Losers Need NOT Apply

Why would I – the Fabulous, Narcissistic, Self-involved, Superior Goddess – want some generic losers to serve Me? Get real, losers & common wannabes have nothing to offer. I certainly do not tolerate losers around Me in My day to day life, you need to have your shit together and be productive and useful for Me to recognize you as anything other then annoying to Me: be it based on intellect, education, aesthetics, wealth, etc. you need to be exceptional before I give any attention to you. Those who approach Me better have a lot to offer – that means I want you to have brains, creativity, sense of humor and yes, most importantly a big fat bank account that I will be draining. And obviously, it is required that you have the desire to serve, be humble, as well as understand that your place in life is to be of service to Me. Here’s a hint: The best approach for a new potential slave is to send a tribute or giftcard along with an email introducing yourself & describing how badly you want to serve and what you have to offer. I will guide & control the rest from there.

Over the past few years online I’ve interacted with various types of men. Some were fetishists, others admirers of female beauty, many claimed to want to be My slaves, but most were just looking for a quick fix and were willing to pass themselves off as “slaves”, as IF slapping on that label would make them more likely to get My attention. Understand that – if you’re not really submissive, but you slap on a label like “slave” or “sub” to get My attention – you’re still a nobody to Me until you show Me how sincere you really are or how useful you can be. Having a fetish doesn’t equal submission, so when you contact Me claiming to be submissive and turn out to be a fetishist & a self serving fuck, know that demanding anything from Me will get you nowhere – just ignored and banned. Most subs and slaves DON’T interest Me, because I believe they are not real slaves and not really submissive. Therefore I will not invest any time into you until you prove yourself worthy of My time, and the ONLY way you can do this is by tribute – you see, serious slaves know not to waste My time, and will tribute 1st to show their interest and commitment. Without tributes from you to Me, W/we simply do not have a relationship, & you do not exist. Period.

The men who wish to contact Me in hopes of longterm servitude & training, and developing a deeper relationship (then the superficial quick fix exchange) MUST possess that secret desire to submit, to be owned, used, abused and be willing to serve Me – confess your secrets, embrace your submissive nature and I’ll take you beyond the limitations of your masculine role. It’s time for you to surrender – you need and want to surrender, and your willing submissiveness is your only redeeming quality. Know that I am very selective as to whom I will give any real attention to. I will only interact with “slaves” who are sincere, honest, polite and who tribute – you will serve, worship & obey Me as the Queen Goddess that I am. However, no matter how well behaved and submissive you think you are, if you have no money to spend on Me, then move on. On the other hand, no matter how much money you think you have, if you are rude, pushy, stupid, boring, or request something that I am not interested in, then move on, as well. Also, you need to be somewhat intelligent to be My slave – if your IQ is below 100 chances are you will turn out to be mentally challenged, and NOT an adequate slave for Me. I am NOT for just any curious, generic, brain-dead wanker out there. I demand good communication skills, creativity and respect. you need to have a depth of mind, and sincere desire to serve a Truly Superior Woman to understand and appreciate My unique brand of Domination and Supremacy, as well as get My wicked sense of humor spiced with Sarcasm.

Above all – you must understand that W/we are NOT equals, not even close. I am Fabulous, Superior & Divine – so why the fuck would I want to be with some clueless loser?! Understand that offers of sexual service do not please Me at all. Quite the opposite – I am a Domme and your submission and obedience is what I find pleasing and it’s what I expect from My slaves. Over time you will be transformed into a useful male creature, unlike the 99% of the stroke addicted wankers out there. But ONLY if you serve, worship & obey Me! IF you can’t handle this, then just stay the way you are, a miserable macho man wannabe, of no use to anyone at all. I DO NOT put up with unworthy fools of low class and character. Being a slave is not about pleasing yourself or some pathetic sexual fantasy. It is serving your Mistress and doing everything to please Her NOT yourself – I know where I stand, and My pedestal is high up above you – so don’t EVER ask Me what will I do for you – ask Me what you can do for Me – My answer will always be: KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!

If you identify yourself as a “loser” for the sake of humiliation, but in fact have more to offer – make it known, step up, work hard, spoil Me, and keep Me entertained & interested. While I do enjoy many kinds of slaves & fetishes – Money slaves are My favorites! I relish being Worshipped and having Power, also I like to use and exploit fetish addicted wankers, playing off their sick & perverse fantasies & fetishes, as well as lifestyle submissives & slave wannabes. Ultimately – ALL of My online slaves, no matter their particular fetish or rank in My exclusive harem, serve Me financially. No exceptions. you pay Me to be allowed to spend time with Me, to talk to Me, to look at Me & to have Me acknowledge your existence. I am 100% out for Myself. However, if you know the proper way to approach Me & can benefit Me in the long run, you may benefit as well.

Realize that in serving & pleasing your Mistress, as a true submissive & ideal slave ought to – you find happiness – even if you don’t get to live your every fantasy. you ought to feel compelled to give to Me, to sacrifice for Me, and constantly show devotion. Over time you will only be able to find pleasure & self-worth through being My slave and making Me happy. And since I am a Demanding & Greedy Goddess I am always ready for more sacrifice – be it mental, emotional or financial. If this does not sound like you – then you are NOT a true submissive, and certainly you are NOT a slave to Me. Just another selfish wanker using the “slave” label trying to get off, and therefore you will be treated as such – I am here to profit off of your fetishes, and I have no illusions as to who you are. My patience with you online slave wannabes runs thin, and your lukewarm offers of service do not interest Me. I will drain you dry & dispose of you, and in no time another willing loser will take your place. Every one of you bitches is replaceable, you are not special – you’re predictable – just another stroke addicted wanker trying to get a quick fix. The odds are against you, and it’s self-evident in your poor attempts at emails and/or chat-room etiquette. Easy come and easy go. Next!

Understand that without input and show of effort on your part, there is nothing to build upon – I WILL lose interest in you – so if you are prepared to explore your submissive nature or fetish tendencies with respect and deference to a Domme, you may proceed. Be prepared to entertain or be of use to Me, tribute & work hard to earn My attention. Keep in mind, your desires are secondary to Mine. Also, if our interests do not match up, in the end have the maturity to handle it like an adult. Chemistry isn’t compulsory nor a given – it’s a special connection, and you either got it or you don’t. Do your research before you attempt to contact Me. I suggest you read everything about Me on My website, learn who I am and what I am about. Get familiar with My brand of Domination. I have devoted a lot of time to understanding the psychology behind your desires for submission, My own needs, as well as your motives. Do not get confused, and forget who you are dealing here with. I am your Mistress, naturally I am more Dominant therefore I will not be easily topped by your desperate, self serving, weak advances. I have no tolerance for BS, I do not play into what I perceive to be childish, amateur pissing contests – so know your role and be ready to play your part. Otherwise, I guarantee that you will strike out, and be ignored.