Blackmail Fetish or BS?

I get emails such as this all the time: “i was wondering if Goddess would like to blackmail me so to keep me in check as her payslut”. Countless self proclaimed paypigs & paysluts have approached Me looking to be “blackmailed.” However, they all have NO clue what the fetish entails. Pay attention losers, because I am going to explain a few basic things to you: I DO NOT blackmail. Remember – you are only serving Me because I allow it, and you are foolish if you think that I’m going to force you to pay, blackmail you or trick you out of money. I am NOT. Furthermore, besides it being illegal, it’s a waste of My time! Though it may seem like blackmail is a popular fetish these days, most blackmail slaves are insincere time wasters who have no real resources. That in itself turns Me off. Why should I get worked up for an unworthy & uncooperative wannabe slave? Not a chance! I do not need your money, I am not desperate for it, therefore I will not play this bs game just to add a spark to your otherwise boring life. It is you who comes to Me, you who needs & desires to serve Me in this manner, you who needs My attention – therefore it is up to you to beg Me for permission to tribute, and to think of new and exciting ways to hand over your money to Me.

Oh I know the idea of blackmail fetish sounds so exciting, you being blackmailed by a Strong, Exotic, Femme Fatale Goddess of your dreams – never knowing when She may strike. There you are in your fantasy life, working away the long hours, having dinner with the family, fearing the moment, whiling away the hours of your vapid & meaningless little life, growing old & bored. And then you get the call from the Collector – pay up or you’re fucked – suddenly adrenalin rushes through your body, your heart races, you feel alive again and it feels good. Ha! Well, I don’t give a fuck about you feeling good – it’s all about Me, and you pleasing Me, so you better make it worth My while IF you wish for Me to participate.

Also, it’s no secret why you’re here – you want to be used & abused, just as much as you want to indulge your perversions & desires. Great! Pay to wank, or pay to stay in chastity and stop kidding yourself – your money is rightfully Mine, I do not need to blackmail you to get it. The fact that you’re a pitiful, stroke addicted wanker with fetish preoccupations makes you a pathetic little bitch, that’s why you’re cruising the net to get your fix – yeah I know all about you. I know you can’t help yourself, you’re weak, controlled by your sexual urges – that is why you need discipline. And this is where I step in – I will control you, manipulate you; I will tease you and I will exploit you. I already know that you have “skeletons in your closet” which you’re desperately trying to hide, I know all about the perverted shit that you engage in. Now it’s time for you to surrender, and your willing submissiveness is your only redeeming quality.

SERVITUDE means regular weekly sessions, weekly tributes, total obedience, & constant display of your usefulness to Me. This is what is expected of My RT slaves, therefore there is no reason why it shouldn’t be expected of My online prospects. I want you to work hard & pay hard. And always remember – without tributes from you to Me, W/we simply do not have a relationship & you do not exist in the realm of this Goddess. So I do NOT need to back you into a corner where the only option you’ll have is to GIVE Me what I demand. Tributing freely & without Me asking is encouraged to get My attention.

Now, IF you are truly interested in giving Me your personal information in hopes that I’ll use it against you – then you may fill out My slave Application, and I just may keep it on file IF I deem you worthy. However, if you’re just some random loser who has nothing to lose, i.e., no real job, no real money, no real house, no real relationship, to risk & potentially lose – then think before you apply. Why would I bother with “blackmailing” someone like that? … Exactly, I won’t.

Another thing – what is this bs with light blackmail??? I heard whiney little bitches say: “I need to find someone who’ll ease me into this fetsh. I will pay. I don’t play games. But, I don’t wanna be screwed out of everything. I will give info on demand. I just need someone to start me out lightly”. Oh you mean I hold your hand as I threaten you with blackmail, and only ask for a $1? Pfft, don’t even insult My sensibilities with such nonsense.

NOTE: To be considered as a prospect for blackmail, you must begin with a $100 tribute attached to filled out slave Application, or I will NOT even waste My time considering you. IF you cannot come up with this small offering, then there is no point in you even trying, seriously bitch – think about it – how are you going to afford the minimim of $100+ per week that I will demand to participate in this blackmail fetish fantasy? Also you will give Me the information I want, as is requested in My slave Application. I am not going to waste My time trailing after you, playing detective, etc. NOT My thing. I am too Self-involved & Egotistical. Whatever I ask for, you give it to Me. If you don’t want to give this information willingly, then simply fuck off & don’t waste My time. Consequently, IF I decide to take you on, W/we will enter into an agreement & you will be REQUIRED to sign a detailed slave Contract. This is non-negotialble. Period. So next time you think you may want to give blackmail fetish a try because it seems like the hot, new, kool, exciting, trendy thing to do – you better have serious money & serious social status to wager. After all I am the Narcissistic, Financial Sadist, the Heartless SheDevil… and you will suffer, I promise. So, are you ready to make this fantasy a sweet reality??? Think about it, and in the meantime thank Me for explaining this fetish, & for being so clear while doing it.

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