My Interview at the FemDomme Society

What better way to start off the month, then with another glimpse into My Fabulous Life and into My thoughts & philosophies. Now you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been a member of the for some time now, and I am moving up in ranks. For those of you who are ignorant to what is FDS – it is a Society dedicated to Female Supremacy, and I quote: “The Fem Domme Society is founded upon the function of a slave-holding, Matriarchal controlled way of life. Fem Domme Society is governed by the principle that Women are always and in every way Superior to the inferior male creature…” Oh I know, all you little bitches with submissive tendencies are now squealing with excitement, and wanting to know more. Well lucky for you, you too can join & become a part of FDS. Click here and sign up – I expect you to provide My FDS Member ID: 39873 as your reference! Do it now! Once you’ve signed up, I encourage you to take your ass over to the sub and/or sissy University (IF you’re a Domme there is a Domme University for you too!) and complete the training. Who knows, you might learn something, i.e. how to improve yourself for the benefit of your Goddess, be more then just a stroke addicted wanker looking for  a quick fix. Learn more about the lifestyle and whether it would suit you – it’s not for everyone; or at least you may find it enlightening – there is a whole other world out there that you may not have been aware of… Above all, I want slaves to show their loyalty to FEMDOM by joining & updating to a Platinum account in My name (using My member ID Number: 39873) so that I can move up a rank. Remember it pleases you to please Me!

Once again, thank Me for I am so generous and I keep allowing you to know more, and more about Me. Of course it only makes sense, since, as I’ve said before – My favorite subject to discuss is Moi. And whenever I feel like allowing you another glimpse into who I am, I do. Below you will find a copy of My interview, read it, and learn more about who I am, and what I think. Enjoy!

An Interview with : GODDESS MIDNIGHT

FDS: How do You wish to be addressed?
GM : Domina by all, Mistress or Queen by subs serving Me, and Goddess by My personal slave. Never Princess, I feel that it does not suit My personality.

FDS: What celebrity are You often told You resemble?
GM : Carolyn Jones aka Morticia – LOL. I guess it all depends on My hair style and the expression on My face.

FDS: What do You consider to be Your greatest feature?
GM : My brilliant intellect, while others would think it’s My eyes – big, powerful, powder blue – so mesmerizing…

FDS: What would We be surprised to learn that You have never done?
GM : I’ve never been tattooed. Though many assume that I have – since tattoos are so trendy, I guess these days the ones without them are more rare then the ones with…

FDS: What is the best advice You have ever received?
GM : Take care of #1 – MOI.

FDS: What are you “totally addicted” to?
GM : First and foremost Money! I just want more & more, and can’t never get enough of it! Second: Control. I always have to be in control.

FDS: What do You not ever leave home without?
GM : My wallet & My attitude.

FDS: What do You wish you could be more of?
GM : Wealthy – you can never be too rich. ;)

FDS: How long have You been in the lifestyle?
GM : Professionally since 2004, however I’ve been manipulative, demanding & with Alpha tendencies since birth – I believe I am a Natural Born Domina.

FDS: Would You consider Yourself to have had a regular childhood?
GM : NO. I had an exceptional childhood. I’ve traveled to more countries, lived in more places, and been privileged to experience more things by the time I was 10, then most people do in their entire lifetime. This is precisely why I am not easily impressed, and why most slaves find Me very demanding.

FDS: What is your favorite beverage? can be hot/cold, alcoholic/non-alcoholic,etc .
GM : Sparkling water w/a twist of lime.

FDS: Do you celebrate Christmas or a similar holiday at this time of year, and if so, what do you enjoy most about it?
GM: I celebrate New Years Eve – there is something so refreshing about one year ending and a brand new one beginning.

FDS: What’s the sexiest thing a submissive has ever or could ever say to you?
GM : The sexiest thing a sub COULD say is: i’m a zillionair, i have no heirs, i’ve signed everything including myself over to You, and i do not expect anything in return, ever. Do with it as You wish. You own me Goddess, and i exist only to please You. ;)

FDS: Tell Us about Your first Femdom experience, including a detailed description of how You felt.
GM : Growing up as an only child, surrounded by strong & intelligent women, I was taught to never be subservient to anyone, especially not males – so Femdom for Me was always the only way to be. I’ve learned that the art of control can be applied by Me to any situation as long as the state of My mind remains focused and void of emotion. As time went on I started attracting males who wanted to please Me, and in turn ended up being controlled by Me, and used to My advantage. Once I started My apprenticeship doing R/T sessions under a Pro Domme, it became obvious that this was My life’s calling. My first Pro Domme session was with a white-collar, well to do 6’3″ male who was married, but wished to be sissified, so as I facilitated his transformation I solidified My calling as a Pro Domme. And the rest, as they say is history.

FDS: What is the last book You read?
GM : The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.

FDS: What is Your favorite movie?
GM : I don’t have a favorite… hmm, on second thought maybe Gone with the Wind…

FDS: Do You consider Yourself a Pro Domme, Lifestyle Domme, or a combination of both?
GM : I am a combination of both. I am a Pro FinDomme Mistress by choice & a Lifestyle Dominant by nature.

FDS: If You were to choose one word to describe the feeling You experience when Dominating a submissive, which word would You choose?
GM : Satisfaction.

FDS: What is Your general view of men?
GM : men are over rated. Useful, but misguided. In My world I Rule and men must obey, worship & serve Me otherwise I dismiss & reject them. If they cannot, or choose not to serve Me, they are deemed worthless & useless to Me and should be disposed of. It is very hard & rare for Me to be impressed by a male – MOST are lazy, worthless little wankers, repugnant chronic masturbators, driven by their selfish sexual urges, desires & fetish preoccupations. I understand their psychology & that they need guidance. I know they can’t help themselves, they are weak, controlled by their sexual urges, that is why they need discipline. And this is where I step in. Naturally I view men as My servants, workers & toys – they are here to make My life easier, more pleasurable & more profitable, they are to be used and abused by Me in ways that make Me happy & ultimately benefit Me. I take especially great pleasure in breaking powerful men, who think that they are big & bad; taming the wild outlaw beasts and showing them their new found place & ultimate happiness at My foot. I strongly believe men need to be guided & controlled by Women, once they submit – they can be wonderful creatures. In general however, I have no problem with other men who are not a part of My every day life, as long as they respect Me & keep their diastase, W/we get along just fine.

FDS: Does Dominating another bring You sexual pleasure? Tell Us about how so and why do You feel this way.
GM : I do not discuss My sexual pleasures with parties that are not directly involved. However, Domination for Me is not about a sexual thrill, it is more of a Psychological rush. Above all, nothing feels better then Financial Domination, when the paypig begs for Me to drain his account – the thrill is intoxicating, it gets Me hot, makes Me high… Mmm so good. ;)

FDS: Which lifestyle books and magazines would You recommend to others?
GM : There are so many… My personal favorite is Why men love Bitches – there is a lot of good, sensible advice for women, minus the whole BDSM cliché. However reading won’t help you IF you don’t have the spirit, and don’t follow through…

FDS: What is Your line of work?
GM : Professional FinDomme Mistress, and a freelance writer.

FDS: How does Your work affect Your Femdom lifestyle?
GM : There is practically no difference between My work & My Femdom lifestyle. I am consistent Alpha Female on all plains, so My work only reinforces My views and furthers My understanding.

FDS: How do Your Female Supremacy views affect Your attitude within Your work environment?
GM : My views enhance it, I am the One always in control.

FDS: Does Your family know of Your lifestyle?
GM : Yes, they all do. I have always been seen as a strong, independent, & demanding Woman, so no one is surprised.

FDS: Do You have friends in the lifestyle?
GM : Yes, I have acquaintances.

FDS: Do You have vanilla friends who know of Your lifestyle?
GM : Yes. I live My life out in the open, I never hide what I do or who I am. I present Myself in a professional, intelligent manner, and do not tolerate insolence nor condescending attitudes from others, so it’s obvious, therefore most people know.

FDS: If Your favorite vanilla Girlfriend were to ask You why She should try dominating Her man, what reasons would You give Her?
GM : Her reasons should be her own, I am not going to give her reasons why she should or should not. Not all women are suitable or even interested in it. Some are happy in their provincial and traditional gender roles, and anything else may be too much to handle for them.

FDS: Have You ever been to a lifestyle party?
GM : Yes, but I do not like parties. I’m a very private person and I don’t care to “party” with others, nor do I make My lifestyle part of the BDSM circus. Too many fads, and I’m not interested in watching a performance scene. Above all, I am a Narcissistic Snob, and am too Self involved to care about participating in other peoples lifestyle. Whatever I do depends solely on MOI – I don’t need anyones approval or disapproval, that’s irrelevant to Me.

FDS: Have You ever played in public?
GM : Yes, I do it all the time in a way of Psychological Domination.

FDS: What is the single most important mistake a submissive man makes when first approaching a Dominant Woman?
GM : Presuming that the Dominant Women is even remotely interested in Dominating him just because he claims to be ‘submissive’. Wrong. Also, making sexual innuendos. Most men are complete imbeciles looking for a quick fix, having no clue nor sincere desire to know what Femdom is, as well as no knowledge of Proper Protocol. Also, I hate creepiness and cockiness in men – huge turn offs. Respect and humility go a long way during your first approach. There should be no mistaking Who I am, one can see I am Alpha Female from a mile away – it’s in the way I walk, talk, carry Myself, etc. Have manners, do your research on how you ought to behave, and remember – it is NOT about you & what you want dummies. And no topping from the bottom boys. Also save your dick pics for someone who cares – I have no use for them, and when I see one as their profile pic it’s automatic turn off.

FDS: What do You look for when reading an e-mail message from a submissive?
GM : Proper etiquette that is fitting for a submissive when he’s addressing a FemDomme, utmost level of respect, a true eagerness to please & offers of service. Also I like to read between the lines – see what they are trying to hide, and what they really have to offer. I do not take any mans, or any submissives claims for granted as in that they are telling the truth. Sincerity must be proven, not assumed. I think that too many men have a “do-for-me” attitude. They are very quick to go into great detail about their fantasies & fetishes but rarely do they offer Me any real information as to what abilities they have that would be useful in serving Me. A clear statement of intent, intelligence & attention to detail is a must. A sloppy e-mail is usually a indicative of how that submissive will perform & carry out his servitude.

FDS: Do You currently have a slave or submissive?
GM : Yes. 24/7 personal live in slave, and many online/long distance slaves/clients, sissy-subs, fetish fans, pay-sluts, money-pigs, etc.

FDS: Are You seeking other slaves or submissives?
GM : slaves are welcomed to submit a slave application on a professional basis for consideration. I enjoy having a harem full of willing slaves. I am interested in only the best of the best. Make sure you have something to offer, and know My Rules of conduct – I do not accept just any ol’ chap who slaps on a “slave” label. you must have the need to serve Me, and be of use to Me. *Online training is available only to those who tribute. For more information visit My website.

FDS: Do You consider Yourself straight or bi-sexual?
GM : This isn’t about sex, this is about power… I am straight, but that does not mean that I can’t appreciate the beauty in another woman.

FDS: Do You prefer Your slaves or submissives to be straight or bi-sexual?
GM : My personal slaves ought to be straight and obsessed with only Me. My online slaves/clients I have no preference, although I prefer My slaves/clients to be non-sexual. I don’t care since I am not sleeping with them, as long as they are serving Me proper that’s all that matters. Realistically their position is one of service, not of sexual gratification.

FDS: Which rules do You require a slave or submissive to live by? For instance, rules regarding use of furniture, walking behind You, calling in, chastity, and so forth.
GM : My Rules, of course, and it’s their business to learn them, once I accept anyone into My service, everything will be outlined for them. My personal slave is expected to anticipate & be at My beck and call, ready to serve Me at all times – be it in serving Me tea, lunch or running errands, to making sure the lawn is mowed, the car had a tuneup and the roof is not leaking, etc.

FDS: What is Your favorite lifestyle activity?
GM : Psychological Domination & having My personal slave serve Me 24/7, and lets not forget receiving tributes. Nothing makes Me more happy then waking up to find My account full, or finding an envelop in the mail full of cold hard cash, or a new credit card. ;)

FDS: Do You feminize Your servants?
GM : No, not My personal slave, I do not find that attractive. However I will feminize/sissify My R/T & online slaves/clients IF I see fit. For Me not every sub should/needs to be feminine.

FDS: Does Your domination apply to all levels of Your relationship? For instance, do You or would You control Y/your finances?
GM : Yes, I ALWAYS control ALL of the  money in My 24/7 personal relationship, while everything else in the relationship is either total control, or to all extents possible as far as online goes.

FDS: Do You cuckold Your slaves or submissives with other lovers?
GM : No, not My personal slave, I do not find that attractive nor desirable. However I will cuckold My online slaves/clients IF I see fit, letting them know that they will NEVER be able to please Me sexually, BUT they can try to do so financially.

FDS: Do You live a 24/7 FemDom lifestyle?
GM : Yes. I am Alpha Female all the time.

FDS: If You are in a 24/7 FemDom relationship, would You describe Your relationship as stronger than a vanilla relationship?
GM : Yes, absolutely. My 24/7 FemDom relationship is automatically stronger & more honest. I am his fetish & he is addicted to Me. Only I can give him his fix. And that is exactly how I like it.

FDS: When a disagreement occurs between You and your slave or submissive, how is it resolved? Is Your word the final word?
GM : There is no room for disagreements. My word is always the final word. Period. And I do not tolerate being topped from the bottom.

FDS: Do You set benchmarks for a male to prove his devotion to You?
GM : Yes, everyday is a test – I watch his every move & word, and I gauge his devotion, based on My expectations, and reward or discipline him accordingly.

FDS: Do You judge a slave or submissive’s willingness to embarrass himself as proof of his desire to serve You?
GM : NO. Unless there is a direct benefit to My wellbeing derived from this self “debasement”. Instead, I want something that they don’t usually do, something that shows devotion to Me, or is hard to achieve, otherwise it’s inconsequential to Me. Embarrassing himself seems to happen naturally, especially with online slaves/clients and I rarely seriously benefit from it, except for a few laughs.

FDS: What advice would You offer a Woman whose male partner has just asked to dominate him and She knows nothing of the lifestyle?
GM : Do your research, and learn from other FemDommes, not some guy fueled by BDSM porn he found on his computer. Actually, this site would be a good starting point, both to learn more about the lifestyle and whether it would suit her – it’s not for everyone.

FDS: How do You discipline Your servant s ?
GM : The best and most effective way: I withhold contact; and through removal of rewards. Sometimes when subs disobey they must “go without” for a while. Discipline is not about whips and chains and all them silly clichés – for Me it’s about controlling what he desires, and having contact with Me is the reward only a good boy receives. Next time he will know better. Also, I am personally very verbal. My R/T presence is very powerful, and My words can sting more than any whip, I assure you.

FDS: Do You use chastity on Your servant s ?
GM : Yes. With Me everything is a privilege, never a right. It’s no secret that a man is controlled by his dick, so by controlling his dick – You’ll controls the man. It’s quite simple – She who controls the penis has the power! Therefore chastity is a necessary component of training.

FDS: How do You control the orgasms of Your servant s ?
GM : This varies, depending on My moods & objectives.

FDS: Do You use strap-ons on Your servant s ?
GM : No, not My personal slave, I do not find that attractive. However I will use a strap-on on My online slaves/clients IF I see fit, they supply the strap-ons, dildos, etc., and I direct them how to use it. For Me there are more pleasurable ways to fuck a slave then with a strap-on. Personally I prefer mind-fucking them.

FDS: What do the next five years hold for You?
GM : The future’s looking very bright. I am expanding My Empire. I will get richer, and My slaves lives will be enriched as well. I want to fill My harem with only the Top 1% slaves, the best of the best, who will work hard & tribute hard to ensure I am taken care of, and live in luxury as I ought to be. The opportunities & possibilities are endless.

FDS: Share with Us Your fears when You first became involved in the lifestyle.
GM : I had no fears. As I’ve said Femdom is a natural way of life for Me.

FDS: Do You have any words of encouragement for new Dommes?
GM : Know thyself & be your own person NOT a caricature of someone else. Do your research, do some soul searching, know “why” and the “how”, have your own convictions & standards and stick to them – don’t just follow the trend, because it looks like fun & easy. Also don’t think of this lifestyle as a game, and above all it’s not for everyone, so consider the possibility that it may not be for you.