Demonic UNholy BENEDICTIONFinally your prayers have been answered, in the form of the UNholy Benediction. Just as the Vatican sells Papal Blessing (Benediction Papalis), so DO I – EXCEPT My Demonic Blessing & Guidance are much MORE POWERFUL as they come directly from ME, your ONE & ONLY GODDESS. For I am the ILLUMINATRIX – fulfilling your desires, as I bestowed unto you this very special gift, stirring BLASPHEMOUS inspiration within you. To obtain My Demonic Blessing is a PRIVILEGE for any weak and powerless mortal. Here is your chance to partake in the sacrament. TREAT yourself! GET yours NOW! Listen. Focus. Obey. Once you do, you’ll never be the same again.

UNholy Benediction

Contains: multiple layers, subliminal programing, brainwave beats, neo ritual, gospel, echo, stereo surround, brain entrainment, custom sound frequencies.