weak male hypnosisIt’s not your place to tell Me what to think, how to think, how to look, how to act, how to be, or any other requirements that you might think will make Me “dominant”. From where I am standing, being in control IS doing what I like, when I like, and how I like, while profiting from it… exploiting the fetish weakness of others for My personal benefit. Yes, it is that simple. The most fundamental principle in FEMDOM lies in the fact that the Female Dominant determines the actual conditions within the context of the encounter, whatever that might be. Period. Nevertheless, understanding the BDSM/Fetish culture and sexual practices forever remains intertwined with prejudices, clichés, stereotypes & personal biases. Everyone has their own, and naturally I am only interested in Mine and whatever I may consider beneficial to Me and My agenda.

Sex is ALL mental, just as ALL manipulations are mental. The cliché that “the mind is the largest sex organ” applies in respect to hypnosis just as well. Which in turn explains why there is an ever growing interest in erotic talk, phone sex, hypnotic trance states, subliminals, mind-control, and erotic hypnosis, etc.

WHY HYPNOSIS? The best way (if not the only way) to control a submissive is to control, first and foremost, his thoughts. Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools to command a submissive’s wandering attention. And since his mind is likely to wander towards fantasy (which are his fantasies, which he chose, and in turn controls), theses fantasies might as well be the fantasies I choose to introduce, which in turn will be more satisfying for Me, not to mention more effective in terms of reprograming a potential submissive to My Own liking. When it comes to lasting behavior and mental change there is no better help than using hypnotic audio recordings. At this point, ONLY psychological dominance really interests Me; turning Myself into a Female Psychological Tyrant via trance inductions and skillful thought management, & further spreading My Demonic Gospel.

So why trance? Because it can allow you to experience things that you perhaps normally wouldn’t have the means nor the balls to experience or experiment with. It offers escapism from what is for many a banal and mundane everyday life. Trance conditions include all the different states of mind, emotions, moods and daydreams that individuals can experience. Except that hypnotic trance is more like daydreaming on steroids. Imagine that. What the mind is told to experience, through the use of suggestive and captivating language, if done in such a way that it engages and prompts the individuals particular cue words and senses, the body can experience it as well. Do you get My meaning? Good. And that in a nutshell is the beauty of it all, or at least all that you need to know.

mind control exploitationWhat I do is not typical hypnosis, and I do not make claims that I will “hypnotize” you – I’ll leave that to the certified professionals. However, I am naturally intoxicating, My voice is lucid, sultry & demanding, and My Superior Presence is mesmerizing – therefore you WILL yield to Me after you listen to My recorded hypnotic suggestions and trances. I will seduce your weak mind using My spell binging words, and My bewitching tone. And that is exactly what you want – you want Me to mind-fuck you into submission, to drain your soul and your wallet; there is no denying that your money looks good in My hands. The more you indulge, buying My videos, listening to My MP3’s, obsessing over My webpages – day in and day out… In no time you’ll become so addicted to Me, that you won’t even realize what’s going on – you’ll be just compelled to serve Me. It feels good to make yourself useful, you enjoy & get off on imagining what being dominated by Me would be like, you beg Me to allow you to worship Me on cam, to demand more from you. Soon, you find yourself totally addicted, and fucked. That is why I like to refer to what I do as hypno mind-fucking; hypnotic suggestions turning into realistic trance hypnosis – even if it starts out as roleplay. Priceless.

Hypnotic Trance: A state of focus on a single distraction so complete that all other thoughts and distractions cease to have meaning.

The power of hypnosis is underrated because most often, in today’s world, the power of the mind is underrated. However I am certain that whatever the mind is told to conceive and believe, it can achieve. The evidence is all around us. In fact, covert mind control is happening all around us, even within the settings we walk through every day, it does not matter if you are or aren’t aware of it, either way it IS affecting you. Living in society, you HAVE been indoctrinated, and hypnosis is a form of mind control and manipulation. That does not make it evil or good, it makes it an extension of how we communicate, and can be used as a tool by a skilled mentalist. Nothing more, nothing less. The way I see it, mind control is at the very core of our communication, we even seek it out – that is why people visit or hire psychologists, hypnotists, coaches and clergy – their services are needed and desired. BUT desire has a price, and unless you can pay it, you will be left empty & hollow – begging for the attention that you will never be worthy of…

It should be self evident that “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis,” and therefore you need not be too concerned with what I may whisper into your ear and/or have you do. After all, common knowledge dictates that no one can make you do anything against your will… that is IF you had one. The fact is that very few people have a will that is strong enough. Based on My research and personal experience, it IS possible to make weak men do potentially anything. It’s only a matter of bending their will to accommodate My Will. Simply put, once your will is re-aligned to My Superior Will, naturally My Will takes over, rewiring you, and leaves you open to My suggestions. With enough exposure, I can certainly change what you think, what you want, and what you feel. What an exciting prospect that is, don’t you agree? Or are you too afraid? Well, you’ll just have to give in and try it for yourself to find out where I can take you.

To extend My virtual control around the globe, I plan to create a multitude of effective hypnotic recordings. Since I so much enjoy the concept of toying with male brains and playing off their triggers, testing My theories on mere mortals, or simply “reprograming” them, from NOW on I will be doing mostly voice recordings: adult stories, fetish exploration, hypnotic suggestions, indoctrinations, gospels, erotic trances, dream control, tranceformations, training, reprograming, etc. Upon much reflection, I came to realize that I simply need more mental stimulation, more in-depth interaction, exploring and exploiting more esoteric topics, more activities done at My leisure and less generic b.s. that’s usually associated with the typical online domination play for pay. Stay tuned, for there will be more exciting content to come in the near future.

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