Shoes Fit for Only a Goddess

To say that I love shoes, is such a cliché and an understatement. Because not only do I love shoes, but I am compelled to own more & more. Is this a sign of addiction? No. But it is what I like to indulge Myself in, and what I feel entitled to. Let Me clarify that when I say I love shoes I mean I love amazing, unique, well designed, as well as quality made shoes. I predominantly love High Heels, but wedges and flats have been known to capture My heart. And don’t even get Me started on My love affair with boots…

Next time any of you lowly slaves wanna moan and belly-ache about how expensive shoes are, consider this Fabulous shoe. ONLY $3,495.00 Yeah, I know – aren’t they fabulous? Say hello to the luxury BLACK IRIS PLATFORM SANDAL from Alexander McQueen. Now visualize My Perfect Feet adorn by these beauties – black leather t-bar sandal with black iris heel, mmm so delicious. Now go get them for Me. Ha! I know you want your Goddess to have the best – if you can’t afford them in one shot, then work harder – sacrifice, start saving & send weekly tribute installments. After all, it’s all about Me, and here’s your chance to step up & prove yourself.

As far as prices go, it is obvious that anything cheap is not worth having & you get what you paid for, though I am not denying the possibilities that one can find a great pair of shoes on the cheap side, sure it’s possible. The way I see it, My Amazon Wantlist is full of great bargains to chose from for you money-challenged slaves who wish to serve Me, so indulge your fetish by gifting Me shoes. BUT, if you want to stand out & make yourself memorable to Me – think big! think luxury! And if you are a shoe fetishist & a dedicated servant to your Goddess, you shouldn’t be able to say no to that perfect sandal.

In regards to Shoe Fetish, aka Retifism – the fetishist develops an erotic interest or fixation in a particular shoe, attributing attractive sexual qualities to it, and in turn the shoe arouses sexual desire, and in severe cases may even become necessary for sexual gratification. In a case such as the above mention shoes, I totally can relate. However, I am aware that any ol’ pair, such as a nasty pair of flip-flops (a huge no-no in My choice of footware – I would not be caught dead wearing those) can do it, setting off that trigger & little pervert in your silly brain, and unleashes the urge to spluge. On the other hand, the High Heel/Stiletto Classic Domina Pump gets a lot of action, since it’s by far the most popular shoe type loved by the fetishists & shoe slaves that I have encountered. It has that strong, definitive quality about it. As well as the platform heel, aka stripper shoe, that no doubt had gained popularity by it’s wearer in the stripclubs, where countless losers & closet fetishists spend their time drooling over products on display, and engaging in their perversions in the back lounge. Also, lets not forget, the smelly gym shoes are the rage for pathetic wankers & perverts alike (another type of shoe I do not care for, & you’d have to pay hard to see Me wear outside of the gym). The list goes on, as personal preferences and experiences play into what type of shoe has captivated the fetishist’s mind.

Reportedly, shoe and foot fetishes are found to be the most common among fetish preferences. So rejoice in knowing that you are not the only one who gets a hard-on seeing a shoe, whatever type it may be, and therefore know that you are not that special – there are countless losers, shoe fetishists, heel sluts & shoe slaves for Me to chose from. And it comes down to the ones who can stand out from the herd, get My attention, and please Me. Remember: I am your Superior & Entitled Goddess – there is only Me, and what matters are: My needs & My wants, and whatever they may be – it is up to you to fulfill them, or you do not exist! Simple. KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!