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Phone and Webcam Femdom Sessions

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I offer online Webcam and Phone Domination sessions since not all slaves, fetishists, or wannabes are: able to serve live, brave enough for real time sessions, or know proper protocol. Others are just looking for a quick fix, and that’s fine with Me. I am a lifestyle Domme and a FinDom Mistress. I grab you by your worthless cock, balls & your wallet, and I drain you dry!

NOTE: I do NOT get nude and show off on cam. BUT you will. ONLY submissive males who are respectful are welcomed, otherwise risk automatic dismissal.

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Are you are a submissive male interested in servitude, and you’re ready to worship, serve and obey a Truly Dominant Goddess? Do you have a secret that you want to tell someone? Confess NOW! Got a specific Fetish? Do you have a taboo fantasy? I want to hear it – amuse Me! Do you want to get fucked up and drained, or hypno mind-fucked and used? Do you like to show off on cam while doing all kinds of “dirty” things? Are you a cock obsessed slut? Are you in need of a good ass-fucking? Are you new and in need of a Fetish/BDSM Consultation? Are you a slave, sissy-sub, slut, cock-sucker, foot-bitch, wanker, loser, bitch-boy or pay-pig? Want My Attention? you know what to do! Inquire about a cam session or call NOW, if  I’m available.



Phone sessions | Skype sessions

CONFESS your PERVERSIONS & INDULGE them, right here & right NOW! This is what most online “slaves” already know how to use & you should too! If you haven’t already, sign up for NiteFlirt HERE

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Too shy to call Me? Feeling intimidated & inadequate? Not sure what to say to Me? Looking for a quick fix? NO problem. CLICK  HERE! BUY My Fetish videos and Hypnotic audios and WORSHIP from afar, like a good boy.



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Devoted online slaves who are serious about serving AND pleasing Me use Skype or YIM to connect with Me, and Cash App or NiteFlirt for payment & tributes. This is what I PREFER and ENJOY. GATHER UP THE COURAGE AND CAM SESSION WITH ME!


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* CAM sessions are by appointment ONLY ☛ so schedule in advance.*


CAN’T use NiteFlirt??? NO PROBLEM

I also accept Cash App or  Clips4Sale tributes.


IDEALLY: If you think there’s submissive tendencies within you, or perhaps you know that your place in this world is to serve a Superior, Dominant & Demanding Goddess; or maybe you have a particular fetish that you’d like to explore, then you are in the right place! I enjoy taking a variety of sessions and I enjoy a multitude of ways to humiliate, degrade & use you. I Tease, Deny, and Hypnotize! I laugh a lot and verbally abuse you. Yes, I am the Alpha Goddess who demands respect, money, and obedience. I’m Narcissistic, Sarcastic, Superior and Entitled. I hate beggars, freeloaders, cheap men, dull wannabes and their vanilla whims. Keep in mind that I am the One who decides what to do, to say, and to show on cam! Proceed with caution!

NOTE: RT sessions with Me are VERY rare these days, and will be granted ONLY to loyal slaves who have served Me online for a minimum of 1 year of flawless performance – that means: regular weekly sessions, weekly tributes, total obedience, and constant display of your usefulness to Me! you WILL work HARD & PAY HARD for such a privilege! Remember: I am a lifestyle Domme and a FinDom Mistress. The select few slaves I session with in RT – I have real relationships with, and they are NOT someone I’ve meet on the internet one time. Again ☛ you WILL work HARD & PAY HARD for such a privilege!


What is Your favorite fetish? Mind-Fuck. I enjoy fucking with your weak little mind. Also, Financial Exploitation – nothing makes Me more happy then draining your account into Mine. HOWEVER, I do enjoy a few other select fetishes: footfetish / footworship, smoking / human ashtray sessions, tease / denial, strap-on training & humiliation sessions, hypnotic trance / erotic hypnosis / hypno mind-fucking, above all hearing your fetish confessions, and further perverting your weak mind, etc.

How do you prefer to be addressed? Goddess, Mistress, Domina, Queen – Never “bb” or “princess” – that is just NOT who I am.

What do You look for in a slave? A slave MUST be willing and able to serve, worship & obey Me. My wants & needs ALWAYS come 1st. you MUST understand that servitude means – regular weekly session, weekly tributes, total obediance & constant display of your usefulness to Me. you will work hard & pay hard for the privilege of being called My slave. I expect you to be a True submissive NOT some wannabe jerkoff.

Do You do RT sessions? Yes. BUT you will work hard & pay hard for such a privilege. 

Can I see You naked? NO. Dream on! I do NOT get nude on cam. I do NOT perform for you. I AM the One in charge of the show, and I will do whatever I want, show whatever I want, and say whatever I want. And it all depends on My mood – it’s up to you to make sure that I am very happy & satisfied with you. I do NOT believe in ruling with tits & pussy so don’t even bother asking Me – IF you want to see tits and pussy I suggest you find someone else.

Do You do custom videos? Yes I do. BUT, it will cost you extra, and it’s not always guaranteed.  I will consider custom requests & IF I find them enjoyable I will grant you your request. Contact Me via email for further details.

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