Sadistic FinDom Mistress

Yes, I am Bitchy, Sarcastic, Superior and Entitled. Practically Perfect in every way. Also, I am Narcissistic, Self-Obsessed and a Snob. Deal with it! I know that I embody the ideal combination of Exotic Beauty, Intelligence and Dominance – I wouldn’t be where I am if it was true otherwise. And it is painfully obvious that I do NOT need you to validate Me. However, you do NEED Me to control and guide you – and your reward will be My acknowledgment of your existence!

Think back – I am the Self-Obsessed Alpha Bitch in high school who never gave you the time of day… I am that Hot and In-Control Femme Fatale at the bar who looked right trough you without giving you a chance to say “hello”… I am that Beauty with Brains at work who always comes out on top and is forever out of your reach… yet now here is your chance to finally impress Me – here’s your chance to finally get noticed!

Lets face it – you need a FinDom Mistress in your life to control, guide and manipulate you. How do I know this? Well, lets look at your life and your core beliefs – you have a well paying and respectable job, on paper you are living the ‘american dream’, yet something is still missing, deep down inside you feel that serving is where you belong. you believe all women are Superior and therefore you already know you are beneath Me. you know this! you can not deny it! you look in the mirror everyday and see how pathetic and weak you really are, and when you look at Me you feel powerless, and like you would do anything to be at My feet serving all of My demands. Deep inside you are ready to worship and serve like the humble, obedient slave that you’ve fantasied and yearned for years to become. Here’s your chance.

It’s time for you to surrender – you need and want to surrender. you know this! you can not deny it! By the grace of Goddess that I truly am – I deserve your money more than you do loser. you will never have a woman like Me. I am ONE of a kind. you know this! you can not deny it! I am the Alpha FinDom Queen, and someone so weak, so pathetic, and so useless as you will never keep the attention of a woman like Me. The only way you can get My attention is to PAY for it, and pay you will. you know this! you can not deny it! I am here to be worshiped, served and obeyed as the Hypnotic Goddess that I am. Understand that you are here to be used, drained and taken for your money. Know that you could never please Me sexually, BUT you can try to do so Financially, and try you will. Lets be honest: I have NO OTHER use for you. weak-willed men and all losers alike fall to pieces in the presence of a Woman who KNOWS what She wants, and furthermore KNOWS how to get it. Using, abusing and humiliating men is an Art form that I have long perfected. So not only am I a Greedy Narcissistic FinDom Mistress but I am also a multi-faceted Artist. All that I am, and all that I do is Art in action. Proceed with caution!

I possess way too strong of a personality to find the approval of the “herd” mentality interesting or necessary, and I am way too self-involved to pay attention to your empty words of flattery. I am worth much more than just some clever words, and trust Me I already know how Fabulous and Beautiful I am. I take great pleasure in being straight forward, and at times outright mean – I hate beggars, freeloaders, cheap men, fakes, poseurs, dull wannabees and their vanilla whims; as well as novices, self-serving fetishists posing as submissive, and being topped from the bottom. I am the Divine incarnation of Heartlessness and Perverse Wisdom – say goodbye to all that you’ve known thus far – I am NOT just another boring, cliché findom mistress. Get down on your knees, and get ready to serve Me! Ultimately, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!

Always remember that you came to Me. I did not ask you to come, I will not chase after you, nor will I ask you to stay. you are here because you need Me, you come to Me willingly, and you will stay for as long as you worship, tribute and obey. If you want My attention – it will cost you. If you are not pleasing Me, then you are annoying Me. I am your newest obsession, and making Me happy is the only thing that ultimately will makes you happy. you must remember your place and always aim to please Me. W/we both know I am WAY out of your league, and the ONLY contact you will have with someone like Me, and to have Me participate in your perversions is to contact Me and PAY Me. So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time, you’ve already wasted enough – don’t let another opportunity pass you by. Don’t think, just CLICK! KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!