The Hypnotic Trilogy: MIND, BODY, SOUL

Since it’s release, The Hypnotic Trilogy audio recordings are My top seller. This ONLY confirms My suspicions that the world is full of submissive men who are aching to surrender… and are willing to offer their mind, body and soul to experiment with, IF it will allow them to experience the Supreme Mystery and Ecstasy that can ONLY be found in Goddess Worship.

These recordings will indoctrinate you to My Superior Will. Think of it as a corrective therapy via erotic enchantment, where I enter your brain – make the necessary changes and ultimately modify your behavior using intense hypnotic mind controlling entrancement. Also, these recordings are designed specifically for those who wish to DEEPEN their surrender to Moi. Focus, relax, and allow My spellbinding words to flow deeply into the core of your mind, your body and your soul. you claim to want to be My slave, you chose Me to take control over you… Great! Now you will do this right, listen to these files, responding to My authority, understanding your place, and learn how to please Me. My bewitching tone will seduce you to complete and total surrender. SUBMISSION is the only path for you. Come to Me… Follow. Accept. Submit. Obey. you’ll try and resist, finding yourself coming back increasingly aroused, again, and again, and again… only to find yourself happily following My commands.


slave training: MIND

slave training: BODY

slave training: SOUL

SLAVE TRAINING KIT: The Hypnotic Trilogy: Mind | Body | Soul includes: neo ritual, individual indoctrination, mesmerizing vocal triggers, direct and subliminal commands, post-hypnotic suggestions, repetitive mind-fucking orders, long inductions, arousal and denial, cerebral surrender, deepening, layering, stereo surround, custom sound frequencies, echo, perceptual isolation, vocal effects, hypnotic suggestions, mantras, indoctrinations, gospels, erotic trances, control, tranceformation, slave training, reprograming, brainwave entrainment, etc.

After you listen to My spellbinding & seductive words via these recordings for the first time, you will be drawn back to listen to them over and over again. Finally, you will be properly trained in My style and My protocols. In the landscape of your mind I can create anything I desire, it’s where all things are possible… All you need is the right submissive attitude, & eagerness to please; and I will do the rest – reprograming your thought processes and behavior to My Own liking, allowing you to experience the Divine state of surrender you’ve been wondering about. This is where you get to finally experience that My Mystery is only exceeded by My Power.

NOTE: I am demanding, service-wise and in proper protocol behavior. And I’ll be the first to admit – I am NOT for everyone, best for those who truly NEED to feel controlled and want to experience submission, not just the fantasy of it. Now thanks to these amazing recordings, anyone can explore their sexualized femdom/feitsh fantasies, and experience heightened sensations and pleasures. However, once you have been indocternated into My style of Domination, and you feel you want to take the next step into being My slave and having regular contact with Me, you will need to understand that serving Me and making My life more enjoyable is of the utmost priority for those who are in service to Me. Period.

Keep in mind, that repeated exposure to these recordings only enhances the potency of My hypnotic suggestions. Listen often. And in no time you’ll become so addicted to Me, that you won’t even realize what’s going on – you’ll just be compelled to serve Me. It feels good to make yourself useful, you enjoy & get off on imagining what being dominated by Me would be like, you beg Me to allow you to worship Me on cam, to demand more from you. As I find pleasure in mesmerizing you into submission, while My hypnotic seduction leaves you begging to be in My presence. I take you into euphoric ecstasy, as I capture your mind, tease your body, and caress your soul into total and complete hypnotic obedience. Eventually, you’ll find yourself totally addicted, and fucked. That is why I like to refer to what I do as hypno mind-fucking; hypnotic suggestions turning into realistic trance hypnosis – even if it starts out as fetish fantasy roleplay. Priceless.