Financial Domination: In Theory & In Practice

Smoking HOT Goddess

My Philosophy of Financial Domination is simply based on the fact that I love Money! Money makes Me happy! Money puts Me instantly in a good mood! I love the way Money feels in My hand! I love the smell of Money! Money gets Me hot! Money turns Me on! Money cures whatever ails Me! Money gives Me freedom! Money increases My power! Money is My Fetish! Therefore Financial Domination is obviously by far My most favorite Fetish to indulge! Oh sure, I take great joy and pleasure in using, abusing, exploiting and humiliating weak submissive men from around the world, but nothing gives Me more joy and pleasure then draining their accounts into Mine. The more Money I take from you, the more power I have over you and the sexier I feel. It gets Me off, it makes Me high… mmm… Money! It’s so fucking HOT!

Indeed, in theory I am a Cold Heartless Greedy Bitch! And in practice I am a Financial Dominatix, Money Mistress, the Alpha FinDom Queen. Understand that I do not take from you because I need to, I do it because I want to, because I can and because you willingly give it to Me. I take from you because Financial Domination is one of the truest, purest & deepest forms of submission. Power, Control and Money go hand in hand. Make no mistake about it – in this day and age Money is the most important thing in the world – it is power and it is freedom, and by handing it over to Me you acknowledge My Superiority. I am the BOSS, your Supreme Authority, your Leader, your Ruler, your Heartless QUEEN and the Financial Sadist who thrives from the rush of dominating your wallet.

Divine Smoking Goddess

I am a Professional FinDom Mistress as well as a Lifestyle Domme. My goals here are to inflate My bank account, while I dominate your mind exploiting your natural born desire for submission using the Fine Art of Financial Domination. I am NOT here to make friends, find a husband, or get your approval. None of that interests Me. So your empty words of flattery will get you nowhere with Me. As a Narcissistic Heartless Femme-Fatale I already know how Fabulous I am, and as the Alpha FinDom Queen I am more apt to getting My way, since I’m already use to mentally manipulating the lesser species around Me. I realize that My commanding nature and mental acuteness puts Me in a position of Superiority. My Own nature by default is Dominant, Demanding and Cruel, intensified once I sense a weakness in a potential victim. I take great pleasure in exploiting men, and using them for My personal amusement and profit!

Understand that you are here to be used, drained and taken for your money. Know that you could never please Me sexually, BUT you can try to do so Financially, and try you will –  seriously, I have absolutely NO OTHER use for you. I am independent, highly educated, well read and well spoken. I speak My mind freely and live the life I want to live. I am the Divine Financial Sadist – the SheDevil incarnate. Time is Money, and you already know that corporations, governments, environmentalists, etc. don’t care about you – I DON’T EITHER! If you want My attention make sure you have your wallet open and ready – because it will cost you when you contact Me. Remember that if you are not pleasing Me, then you are annoying Me. Financial Domination is ONLY for mature submissive males who are interested in Financial Servitude! Not for you? Then don’t waste My time.