A man’s imagination is a powerful thing, driven by his sexual desires and fetish preoccupations. And the way I see it, it’s up to the Dominant Woman to exploit it and use it to Her advantage. It’s no secret that when dealing with men, teasing is always more effective since it leaves much to the imagination, and to be desired, than exposing too much or everything. men get far more aroused being teased, rather than just seeing the whole package all at once – that’s boring. The internet is saturated with tits/ass/pussy but it’s been proven time and time again that men will pay obnoxious amounts of money to Women who do not show any of it, yet still those Women command and seduce the attention of men. It makes perfect sense why tease and denial is such a popular fetish, and why dangling is what all the rage is about. Though it’s nothing new, and the way I see it – it’s all hype…

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An old seduction/flirtation trick is what many fetishists call dangling – i.e. erotic activity including shoes. In addition to other types of shoeplay, dangling falls under the shoe and/or foot fetishism, thou this may not always be the case. Dangling is the art of skillfully letting your shoe hang on your foot, letting it drop to your toes and rocking it back and forth, hanging, swinging, drooping, etc. If it’s done with the right shoes, and right feet – it can be perceived as extremely sexy. Having high arches makes this act much more desirable in My opinion – ideally the arch of the foot sends a sexual message to man’s brain in a way that it mimics a woman’s curves, and sends a man’s heart racing with anticipation.

There seem to be many dangling methods and techniques, such as: toe dangle – slipping off the shoe and dangling it so that the start of your toes are showing, shoe barely hangs on the tip of the women’s foot and hangs there for a long time; heel popping – here woman freely adjusts the back of the shoe to fit nicely under her heel, keeping just the heel of her foot out of the shoe and putting it back in; heel dipping – slipping the shoe off a bit and dangling it on the foot, the shoe hangs half way off the woman’s foot slipping the shoe on and off, etc. Also the pace in dangling varies – from very slowly allowing the shoe to slide down your foot onto toes; gently wiggling toes inside the shoe until the shoe slides down onto toes; letting the shoe slide to the end of the toes and then shaking it almost back on again, or letting it slide on to the toes and then swinging it back and fourth until it falls off, or letting the shoe slide off almost straight away and have it hang on halfway, to letting it fall off the foot completely, etc, etc. It all depends on the woman, the shoes she’s wearing, her mood, and her intentions.

Part of psychological appeal to the “dangling fetishists” may be that dangling signifies some kind of suspension and equates to the ultimate tease factor, i.e. being on the verge of excitement – both literarily and figuratively. Also it’s widely accepted/speculated by men that a woman who slips her shoe off and dangles it, is interested in a man, and is using it as a flirting technique by exposing part of herself. Haha! The art of “dangling” these days seems a bit more deliberate, then the innocent tease of yesteryears (thanks to the advent of the internet, and the obsession of video sharing among perverts and wankers, as well as keen business women who know how to use them). Nowadays many women will let their shoes dangle in public to attract more attention from men, bouncing their foot rhythmically with a shoe dangling on purpose and/or subconsciously sometimes. Many men who are susceptible to such cues may think that a woman dangling her shoe is always a sign of attraction – LOL. However, it may be that dangling is just a habit a woman has, or she may be bored, annoyed, and/or anticipating something – which is precisely why I catch myself dangling, especially when I am in free chat. Yes, I’m bored and annoyed with all the chitchat, and I’m anticipating your money in My account! Did you seriously think it could be something else?! Ha! Now make yourself useful ☛ KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!