Merry gift-mas!

December GoddessWaking up to tributes rolling in always puts Me in a good mood, as I engage in My favorite fetish: money, on this gift-giving holiday, as well as every day. But I do not like to share, I want it ALL for Me! The preferred way for you to gift Me is to use AlertPay. Send ALL tributes to GoddessMidnight at gmail dot com. Also you may send Amazon gift cards, although I prefer cash straight to My account. This is a reminder for all you boys, a.k.a. slaves, subs, fetishists, wannabes, wankers and/or losers, who still want to use paypal, OR who still continue to use NiteFlirt to tribute Me. It’s time for you to sign up to AlertPay – your new payment & tribute alternative! This IS what I prefer, because it means I get to keep more of your My money. After all you want to please Me, therefore follow My orders, as many others already do. Once you join the ranks you’ll be blessed with My happiness, and that’s a gift in itself that just keeps on giving. Simple.

Prove yourself useful, engage Me, stimulate My intellect, and as long it holds My attention you just might get a chance for confession and absolution.

I will be available for sessions after the Holidays, usually from 12pm EST – 6pm EST, and also at other times per scheduled in advance sessions. IF you’re interested in having personal contact with Me, your best bet is to follow instructions under Sessions. Good luck & Happy Holidays to all!