Natural Born Domina

Worship My Divinity

I know I am intimidating, and I know that you are very curious about Me. Without a doubt I am VERY interesting – I am very private, mysterious, intelligent, and feared by most feeble and soft-in-the-head losers. I am the ultimate combination of Eroticism, Fetishism, and Perversion in the flesh. I am one of a kind, I am unique, intoxicating and I stand out, as I always have and always will. I have been called mean, cruel, dark and heartless – I am all those things, and so much more. I am exotic, I am beautiful, I can be very ugly, arrogant, sadistic and even breathtaking at times. I am vain, self involved, narcissistic, and I am also an intellectual free thinker. I am sophisticated, and I have traveled extensively. I am highly educated, articulate, serious and at times very strict. I am extremely opinionated, and I am always right, even when I am wrong – I am still right. you got that? Good. I can be genuine, understanding and accommodating to a point – but do not ever mistake that for gullibility and naïveté. I assure you I am NEITHER. Above all – I am 100% out for Myself. I am Thee Narcissistic Financial Sadist SheDevil. Make no mistake about it – My interests online are obvious since I make it VERY CLEAR who I am and what My intentions are – I like to use and exploit fetish addicted wankers, as well as lifestyle submissives and slave wannabes. Being a Domme is My calling, and I am very well aware of it. you have been warned.

ALPHA Goddess

Still wish to know more about Me? Of course you do! Pay attention: I am going to tell you even more about Myself – but no matter what you may think – I am and always will be a Woman that can ONLY be your Mistress and you’re a “man” that can only be My slave. This fact will never change. Unlike many online insta-dommes, I actually have real time experience, as I’ve already mentioned in My Bio. I started out as a classically trained RT Domme. However, I DO NOT make My life part of the “alternative lifestyle” circus that is BDSM. I am not really interested in any of the traditional BDSM “play scenes” or settings. I am NOT into ridiculous over-the-top shit, and I am certainly NOT here to come up with exciting new scenarios for you to act out, nor to show off for your pleasure. If your weakness/fetish happens to fit into who I am, My moods and the fetish fashions that I enjoy at the moment – I will happily use them to My benefit. Lucky for you some of the fetishes that arouse and excite you are an interest of Mine, and therefore I have learned to profit from your weaknesses. I am Divine Incarnation of Heartlessness and Perverse Wisdom. Hypnotic, Intoxicating, Mesmerizing. Above all a Narcissistic ALPHA Bitch who enjoys using weak males. And I Dominate “men” simply because I get a kick out of making you weak bitches crawl on your knees, beg Me, worship Me and degrade yourselves for My amusement – I find it fucking hilarious to turn “men” into My cocksucking whores. I am entertained by your fetish confessions, and I enjoy Mind-Fucking you into submission. What I do depends entirely on My whims, My interests and My pleasures. In short My Interests Include: Moi Et Moi Même, and ways in which I can enrich My life!

That’s right – it’s all about Me! I was privileged being an only child, and I know no other way to be, nor do I care to. My World revolves around Me. As contravercial as it may be, I believe that Dommes are born, NOT made. Sure many try to act the part, but the truth is self evident. As far as I remember, I’ve been an Alpha Female since childhood – yes, I started out as a demanding and manipulative brat, but being spoiled had nothing to do with it – because I was not – I simply felt ENTITLED, and therefore wanted and demanded MORE. Also, I recall My grandmother and My mother commenting on how when I grow up I will tower over the men in My life and Dominate them with a crack of the whip, keeping them under My foot – talk like that only fueled My Natural Alpha tendencies… As is, I come from a long line of Strong, Independent, and Dominant Women, and I was never taught to be subservient to anyone, especially NOT to a male. Ha! It was only a matter of time before I would find Myself as I am, PRO Dom – and the rest is history.

Tell me how you’re going to serve Me.

Indeed, I am a lifestyle Dom and a FinDom Mistress. This is NOT a façade, I rule in My RT day to day life, as well as I do in My cyber Empire. I have a RT personal slave and a sub. They clean My house, cook My meals, do My laundry, shovel My snow, mow My lawn, maintain My car, pay Me rent, scoop the cat’s litterbox, and do whatever I demand or even hint at – short of committing murder. I am The One & Only GODdess, and My word is final. Period. Hence, I have NO “need” for you online losers posing as slave wannabes at all. your lukewarm offers of service do not interest Me. Understand that you are here to be used, drained and taken for your money. Know that you could never please Me sexually, BUT you can try to do so Financially – I have absolutely NO OTHER use for you. I know that the world is filled with countless, chronic, self-serving wankers who are desperately looking for a quick fix, so I am simply going to take what I want and toy with you along the way. I am not here to make friends, find a husband or get your approval – NONE of that interests Me. I do not chat with any slave wannabes who have not purchased My Chat ID. My time online is valuable and does not come cheap – you can purchase My Chat ID here. Ultimately – ALL of My online slaves, no matter their particular fetish or rank in My exclusive “harem”, serve Me financially. No exceptions.

Naturally, I view men as My servants, workers and toys, they are here to make My life easier, more pleasurable and more profitable. This is My World, and My Rules. Domination is simply the natural way of life for Me, and I take great pleasure in exploiting men, and using them for My personal benefit and profit. Again: I take from you because Financial Domination is one of the truest, purest and deepest forms of submission. Power, Control and Money go hand in hand. Make no mistake about it – in this day and age Money is the most important thing – it is power and it is freedom, and by handing it over to Me you acknowledge My Superiority. Fuck the traditional BDSM whips and chains, corporal punishement and torture cliché – I will hit you where it really hurts – and it’s a suffering like no other. It will penetrate your entire existence: emotionally, mentally and physically. The way I see it – the pain of paying and serving financially is far more restrictive than any traditional bondage play and infinitely more satisfying for Me. you will give until it hurts – and I will demand more, you will work hard and pay OR you are simply worthless and therefore useless to Me. This is My BDSM/Financial Domination hybrid for the New Millennium – yeah, I said it.

Open up, ashtray!

Not only do I personify the image of a true Domina – Pure, Unadulterated BITCH Goddess – Greedy, Demanding and short Temperate, BUT I am also Multicultural and Multilingual – which adds to My Brilliance, My Powerful genetics and My physical appeal. Don’t ask Me what country/ies – I do not need you thinking that W/we have a special connection just because you speak the same language as Me, or live in the same country as I was born in – W/we don’t. All you need to know is that I was born in Europe, lived in a few different countries and currently live in the U.S.A. English is not My 1st language, but it is the only language you will hear Me speak, and it is necessary for you to be able to comprehend it. you need to be somewhat intelligent to be My slave – if your IQ is below 100 chances are you will turn out to be mentally challenged, and NOT an adequate slave for Me. I am NOT for just any curious, generic, brain-dead wanker out there. I demand good communication skills and respect. you need to have a depth of mind, and sincere desire to serve a Truly Superior Woman to understand and appreciate My unique brand of Domination and Supremacy, as well as get My wicked sense of humor spiced with Sarcasm.

Needless to say: I don’t care what looking at Me does to you, I don’t care what you do with your pathetic little weenie – know that I am not here for your pleasure, that is why I am NOT going to show you My tits/ass/pussy – if that is what you want to see, if you are looking for vanilla, primitive dildo play, dressed up as a “domme” concept, etc. – there is no point in you contacting Me. you can always go to a strip-club or get yourself a cheap hooker that will show you her body parts, or find some other online “domme” who will be more then happy to show off for you. I DO NOT believe in leading with My tits, ass, or full blown-out roastbeef to gain your attention and show My Dominance. That’s so fucking boring to Me. It’s easy. Besides, nudity is for slaves and it’s so overrated. If that is what attracts you, then you are NOT the type of slave for Me. Do NOT even inquire about such, IF you do – you will be immediately dismissed, and banned.

Natural Born Domina

Be thankful that I grant you permission to request an audience with Me. Understand that you better be very respectful and submissive when you contact Me. I prefer true submissives that long to be at the foot of a Superior Goddess such as Myself. I will take you away from your mundane reality, out of the vanilla world, and give you a taste of the world that’s dark and devious, a world you only fantasize about – a world where you embrace your submissive nature and submit, serve and worship Me as your Higher Power and your Only True Goddess. It’s time for you to surrender, purify yourself of that testosterone poisoning, and come to grips with who and what you really are – you will be remolded into a useful male creature, unlike the 99% of the stroke addicted wankers out there. But ONLY if you serve, worship & obey Me! IF you can’t handle this, then just stay the way you are, a miserable macho man wannabe of no use to anyone at all. I DO NOT put up with unworthy fools of low class and character. Being a true slave is not about pleasing yourself or entertaining some pathetic sexual fantasy. It is serving your Mistress and doing everything to please Her NOT yourself – I know where I stand, and My pedestal is high up above you – so don’t EVER ask Me what will I do for you – ask Me what you can do for Me – My answer will always be: KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!