Attention: potential slaves wanting to serve

WARNING: I am the Queen Bitch Who’s almost impossible to satisfy – I dare you to try. I am the Narcissistic FinancialSadist SheDevil. I am a SNOB. I am Greedy. I will manipulate you, I will tease you & I will exploit you. That’s the core of My relationships online! Proceed with caution.

Make no mistake about it – I am here to control your mind, your dick and your wallet! ☛ Get weak, get used, & if you please Me enough, maybe get off.

SERVITUDE means regular weekly sessions, weekly tributes, total obedience, & constant display of your usefulness to Me. #slavetraining

you will give until it hurts – and I will demand MORE. you will work hard & pay OR you are simply worthless & therefore useless to Me. #bdsm

#Findom: Fuck the traditional whips & chains cliché – this is My BDSM/Financial Domination hybrid for the new millennium. you have been warned.

Strive to please your Mistress! I luv prepaid, scheduled in advance sessions & gifts ☛ every slave should have the good sense to do so.

So, you still want to be My slave? you want to serve & worship Me? Start by filling out My slave Application ☛ Do it NOW!

DO NOT even dare to call yourself a slave of Mine IF you have NOT served or are currently serving Me – you may be a fan BUT a slave you are NOT.

you say you LOVE Me? you want to SERVE Me? you’ll do ANYTHING! Prove it boy! Less talk & more action! Stand out from the herd. Break the bank! ☛ Kneel, Worship & Pay!

If you’re too shy to interact with Me directly then worship Me from afar – tribute, buy My video clips, etc. Otherwise you do not exist. If I’m not answering you, most likely I’m not interested enough in you. Try harder! There is only one path for you ☛ SERVITUDE.

Remember: you NEED & WANT Me to control & guide you ☛ sacrifice! your reward will be My acknowledgment of your existence! And that is PRICELESS!