DEVIANT tale for cocksucking whoresI am perverting you, My voice controls you, hypnotizes you, your mind is Mine, I know what you need you perverted motherfucker. Open your mouth, yeah, ha! It’s party time! Here’s a little tale you can transfix on. I set the scene, turn you out, mmm yeah, going to take you out and about, I know a place, it’s perfect, full of dirty, filthy, perverts just like you… it’s in the middle of nowhere, and they know all about you. I am the puppet Master, and I pull all the strings… Take a ride, a wild ride with the Devil, you’re nothing more then a receptacle, a receptacle for sperm, isn’t that right? Yes. I’m going to take your soul, turn you out, turn you into a queer cock sucking motherfucker. I watch you while you’re putting on a dirty little show for Me, you’re My deviant little puppet, focus and fix to My voice. Trust My Voice. Focus, LISTEN, Obey. I set you free, and you know it. I set you free as I bind you with My Voice, deviant twisted mind control, as you focus on My voice you become a filthy, dirty, little slut and My slave. Craving, needing, obsessing. I am the Illuminatrix and I shine a spotlight on your perversions, as I push you further into oblivion. I’ve conditioned you, I’ve reconditioned you, you listen to the sound of My voice, you lust, you crave, you need more, more cock, because it’s never enough. Now you are unable and unwilling to stop. It’s soo simple, it’s soo easy to become enslaved by My Power! And the best part is – you can listen to it over, and over, and over. What are you waiting for? Put your headphones on. ENJOY the filth!


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Contains: multiple layers, suggestions, slave training, reprograming, individual indoctrination, subliminal programing, brainwave beats, mesmerizing vocal triggers, direct and subliminal commands, custom sound frequencies, echo, perceptual isolation, vocal effects, suggestions, brainwave entrainment, etc.