Hypnotic Goddess: Look Into My Eyes

“Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

I am the High Priestess of My Demonic Gospel, and THE Goddess. While I was away on My Sabbatical for most of last year, (and some of this year) I’ve done a lot of thinking about many different things, and sharpening My skills AND My claws. Among other things, I decided to start implementing a different approach and usurp My control over your weak mind by focusing mainly on psychological dominance, skillful thought management and start utilizing on a regular basis trance inductions and hypnotic audio recordings in My exclusive slave training. NOW I am ready to take you deeper through My hypnotic INDOCTRINATION – get ready to look into the darkness and see the light…. Indeed, I am your Illuminatrix.

I hear this so very often – you want to submit, but . . .  you’re feeling insecure, you’re inadequate, you’re afraid, you find Me just too intimidating. You want to surrender to Me, but you just don’t know how, and you are afraid. Afraid of My control, of My power, and of your own twisted desires. you are unsure of what to do and/or you do not know how to submit. So I decided to make it really easy for you. Hence, The Hypnotic (slave Training) Trilogy. This is an absolute must own, a FIRST BUY for ALL of those boys/slave wannabes who are interested in femdom, surrender, loss of control, and servitude (as well as hypnotic trance, erotic hypnosis, mind-control, etc.), but are holding back because of their own shortcomings and insecurities. I will ease your mind, take you under slowly, deeply, and then I’ll confuse you, manipulate you, and control you – as I plant all sorts of powerful suggestions in your mind, reprogramming you, allowing you to break free from your unfounded fears & reservations, and FINALLY allow you to experience your most hidden and ultimate of desires – COMPLETE surrender to My Power.

It’s no secret that I am a firm believer in mind over matter; whatever the mind is told to conceive and believe, it can achieve. I believe that in the landscape of your mind – I can build anything I desire… and you’re going to be My test subject – isn’t this exciting, to be one of the lucky ones? Yes, indeed – this is VERY exciting. Click pay, put on your stereo headphones and thank the Universe for My existence. Those who are wondering why hypnosis? I suggest you read My previous post: HYPNOTISM and manIPULATION 


slave training: MIND

slave training: BODY

slave training: SOUL

What is your interest in experiencing hypnotic trance IF not the desire to be completely out of control, and to respond automatically and mechanically to all of My suggestions and instructions? It’s about complete surrender to My power.

Find freedom in your slavery, after you’ve been baptized as My submissive and obedient slave, via mesmerizing voice triggers, long inductions, repetitive mind-fucking commands, subliminal suggestions, etc., resulting in total unconditional cerebral surrender UNITING you in Communion with THE Goddess. My intoxicating voice will seduce and illuminate you, will slip over you and into your already weakening, exposed naked mind; looking deep inside your little brain, and right through to your soul. The Hypnotic Trilogy: Mind | Body | Soul is a perfect slave training starter kit for those who seek the experience, the understanding and the refinement of ecstasy that comes from submitting to the Will of another, in this case to My Superior Will, as you sink deeper and deeper into mindless, helpless submission. That’s right… slavehood beckons, and initially some will wonder about it seriously, don’t wonder – give into that passion, the passion that will DICTATE your Destiny. Take that leap of faith. The more you struggle, the deeper you will go… resistance is changed into obedience NOW and forever… resistance IS futile.

Coincidently, Rudyard Kipling is the one often credited with saying: “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.” He is also the man who said: “The female of the species is more deadly than the male” AND My personal favorite: “Unless men please they are not heard at all.” Indeed… Enjoy the 1st & 2nd instalment of The Trilogy, and stay tuned for the 3rd installment, which is soon to follow. When? Whenever I’ll feel like it.