Know thyself!

Thank Me for I am so generous – I keep allowing you to know more, and more about Me. Of course it only makes sense, since My favorite subject to discuss is Moi, and whenever I feel like allowing you another glimpse into who I am, I do. Now you’ll be happy to know that I’ve joined Formspring and now you may ask Me anything, however asking don’t guarantee you an answer so make it count! I will only answer questions that I’ll deem worthy of My attention.

Finally today I’ve received a question worth answering, and I decided to include it & touch upon it in this post, since it is a fairly common topic that I’ve come across quite often. Here it goes: “Goddess Midnight is so original and classy. What’s your advice for new comers who may shoot themselves in the foot from imitation?” My answer: Go ahead – shoot yourself! Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but I find it at times rude, annoying & above all lacking creativity – especially when it becomes a case of “Single White Female”. Some will argue that everything has already been said & done – I say innovate & be who you are. Know thyself & be your own person NOT a caricature of someone else. Seriously, the field is wide open with enough of room for anyone who wishes to showcase themselves & whatever they have to offer – if not, sooner then later imitation becomes suicide. I like to call it: thinning of the herd…

Same principle applies to all you wannabe slaves, stroke addicted wankers, cliché losers & lurkers. Know yourself! I can not stand it when I am approached by some clueless imbecile who thinks that just because he proclaims himself a “slave”, that it will be enough. Saying “i’m a slave & i want to serve” is NOT good enough. NOT for Me. Think about it: How are you willing to serve?Just because you’re curious, impulsive, or because there seems to be a particular fetish that is trending right now, i.e. shit eating, pedal pumping, balloon popping, etc., whatever it may be, it does not mean that I will be interested in indulging you. Oh sure, I always enjoy a good laugh seeing some cam-whores perform for My amusement, but just because you’re a mundane lowlife following the herd mentality, it doesn’t make you a desirable “slave”. And yes, I can be very open minded, accommodating and understanding to a point, but when I ask you “what is your fetish?” I do it to gauge you and what your understanding of everything is, & also to find out how I can use you to My benefit. Which amounts to not much of anything in the cases mentioned above. How you answer tells Me everything I need to know. Contrary to popular beliefs, you can tell a book by it’s cover, or at least I can.

So, next time you decide to contact Me, do some soul searching – figure out who you are and what you’re into, and above all be certain that it IS something that will ULTIMATELY be beneficial to Me. Otherwise, you’re bound to fall into the abyss of just another boring bitch, trying to pass yourselves off as someone more interesting & worthwhile, though I know who you really are – believe Me, it’s easy to see right through you. IF you wish to be taken seriously: step up, do your research, be creative and make a good 1st impression.