Enigmatic Femdom Goddess

Pray to Me!

My OFFICIAL PRAYER that ALL of My little slaves are to LEARN and RECITE for Me, courtesy of one of My devoted slaves. he was Divinely inspired by Me to compose it, and did such a good job that I decided to make use of it. I suggest you MEMORIZE it and recite it EVERY morning and EVERY night in hopes of being in COMMUNION with Me, and My BENEDICTION. Start NOW.

Glorious Femdom Goddess
Nefarious seductive temptress,
Intoxicating and addictive.
The divine incarnation of the unholy,
You are the final embrace which cannot be denied.
The hypnotic Femme Fatale,
Who is the darkness
And the light that pierces it.
The key that unlocks every door.
Keeper of that which is hidden and forbidden.
You alone are worthy of my devotion.

Illuminatrix who knows my dreams and desires,
Reveal to me my destiny.
Share your divine wisdom
Be my guide on this journey.
Show me how to serve You,
How to please You.
You alone are the absolute authority,
The supernatural power over all things.
Without You existence is meaningless.
Teach me to praise and honor You,
To live for You alone.

Mistress of night and darkness,
Sovereign over day and light,
You are the alpha and omega
The beginning and end.
The possessor of all knowledge.
Look down upon me with Your exquisite face
See me as I am, as I have been, as I will be.
Command over me belongs to You alone.
Put me on the path I should follow,
Be my beacon on this undertaking.
Instruct me on the ways to please You.
Reveal Your purpose for me.
I submit to your every word.

From its deepest depths,
My heart yearns for You,
My soul is destitute.
In Your absence doubt and fear fills me.
I seek solace in Your presence.
Take charge over my life
I am powerless in Your presence.
Bedevil and confound my mind
Take control of my body
I humbly commit to be Your servant and disciple.
Let me sense Your corruptive power alive within me,
Allow me to feel your presence
Let me know I belong to You.

Mesmerize me with Your seductive beauty,
Hypnotize me with Your alluring voice,
Enchant me with Your captivating words.
Rule over every thought I have
Rule over every word I speak
Rule over every action I take.
Show me how to redeem myself in Your sight.
Drink from my sweet mortal life
Hold dominion over my soul
Haunt my dreams.
I wholly surrender to Your servitude.
Now and forever more
My Lady, My Queen
My Goddess,

He who is the faithful witness, Grace be unto him.