Philosophy of Greed: It’s Never Enough!

Next time you’re wondering how much you should tribute, ask yourself: how much do you need to survive? how much do you need to live comfortably? how much do you need to live in luxury? Whatever you tribute – I want MORE! It’s never enough, BUT the larger your tribute, the more pleased I’ll be with you & your progress. So DO NOT approach Me empty handed. Saying that you wish to be My slave/servant is not enough – My needs and wants must become your priority. I am an Exclusive Mistress. Enigmatic, Skilled & Sophisticated Domme, an Intellectual & Intoxicating Goddess; and the Queen Bitch with brains and beauty who can mind-fuck you into submission before you even realize that it is exactly what you wanted. Therefore serving Me should be considered a privilege and an honor. If you make the cut – consider yourself very fortunate as a member of a very select minority.

Nature has given men into Women’s hands. Like a moth to the flame, you simply can not resist Me. The simple fact that man is the one who desires, and Woman is the one who is desired, is just one of My many advantages over you. you NEED & WANT Me to control & guide you, you have come here because you know that your place in this world is beneath Me. When you identify yourself as a slave/submissive, it means that you understand that Women are the Superior sex, and you as an inferior male are here to serve, worship & obey. However, contrary to popular belief that is running rampant among you wannabe losers – submission DOES NOT mean jerking your weenie to free photos or videos, fantasizing that you are a useful, loyal servant, and calling it worship. This is NOT submission – it is an example of how selfish, pathetic and useless you truly are. And it is definitely NOT enough. Atone for your sins – BEFORE approaching Me, I want you to ask yourself a very simple question – “What can I do to make Her life easier? More pleasant? More comfortable?” Once you enter My world – I control you. I grab you by your worthless cock, your balls &  your wallet and I drain you dry. you will sacrifice for Me your pride, your cash & your cum. you will embrace your submissiveness and you will thank Me for showing you the way how to redeem yourself. Here’s your chance to prove yourself!

ATTENTION: It’s time for a NEW Apple computer, and this time around I want a MacBook PRO. It is in your best interest to make sure I have what I want, or you will lose out on the privilege of serving Me. Click HERE & send giftcards to HERE or purchase directly from My WANTlist HERE! While there pick out a few more gifts to put a smile on My face – I luv Apple products & I do not care for substitutes.

Make yourself useful, tribute & entertain Me. After all, you’re just an easily controlled worthless wanker, whereas I am your Divine FinDomme Goddess, and by serving Me your life will finally have purpose. I take great joy in controlling you, seeing you submit and transform into someone worthy of My attention. I give your pathetic life meaning, but only when you are serving Me. Regular sessions and show of devotion to Me are expected, or you lose the privilege of being My slave. you have been given this opportunity to prove yourself, it’s a chance to make your dreams of being controlled by a Superior Dominant Woman a reality. Embrace your submissiveness and surrender to the fact that you were born to serve Me. I expect to be spoiled everyday. The REALITY of serving a Dominant Mistress and putting Her needs before yours IS better than whatever lonely little fantasy you have going on in your head – I am your NEWest Addiction, you will beg to session with Me, and obsess & drool over seeing Me on cam.

Let Me explain a few things to you so that W/we are clear:

I prefer to have a select few submissives who are useful in My exclusive harem, and IF you have what it takes you too can have direct contact and the pleasure of interacting with the ULTIMATE Goddess. That in itself is priceless, but it does not come easy, nor cheap. you must be willing to work hard. Earn the privilege of having Me tease & torment your weak mind, and toy with your desires & obsessions. I know why you are here, it is no secret that you wish to be used and abused, you wish to indulge your perversions and fetishes – be it D/s, CBT, SPH, Strap-on training or being allowed to worship My perfect Goddess feet, hearing My overpowering voice or being mesmerized by My Diabolical eyes – you’ll have to earn it. Submit, serve & obey. Actions speak louder then words, and I prefer quality submissives over half-ass throw away dime a dozen bitch boys & slave wannabes.

The only thing that I pay attention to is how useful are you going to be to Me. Yes I am Demanding, I am Greedy and I am Narcissistic – I know I deserve the best, and you are going to work hard to provide it for Me. My world revolves around Me, and My objective here is to control your mind, your worthless dick & wallet. I know you can’t help yourself, you’re weak, controlled by your sexual urges. you need discipline – I will manipulate you, I will tease you & I will exploit you – from now on you will ask permission for sexual release. That meat stick between your legs is Mine, I control it now. And I’m here to tell you that it is inadequate, and useless. your worth to Me is measured in how much you contribute to My wellbeing & My life of luxury. Believe Me, I enjoy toying with your little boy brain, instilling discipline and above all making you useful, for a change. Serving a Goddess is NOT about you pleasing yourself, BUT pleasing Me. you wish to see Me happy, smiling down at you and rewarding you for being a good slave. That is why you will KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY! Do not expect anything in return for your tributes, you came to Me willingly because you need and desire Me in your life – you’re reward is knowing that your service is benefiting Me, making My life more enjoyable, pleasurable and luxurious. However, I am a Greedy Goddess, and I will always DEMAND more – do not start slacking off, believe Me I notice which one of My pets is tributing, and which one is not. It’s your job to make sure you can afford to satisfy Me, whenever I command you to. you should decrease your spendings, sell your stuff, start saving, and/or get another job to ensure you are doing everything you can to serve Me properly & the way I demand.

I don’t care what you want to do in person, how you want to serve Me, I don’t care if you’d rather take Me out to dinner or whatever – talk like that ONLY annoys Me, and will get you banned. your words are meaningless – it’s your ACTIONS that get My attention. Understand that you are here to be used, drained and taken for your money. Know that you could never please Me sexually, BUT you can try to do so Financially & try you will –  I have absolutely NO OTHER use for you. The only way you can EVER please Me is to PAY! I am independent, educated, well read and well spoken. I speak My mind freely and live the life I want to live. I am the Divine Financial Sadist – the SheDevil incarnate. To get My attention you’ll need to stand out form the herd. Next time, instead of emailing Me some lame ass, worthless BS – send tribute, fill out My slave Application & email Me with an introduction of who you are and how you will serve Me. To have contact with Me, you must have the secret desire to submit & serve, you must be willing to sacrifice, work hard and tribute hard. I required all My slaves to tribute Me financially, your job is to satisfy My desires.

This is My World & My Rules – I am the BOSS, I am Bitchy, Sarcastic, Superior & Entitled. And yes – Greedy! Deal with it. I am not here to take orders from anyone, I am here to command your attention, test your limits and demand more from you.

Extraordinaire Findom Goddess Madame Says phrased it perfectly when she said: “If you’re looking for a Dominant Woman to “do you” then please remove yourself from My site. “Do me” subs are not true submissives and I have no interest in males who are just looking to leach My energy  for their own lifeless, fleeting satisfaction.” My sentiments exactly!

Remember – you are NOT the only male in this world begging for My attention, or wanting to be of service to a Superior Female. you are among countless, faceless, stroke addicted, slave wannabes and your lukewarm offers of service do not interest Me – so step up, stand out & make an impression. There is only one path for you – sacrifice, and show your devotion & adoration for Me! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – I am not here to be nice and tolerate your BS. If you are not pleasing Me, then you are annoying Me, and I have no other use for you then to dismiss and dispose of you. IF you want My attention, make sure your wallet is full, open and ready! KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!