Philosophy of My Supremecy

Nylon Feet Goddess

your place is UNDER MY feet

Thank Me for I am generous enough to let you losers into My Divine World where I am the One & Only GODdess. I am giving you this opportunity to get to know Me, to worship Me and to serve Me properly as I demand. My world revolves around Me, and if you want to be allowed in, so will yours – you will be made useful as My personal “ass kisser” and work hard to earn a place at My feet as My loyal servant slave. you’ve been given the opportunity to experience the Ultimate GODdess, so don’t fuck it up. I’ve already been generous to make Myself available on the web to you, now all you have to do is get My attention –  submit, worship & obey. It’s so simple. I am not here to be nice and tolerate your BS. you are a pathetic maggot loser  – and you know you deserve to be treated like one. Work hard to get My attention, stand out from the herd, tribute OR be ignored. I am NOT desperate and I can afford to be as choosy as I want.

I understand that the key to this Fetish is finding someone who feels worthy of your worship and admiration. That is exactly what it ought to be about. Unfortunately, that seems hard to do, especially in this day and age of online domination – saturated with insta dommes, concept dommes, pseudo mistresses, and impostor goddesses. Finding your Dream Woman to Worship, in My Superior opinion should entail more then trolling from site to site looking over the free photos and collecting wanking material. Give into your natural submission and surrender to the ULTIMATE GODdess. I am understanding, sincere and accommodating to a point, but do not ever mistake that for gullibility and naïveté. I assure you I am NEITHER.

Naturally, I command respect and attention from men simply because of who I am, how I look, how I conduct Myself and what I stand for. I am way too strong of a personality to find the approval of the “herd” mentality interesting or necessary, and I am way too self-involved to pay attention to your empty words of flattery, OR immature words of hatred. Trust Me I already know how Fabulous I am. Above all, I know the value of what I do, and I know that the world is full of losers who are desperate to feed their addiction to serve. Here I am offering you so much more then just another way to get off – here is your chance to finally serve and worship like the humble, obedient slave that you’ve fantasized and yearned for years to become. Here’s your chance to finally prove yourself! Once you accept My Supremacy – everything is going to become much simpler from here on.

Being a GODdess is as much mental as it is physical. My Dominant Personality and Superior Mind is expressed the same everywhere – in My cyber world, as well as in My day-to-day world. This is not My alter Ego, this is who I am. I rule all the time, I thoroughly enjoy it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This certainly requires a particular attitude and a conscious sense of Self. Here is a secret: this must become who you are, not a role you occasionally try to adopt while on the net. My guiding Philosophy – which is natural to My Dominant Personality – is that I am Superior to all males, who in-turn are privileged to have a relationship with Me in which they exists for just one purpose – to serve and to please Me. I am of the opinion that both sexes are NOT equal, not even close. I certainly think all males are inferior to Me, this is a proven fact. But that doesn’t mean I hate all men – just most, in being totally useless to Me.

I have always felt Strong, Attractive and Complete, and therefore never felt like I needed men to validate Me. I DO NOT! However men do need Me, desire Me, crave My attention and fear Me. Therefore you will Obey, follow My Will, and in turn you’ll find happiness under My Dark Wings, as I direct and control you. The men who are lucky enough to find themselves in My Life are expected to cater to My every demand and I like to mold them for My benefit. I am uncompromising, Self-centered and Narcissistic. Above all, I like to take advantage of the Power and Wisdom I possess over them. I know what I want, and I only recognize the existence of men who are willing and able to follow My Way and My Rules. Remember: tributing is the only way to attract My attention. The more you tribute Me, the happier I am, and in turn the more pleased I will be with you and your performance. Without tributes from you to Me, W/we simply do not have a relationship, and you do not exist.

Until now you might have had society, your friends, or whomever else tell you that you are good enough just because you are a man – just because you have a dick. Well, in My world that in itself is NOT good enough – from now on I will be the judge of what is good enough. Or maybe you always knew you were inadequate, pathetic, weak and worthless? Either way, you will pay for My attention and beg Me to find you adequate enough, IF I allow you to have contact with Me.