Exploiting The Exploitable

I make it VERY clear who I am: Thee Diabolical GODdess. Demanding, Superior & Entitled. And what I offer is Domination & Fetish Exploitation for the TOP 1% – you MUST be educated, accomplished, generous, humble & above all have a NEED to serve & worship a Dominant Female. you must toe the mark & walk the line, IF NOT or IF this does not sound like something you would be into  – then move on. you came here willingly, I did not ask you to come nor will I ask you to stay. As I’ve mentioned before – 99% of slaves do not interest Me. And I am 100% out for Myself, however, if you know the PROPER way to approach Me & can benefit Me, in the long run you might benefit as well. men need something greater than themselves to look up to and worship, they wish to touch the Divine here on earth, and this is where I come in! Now thank Me for being so generous & sharing My Fabulous Self with you. ☛ $$$

Recently, I’ve even been so kind as to provide you with My YIM button to let you know when I am available online. I give you this oportunity to chat with Me, to perform for Me, or to be lucky to view & worship Me on cam. But 1st you’ll need My CAM ID. Yes, it’s required & same Rules apply to everyone wishing to have direct contact with Me. Otherwise you will be disqualified & ignored. Once you get all set up, note that I loathe small talk, & unless you’re going to be handing over significant amounts of cash for the privilege of Me tolerating your inane questions & chit-chat, I suggest you state your purpose and explain how you’re going to be of service to Me first & foremost, followed by your particular fetish. Understand that IF you wish to be considered a slave of Mine you must comprehend that SERVITUDE means regular weekly sessions, weekly tributes, total obedience, and constant display of your usefulness to Me. you will work hard & pay hard! Anything less is a quick fix, NOT true submission, and therefore you’ll be processed just as quickly.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been noticing a trend, which upon closer inspection makes sense. Most of you losers out there are just a bunch of sad, sacks of shit existing without purpose, so it makes sense that you’d be more then willing to get fucked up night after night, just to escape and get lose from your boring life & the daily chains that bind you. Lucky you – I am more then happy to help you lose your inhibitions. I call this “Exploiting the Exploitable”, and it’s so easy with the implement of Forced Intoxication. I know how much you silly boys luv to get fucked up for Me & beg Me to drain you dry – alcohol/poppers/etc. only amplify your desires. So, starting next week I am going to offer Forced Intoxication & Liquor Tolerance Training sessions during the evening hours. All you thirsty little sluts get ready for Me to taunt & torture you via cam, forget about going out and spending that money at a bar – instead stay in & be My plaything for the night. I guarantee it will be more rewarding, & it will give you purpose. Don’t drink much? Can’t handle your liquor? NO problem – in no time I’ll have your tolerance raised so that you can endure longer sessions. Plus most of you suck when you’re sober, devoid of any personality or creativity – at least when you’re fucked-up you’ll be entertaining. IF you’re not amusing Me, if you’re not paying, THEN you’re not getting My attention or permission to stroke! So be ready for some fun! I know you can’t wait – I’ll even allow you to schedule your session in advance – email Me now. Then stock-up on your favorite booze & remember to have your wallet open & ready when you call!

I want to get into your head – I am entertained by your fetish confessions, and I enjoy Mind-Fucking you into submission. Lucky for you some of the fetishes that arouse & excite you are an interest of Mine and therefore I have learned to profit from your weaknesses. Ultimately you will comprehend the word Servitude and you will know your proper place in life. While I do enjoy many kinds of slaves & fetishes – Money slaves are My favorite! I get a kick out of exploiting weak, stroke-addicted men & humiliation of subs; sissies, sluts and cam whores amuse Me, & I get a lot of satisfaction from sessioning with My foot-fetish fans, strap-on enthusiasts, & smoking fetish addicts. I know why you are here, it is no secret that you wish to be used and abused, you wish to indulge your perversions and fetishes – be it D/s, CBT, SPH, slave training, hearing My overpowering voice or being mesmerized by My Diabolical eyes – you’ll have to earn it. Submit, serve & obey. Earn the privilege of having Me tease & torment your weak mind, and toy with your desires & obsessions. My objective here is to control your mind, your worthless dick & your wallet. I am here to command your attention, test your limits and demand more from you. I know you can’t help yourself, you’re weak, controlled by your sexual urges. you need discipline – I will manipulate you, I will tease you & I will exploit you – and yes, I am Demanding, I relish being Worshipped and having Power. Just think of all the fun W/we’ll have.


The time to serve is NOW – I’m progressively getting busier and busier – so IF you wish to worship Me and to interact with Me via webcam – you’ll have to schedule with Me in advance. Long gone are the days where you had the privilege to see Me in Free Chat. Being super busy means I won’t have as much time for blogging, so make sure you don’t miss any of My micro-blogging updates on Twitter. All of My devoted  online slaves who are serious about serving Me know by now to use NiteFlirt.com to session with Me & I suggest you do too! This is what I prefer & require – because that means I get more of your MY money. Sign up NOW! you bitches luv assignments – here’s your 1st assignment & it’s soo simple: use NiteFlirt. Period. IF you’re not using it, I’m NOT interested in you. It’s your job to make sure you can afford to satisfy Me, whenever I command you to. If you’re a money-challenged slave – you should decrease your spendings, sell your stuff, start saving, and/or get another job to ensure you are doing everything you can to serve Me properly & the way I demand.

Losers looking for an assignment, money-challenged slaves who just don’t make the cut, broke ass bitches who can’t manage to scrape together the money necessary to serve properly, and lurkers who visit My website everyday, yeah I see you when I check My stats, the least you can do is contribute in driving more quality traffic from those who are worth My time ☛ click HERE, bookmark it, & click daily. Make yourself useful – yes the list is long, but finally you’ll be able to say that you’re doing something of service, not just dream of being a “slave.” Remember, a true slave does everything within their power to prove their worth and earn the title should they wish to have and keep it. Also, a true slave is VERY rare. But it’s fun watching you lazy bitches & stroke addicted wankers try to pass yourself off as a slave wannabes. So IF you think you got what it takes to be My slave – go for it – fill out the slave Application, send it in and see IF you make the cut. IF you have what it takes you too can have direct contact and the pleasure of interacting with the ULTIMATE Goddess. That in itself is priceless, but it does not come easy, nor cheap. you must be willing to work hard.

Like all relationships, a successful D/s dynamic can only be built over time. The wannabe slaves who wish to contact Me in hopes of longterm servitude & training, and developing a deeper relationship (then the superficial quick fix exchange) MUST possess that secret desire to submit, to be owned, used, or abused and be willing to serve, spoil & amuse Me. Remember: asking to serve without sending tribute shows lack of initiative, laziness and neediness on your part. And the larger the tribute the more pleased I will be with you. Here is your chance to finally serve & worship like the humble obedient slave you’ve yearned for years to become, here’s your chance to prove yourself. Impress Me! you will work hard & pay hard for the privilege of being called My slave ☚  IF you are not pleasing Me, then you are annoying Me. Make yourself stand out and be as useful to Me as possible – step up, work hard, spoil Me, and keep Me entertained & interested. Simple.

If you’re as spineless as a jellyfish, which I’m sure most of you are – you can always worship from afar – just buy My videos, you may even send in your CUSTOM clip requests for consideration ☛ and always be prepared to pay for it. I don’t shoot custom clips for free, and you should know this by now; silly boy’s been sending their requests this week, trying to be slick, HA! – try again! The majority of “subs” or slave wannabes out there ARE amateur retards. The way I see it 99% are pretty much useless, or good only for short term. If it takes you days to obey My commands, I won’t remember you. I have short-term memory with you slave wannabes. So IF you think you’re different – show Me. Stand out from the herd. The way I see it there is nothing better then waking up to more money in My account, and you boys want to keep Me comfortable & contribute to My luxury, so keep up the good work & keep buying those Femdom clips & sending those Tributes. I especially luv when drones & puppets go on a shopping spree & buy every one of My videos. Lucky you since now you have so many options: clips4sale or kinkbomb. Spend more, feed your addiction & make Me happy! Pay to wank, and stop kidding yourself – your money IS rightfully Mine & IF you boys want My attention you know what you have to do to get it ☛ spend, spend, spend!