Reality Check: online slaves & wankers alike

It’s the same ol’ thing almost every other day. I check My inbox and see some lame-ass email, from some lame-ass loser wanting to “serve” Me… blah, blah, blah is all I read and then I hit delete. Seriously, does that same old cliché work with other dommes? I seriously doubt it. That is why now you’re here, annoying Me, trying your luck, but it’s all futile. The internet of today is saturated with socially inept losers, clueless imbeciles and worthless lurkers looking for a quick fix and a handout – back that shit right out of here. W/we both know I am WAY out of your league, and the ONLY contact you will have with someone like Me, and to have Me participate in your perversions is to contact Me directly, request a cam session and Pay Me. I am a PRO Domme, and you will NOT get anything for free. Trust Me when I say that I am NOT here looking for sex slaves or a submissive boyfriend. Get real! I have no shortage of opportunities to find orgasms on My own terms and in Real Time. In fact I am not really interested in slaves touching Me at all, the thought of your disgusting hand, your tongue or your weenie being anywhere near My Divine body revolts Me. I have witnessed many of you sick fucks behaving in most repulsive ways – you’re all filthy swine, and sick pigs engaging in shit that is far from what is considered Safe & Sane activities. Above all – W/we are NOT equals, not even close. I am Fabulous, Superior and Divine – why the fuck would I want to be with some clueless loser like you?! So NO, offers of sexual service do not please Me at all. Quite the opposite. I am a Domme and your submission and obedience is what I find pleasing and it’s what I expect from My slaves.

Another thing – I do not have a soft spot for men. you’ll find none of that boy crazy shit that most females obsess over, fueling My intentions. I don’t care how attractive one thinks he is, how nice he seems, or whatever other garbage he was fed by his previous encounters with women. The ONLY thing that I pay attention to is how useful are you going to be to Me. I don’t care what you look like, I don’t care how cute you think you are, or how big you think your dick is – you should have ZERO ego when you are in My presence – there is no room in My world for any one else’s vanity, ONLY My Own. If all you do is talk about yourself, and what you’re into – expecting Me to be impress, and make special exception for you – you’re only wasting My time. Remember: it’s all about Me and what I want, NOT the other way around.

Yes, I  am a Snob. I am Heartless. I am Demanding. I am Greedy. And yes, I am a Bitch Goddess. I will manipulate you, I will tease you and I will exploit you. That’s the core of My relationships online! I am giving you this opportunity to get to know Me, to worship Me and to serve Me properly as I demand. Again, My world revolves around Me, and if you want to be allowed in, so will yours. you’ve been given the opportunity to experience the Ultimate GODdess, so stop fucking it up. My patience with you online “slaves” runs thin. I’ve already been generous to make Myself available on the web to you, now all you have to do is get My attention – submit, worship and obey. Remember that if you are not pleasing Me, then you are annoying Me – and that the more you tribute Me, the happier I am, and in turn the more pleased I will be with you  and your performance. Without tributes from you to Me, W/we simply do not have a relationship, and you do not exist. Period. As I’ve already mentioned this before, time and time again: I know where I stand – so don’t ask Me what I can do for you – ask Me what you can do for Me.

If you’re wondering why I do not give out My Skype or Yahoo ID – it’s because I do not want you to annoy Me, and waste My time telling Me how you want to worship Me and wish to be My slave. First, ask yourself are you really submissive? Then stop saying you’ll do anything – I know that you probably won’t. Actions speak louder then words – do it! Buy My IM ID and stand out from the herd, show Me what a sincere slave you really are. I refuse to waste My time with idle chit chat with broke ass losers. When you contact Me – be prepared to Tribute. you say you want to be controlled, you want to be a slave, you will do whatever I want – then obey and follow My orders. I will not waste My time with selfish wankers. To have contact with Me, you must sacrifice for My pleasure, My benefit and My enjoyment, and you must get My attention. Tributing is the ONLY way to get My attention. If you wish to keep My attention – always tribute before I expect it, and do it regularly! I could not care less if you would like to please Me in this way or not. This is non-negotialble – I require all My slaves to financially tribute Me. A slave that does not serve Me by regular Tributes, simply does not exist for Me. Period.

I am not going to “convince” you to Tribute Me, I am not going to ask you – I am telling you that the ONLY way to get My attention is by tributing Me. No exceptions! Same Rules apply to EVERYONE! If you are a beginner, know that I do not have patience for you. Do your research first, find out who I am and what I am about. If you are broke and can’t afford to pay for My time, I do not have patience for you either. I’m not going to babysit nor walk you through simple cognitive skills: read, submit and obey! It’s simple. If you don’t know how, or have no means to do so, then do NOT attempt to contact Me. It’s pointless. Remember – you came to Me. I did not ask you to come, I will not chase after you, nor will I ask you to stay. you are here because you need Me, you came to Me willingly and you will be allowed to stay here for as long as you worship, tribute and obey.

It’s only natural that you would live out some part of your life as My virtual slave. I know you’re lurking around, reading My pages, My blog, looking at My photos, videos, etc. Step up – it’s time to embrace your submissiveness; it’s time for you to surrender and give in to your addiction. Once a slave is doing everything he is told when serving his Mistress, She makes him feel useful, needed and like he has a purpose – something he normally doesn’t feel in his mundane everyday life. Suddenly he feels like he has a place, like he fits in somewhere – and that place is right under My feet. I will give you a reason to get up in the morning and something to strive and work hard for. Ultimately, you will realize that in serving Me you find a new meaning and purpose, which you’ve been searching for all your life. However this is NOT a permanent arrangement – it will continue ONLY if you work hard, sacrifice and show your usefulness to Me! The least that I expect from My slaves is that they regularly tribute Me for My time. Beyond that you could practically be non-existant for all I care. I have several “slaves” whom I never session with – they just send tributes and buy My videos. And frankly, that suits Me perfectly. BUT if you want to make yourself stand out and be as useful to Me as possible – then you’ll have to step up, work hard, spoil Me, and keep Me entertained and interested in you.

I am the Alpha Female – and you’re just an inferior male by default, driven by your sexual urges, desires and preoccupations. In a sense you’re a willing victim to be used and abused for My amusement and profit. However, too many of you morons, imbeciles and self-serving socially inept losers have already wasted too many hours of My time online. Know that I am a very serious and experienced Domme/Mistress, with a vast knowledge of BDSM/Fetish and the psychology behind it – so I will not tolerate idiotic subpar behavior. Just because this is online, and for the most part anonymous, does not give you the go ahead to act like a fucking inconsiderate moron. I have never encountered such BS doing RT sessions, but then again not many would have the balls to try Me. Believe Me, IF you think I am intimidating online you would shit yourself in person. So, be thankful I am available online and know your role, and be ready to play your part. you’re here to test your limits, and serve, worship and obey your Mistress. As I’ve already mentioned in one of My previous posts – I find that only about 1% of you can walk the line and toe the mark, and about another 4% of you are good for short term service. So, this means that at least 95% of online slave wannabes who approach Me are automatically useless. Therefore, you should not be surprised when I do not take you seriously, that I do not give a fuck about who you are, and do not trust what you say. The odds are against you, and it’s self-evident in your emails and/or chat-room etiquette.

The way I see it – you’re here to get weak, get used and get off. And I am here to control your mind, your dick and your wallet. And honestly, for the most part I do not like you, I only tolerate you. I don’t care if you like Me, or not – the fact that you are here makes you a willing victim. The world is full of pathetic dumbass stroke-addicted losers like you. But, the great thing about losers is they typically are good at working hard to pay to jerk off; nothing makes them feel more spacial then being drained financially no matter if they are submissive or not. Keep in mind that if you’re not really submissive, but you slap on a label like “slave” or “sub” – you’re still a nobody to Me until you show Me how sincere you really are or how useful you can be – it’s like you polish shit and call it gold – it’s still shit to Me. Having a fetish doesn’t equal submission, so when you contact Me claiming to be submissive and turn out to be a fetishist and a self serving fuck, know that demanding anything from Me will get you nowhere – just ignored and banned. Realize that in serving and pleasing your Mistress, as a true submissive and ideal slave ought to – you find happiness – even if you don’t get to live your every fantasy. If this does not sound like you – then you are NOT a true submissive, and certainly you are NOT a slave to Me. Just another selfish wanker using the “slave” label trying to get off, and therefore you will be treated as such – I am here to profit off of your fetishes, and I have no illusions as to who you are. I will drain you dry and dispose of you, and in no time another willing loser will take your place. Every one of you bitches is replaceable, you are not special – you’re predictable –  just another stroke addicted wanker trying to get a quick fix. Easy come and easy go. Next!

As a Lifestyle Dom a FinDom Mistress I feel that I am entitled to session with whomever I choose to, and can be as picky  and discriminating as I want to be. This is where you come to worship and adore Me, or be used, abused and/or ridiculed. Again, this may be the only chance someone like you will get to interact with someone like Me. So be respectful and be on your best behavior. Understand that without input and show of effort on your part, there is nothing to build upon – I WILL lose interest in you – so be prepared to entertain and be of use to Me. Keep in mind, your desires are always secondary to Mine. Also, if our interests do not match up, in the end have the maturity to handle it like an adult, NOT like a butt-hurt bitch. Chemistry isn’t compulsory nor a given – it’s a connection, and you either got it or you don’t. Cam sessions with Me are a privilege, not a right – I am a Dominant Goddess. you will be respectful or you will be dismissed and banned! As always, I expect ALL potential slaves, subs, sissies and sluts to know Proper Protocal before contacting Me. This is required – NO exceptions! I am the One who’s in charge here, I make the Rules and unless you’re willing to make some serious changes – consider yourself ignored for life. If you do not make the cut, if you’ve failed to get My attention – then I suggest that you review your behavior, attitude and/or approach. I will only interact with “slaves” who are sincere, honest, polite and who tribute – you will serve, worship and obey Me as the Queen Goddess that I am. If you are anything less than what I expect and require – simply do not attempt to contact Me. However, if you think you got what it takes and want to try your luck – step right up! you’re not the first, and certainly you won’t be the last.