Feed your Addiction!

Here is your chance to prove yourself! Give into your desires and indulge yourself by following these simple steps in becoming a trusted servant and a loyal slave to your Goddess. As a part of My slave Training, I like to utilize the methods outlined in a twelve step program, combined with My Own Personal twists, where I enable & exploit My potential slave’s Addiction to Me! All you have to do is Obey!

REMEMBER: If you are painstaking about this phase of your slave training and work hard, you will be amazed with your progress before you are half way through. you are going to know a new kind of discipline and a new happiness in serving your Goddess. you will comprehend the word Servitude and you will know your place. That feeling of uselessness and selfpity will finally disappear. you will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in only pleasing your Goddess. Self-gratifing actions will slip away. your whole attitude and outlook on life will change. you will automatically know how to best serve and please your Goddess. Ultimately you will realize that in serving your Goddess, you have found a new meaning and purpose, which you’ve been searching for all your life. Are these permanent arrangements? I think not. They will continue ONLY if you work hard to please your Goddess.

1.) Admit that you are just an inferior male, worthless, weak and powerless, in constant need to surrounded, submit and sacrifice to your Goddess, without Whom your life is unbearable, unmanageable and meaningless.

2.) Come to know that there is a Higher power – that being your Goddess, Who is the only One who will restore and redeem your worthiness with Her control, guidance, and demands over you.

3.)  Make a decision to turn your body, mind and wallet over to your Goddess – it’s time for you to surrounded, you need and want to surrender.

4.) Embrace your submissive nature, and take searching inventory of yourself. Realize that your willing submissiveness is your only redeeming quality. Think of ways how you can further benefit your Goddess.

5.) Admit to your Goddess, and yourself the nature of your inadequacies, such as you being a pathetic stroke addicted wanker who’s driven by his selfish sexual urges, desires and fetish preoccupations, which only allows you to accept your role as Her humble servant.

6.) you are entirely ready to have your Goddess remove all your defects of character, and submit to worship, serve and obey Her.

7.) Humbly beg your Goddess to begin your training, and to remove all your inadequacies, and give your empty little life meaning and purpose.

8.) Know the wishes and demands of your Goddess, and be ready to willingly worship, serve and obey Her.

9.) Carry out the wishes and demands of your Goddess at all times, in worshiping, serving, obeying, amusing and tributing Her.

10.) Continue to take personal inventory, work hard, tribute more and constantly re-evaluate the ways in which you can improve your service to your Goddess.

11.) Seek through worshiping, obeying and tributing to improve your direct contact with your Goddess, begging Her to keep you in Her service.

12.) Having understood your desires for submission, and the ultimate Power your Goddess has over you, as a result of working these steps, you find Ultimate satisfaction in serving your Goddess on a regular basis, like the humble, obedient slave that you’ve yeared for years to become. And finally now you can consider yourself a valued servant of Her’s for as long as you KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY.

Don’t fight it any longer, give into your natural submissive tendencies, embrace your Addiction and start your servitude NOW!

Start your Servitude!