Listen up bitches, there will be NO more NEW video previews from Me on youtube. NOW you’ll go here to get your fix ☛ NiteFlirt, Clips4Sale or Kinkbomb.

Yes, indeed. Once again I’ve been censored on youtube: “community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate“… and this little “infraction” makes Me feel Paramount. Obviously My short previews, where you got a chance to catch a glimpse of My Divine Self, fully clothed might I add, must have caused a riot and were deemed “inappropriate” in My Evil attempt to brainwash the masses. Ha!

Now, the thousands that have been privileged to view My videos can testify that as much as they were Superior, Intoxicating & Powerful at this moment on youtube there are thousands of other videos which are disgraceful, explicit, ought to be rated R, and many even X, and therefore violate youtube’s impressionable terms just as well. But I guess I am just so contravercial & offensive in being simply Me, that in My innocent little promo videos I managed to offend the “community guidelines”, and they’ve deleted 7 all of My Fabulous videos, leaving 2 which are no different in content from the ones that have been taken off already. I expect that anyday now those remaining 2 will also be gone.

This is My second account. The first one was deleted WITHOUT a reason last year. And judging by what’s out there in youtube-ville, seems to Me like their guidelines are full of shit and based on bias and unfair practices. Off course it is NOT without the help of some lowlife, who’s insecure in their own skin, that has taken the time out of their insignificant, boring little day to scope out My channel and report it for said violation. Pfft! But that’s okay, I just get validated in knowing that I am INFAMOUS, and My attempt at manipulating the male masses will NOT be deterred.

Anyway, now all you bitches are going to be denied even more than I already deny you, and this time you can go and whine about it to somebody else.

UPDATE 7/11/11: Just as I have predicted My channel has been DELETED by youtube – so NO MORE previews for you.

“Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself.”

“Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.”