I am and what I am about. Get familiar with My brand of Domination – if you can not do this very simple research – don’t contact Me, you’ll just be wasting My time, and ultimately will be ignored. Everything that you need to know about Me, what is expected of My slaves, and what I think about all this online BDSM/Fetish phenomena is on here. READ IT! As much as I like to hear Myself talk, I do not like to repeat Myself for every lazy wanker who comes along. Do NOT waste My time by asking what I am going to do with you – what I do with My time and with the men who contact Me is ultimately none of your business, also it’s pretty fucking self explanatory. Be prepared to tribute before any such time wasting detailed discussions take place. What I do depends entirely upon My moods, My interests and My pleasures. Also, do not bore Me with your lame-ass excuses, and sappy loser stories as to why you cannot or will not tribute. I don’t care – come back when you’re ready.

Lets be clear: I am a FinDom Mistress, a lifestyle Domme and Ultimately the only GODdess in My World, and I have a NO BS policy. I’m here to profit off of you in any way that I can. Yes I am a Greedy Bitch, and I will manipulate you, I will tease you and exploit you. Why? Because I can, and I want! you pay Me to be allowed to spend time with Me, to talk to Me, to look at Me and to have Me acknowledge your existence. I am naturally Dominant and I will not be easily topped by your desperate, self-serving, weak advances. I know your game, and I will not be topped from the bottom. I have NO patience nor tolerance for men, BUT I thoroughly enjoy amusing Myself by Dominating them: playing off their sick and perverse fantasies and/or fetishes. Lucky for you the fetishes that arouse and excite you, are an interest of Mine and therefor I have learned to profit from your weaknesses. I do NOT switch or sub, am NOT interested in ridiculous over-the-top shit, will NOT tolerate bad manners and stupidity, NOT interested in free chat nor real time sessions. My time online is limited, valuable and does not come cheap. you will be respectful, and you will ALWAYS Tribute for the pleasure of having direct contact with Me. I expect ALL potential slaves, subs, sissies and sluts to know Proper Protocol before contacting Me. This is what I require – NO exceptions! Approach Me ONLY when you think you are truly ready, willing and able. In the meantime KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!