I am a PRO, I am a Domme & I have a no BS policy. I am, self admittedly, a Narcissistic ALPHA Bitch who enjoys using weak males, and ultimately I am here to profit off of you in any way that I can. I am naturally more Dominant and I will not be easily topped by your desperate, self serving, weak advances. Keep in mind – this is My choice in lifestyle, and yes My chosen profession, and I DO NOT play fetish/BDSM games for free. I am a classically train RT Dominatrix, and I have worked most of the cam/phone sites that are out there, and this is NOT My first time at the Rodeo. The rule is: you have to pay to play! Believe Me I know this game better then you do, I’ve been at it for years. Serious slaves, subs and fetishists know not to waste My time, and will Tribute 1st to show their interest and commitment. This is what I require – if you do not like it, then DO NOT contact Me!


I do NOT switch or sub, EVER, will NOT tolerate bad manners & stupidity, am NOT interested in free chat nor real time sessions. My time online is limited, and therefore valuable. you will be respectful, and you will ALWAYS Tribute. Again – I am a Pro Domme, if you contact Me, you will be treated as a submissive loser. I don’t care if you say that you’re not ‘really submissive’ or that you’re ‘not a slave’. I don’t care. I cater to submissive men ONLY, and once you enter My world – you are no exception! you’re welcome.