What exactly is ASMR? Simply put, another thing for Me to exploit – you experience it, you crave it AND I can create it… Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, has been described as a pleasurable and calming tingling sensation in the back of ones head which spreads down your spine to the rest of your body; and is often called a “brain orgasm”. This type of experience can be TRIGGERED by a variety of things, just like everything else, depending on the individual person. For now I am ONLY interested in the finger nail tapping phenomena which can produce such neurological response. Perhaps at a later time I will focus on others specifically, since I have been using them covertly, off and on, to manipulate you in ALL My hypnotic videos. Ha!

Lengthy descriptions aside, most commonly, ASMR can be brought on by listening to a certain frequency of tapping (or whatever else), and act like a relentless and at times monotonous beat, which in turn resonates in your brain, relaxing you and ULTIMATELY hypnotizing you into a trance state without you even realizing it. How is this possible? Well, we all have our own range of likes and dislikes, and there are certain individuals that seem to have developed a different pattern of pleasure stimulation than what is accepted as typical, hence so many different fetishists arise among us. This is yet another example of how human brains are fantastically complex, as well as weird, can short circuit, and are susceptible to manipulation.

Since I have been getting many requests for nail tapping lately, (funny how trends affect fetishes), and since I enjoy teasing you with My beautiful talons, as I mind-fuck you, I decided to honor your requests with another mesmerizing video. Enjoy!

ASMR Nail Tapping Brain Orgasm video clip

I am your Goddess, you are My slave. This is specifically for My TAPPING & FINGER NAILs fetishists! Watch Me tapping and scratching. The scratching is random and there is different styles of tapping on many different surfaces. IF nail tapping is a go-to trigger for you, then you will find this very relaxing, entrancing and exciting to watch and listen to. I know many have been obsessing over My elegant, slim, perfect pale hands and perfect LONG NAILS that are so mesmerizing to watch. you crave to hear the sound of My nails tapping & scratching on wooden table, plastic, metal, glass, etc. There is also some scratching on books, some light short tapping, and lots of slow hard tapping with My LONG freshly done FRENCH MANICURED NAILS. Tapping and scratching together will give you the ULTIMATE tingles, you know what that feels like, and you will find yourself sweetly seduced by My magical TALONS, your brain experiencing sensation overload. The pure power will leave you feeling weak, confused, intrigued, and wanting more of Me! The video ends with a BANG! I recommend that you put your headphones on.