Kneel, Worship & Pay.

My World, My Rules.

These days I am available ONLY when it is worth My time & when I am in the mood to fuck with your little heads. My regular drones know how to get My attention & follow My directions on how to session & have personal contact with Me. IF you consider yourself a “slave” and you’re aching to be of service there is ONLY one path for you – tribute HARD and show your appreciation, devotion & gratitude for Me – your Superior Alpha Goddess! Take the initiative & USE AlertPay – CLICK NOW! For additional information click on Sessions.

NOTE: NiteFlirt phone/cam sessions & WANTlist gifts DO NOT count as tributes. Money in exchange for phone/cam sessions and purchases of fetish video clips is NOT Domination nor Servitude. Understand that by tributing you show your appreciation & gratitude for the privilege of being allowed to be a part of My Lifestyle & therefore you give without expecting anything in return.

IF you think you might be able & are willing to learn how to serve Me longterm; OR if you’re finally ready to embrace your submissive role & surrender, (in turn giving up your selfish preoccupations with your masturbatory psychodramas & the related fetish fantasy caricatures that you drool over) and you’re ready to dedicate yourself to the Discipline of serving a Lifestyle Goddess – contact Me via email, introduce yourself and explain exactly how you plan on serving Me. I’m totally NOT interested in the emotional vampires who leech and slut around the web, and the hypocritical thinking that accompanies it. Back that shit right out of here, OR humble yourself, admit your shortcomings & serve proper – ultimately it ought to be your priority to think of My wants & My needs and serve accordingly. Here’s your chance to join the top ranks & become a part of My exclusive stable of male admirers and actual servants. IT’S ALL ABOUT ME! And you do your duty to please Me no matter what —->>> KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!

Yes, I am a Demanding & Greedy Goddess – I know what I want, and what I am worth, therefore that useless piece of skin that hangs between your legs which you’re so preoccupied with – is worthless to Me, unless it drips Benjamins. This is about My wants & My DESIRES and having them FULFILLED accordingly. IF you are not about My wants & desires, then you are not about ME and therefore you’re not going to be allowed to be a part of My world. It’s your job to make sure you can afford to satisfy Me, whenever I command you to & whenever you wish to have contact with Me. IT really is very simple. 

ATTENTION: servitude & submission mean regular weekly sessions, daily or at least weekly tributes, total obedience, & constant display of your usefulness to Me. you NEED & WANT Me to control & guide you, you have come here because you know that your place in this world is beneath Me. And so you will work hard & pay hard! Anything less is a quick fix, NOT true submission, and therefore you’ll be processed & forgotten just as quickly.

Too scared or too shy to interact with Me? Feeling intimidated & inadequate? Looking for a quick fix? No problem, send tribute & worship from afar. Otherwise – it’s just business as usual, and your D/s fantasy will last for as long as your dollars can stretch. Collect ALL of My Fetish/FemDom  video clips, and obsess over them – just as I know you will anyway. ALSO you may CALL My NiteFlirt or TalkSugar phone lines and pay per minute to speak with Me WHEN I am available, and/or request a webcam session ONLY after you’ve bought My CAM ID’s. CLICK HERE NOW!